PJ 248 – risky rustic projects

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  Welcome to Party Junk 248 - Risky Rustic Projects Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend, everyone! I am still in Maui and having a spectacular time! But time is ticking away quickly, so we are attempting to start to do more of the activities the island as to offer. You can see […]

Arriving to vibrant flower filled Maui – 1

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(red Torch Ginger) Aloha, all the way from gorgeous, amazing, vibrant flower filled Maui! We’ve now been here just over a week. I’ve been instagramming (HERE) about twice a day, however I just haven’t taken the time to even pick up the good camera until now. We are just having the BEST time! After a week, […]

Another pallet wood drill handled toolbox planter

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My friend Hanne had an old drill that use to belong to her Grandfather. We recently connected and she expressed an interest in having a toolbox made with it like I did to my original drill handled toolbox HERE. It’s been awhile… could I remember how to make another pallet wood drill handed toolbox planter?!  Not […]

PJ 247 – an upcycled projects link party


  Welcome to Party Junk 247 - an upcycled projects link party Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend, everyone! Can you believe I’m building this post all the way from MAUI?! Crazy, interesting world we live in these days, isn’t it? You can follow my tropical antics on Instagram. Since we were […]

Have a coffee on me: funky reclaimed wood yardstick coasters

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 Welcome to a very special blog hop today, friends! If you’re new here, I’m Donna, author of Funky Junk Interiors, and my passion is creating cool and unusual home decor items for my home out of junk!    If you love all things reclaimed and repurposed, feel free to follow along with the above two methods! […]

Maui junk, we are on our way!

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15 years ago, I was in Hawaii for an entire MONTH. My son was about to enter the picture, and I had an inkling I wouldn’t be back to Maui for a good long time afterwards.  My gut feeling turned out to be right. Motherhood became my ultimate hobby, and then hard times hit. So […]

PJ 246 – 185 upcycled porches and patios

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  Welcome to Party Junk 246 – 185 Upcycled Porches and Patios Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific One of my favourite things about summer is to park myself on my pallet sofa on my patio with my AM coffee, and greet the daily summer breeze. Ending each night with a great summer […]

One gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!

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My front entry table was looking ‘tired’. I could either choose to tidy it up some, or start over. But…. I don’t know. I was ready to shake things up a little. You know how it doesn’t really matter how nice something is, it just feels old when it’s been around too long? That. So […]

Today, I chose plain and simple… grateful.

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Today was a very nice day. My son is at his Dad’s, which left me completely in my own element. It’s been awhile. My morning coffee started out on the patio. I could feel the heat of the day firing up, but was in no rush to partake in rushing. My Kicking Horse coffee was as […]

Make an instant, chunky 2×4 tabletop with firewood coasters

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 With our muggy, summery days of late, it’s been nice to escape to the patio to take in the summer breeze. But I was missing one thing. While I made a handy little crate side table with a tray top, it wasn’t really perfect for say… a laptop. Being that I had two pallet sofas, another table […]

PJ 245 – upcycled old crate projects

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  Welcome to Party Junk 245 - Upcycled Old Crate Projects Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Why Upcycled Old Crate Projects Being that my newest build this week was all about a lowly little crate, I was hugely reminded how valuable these guys are. Upcycled crates are one of my alltime fav things to […]

If it weren’t for those ever reliable perennials in bloom…

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Today we had this amazing, overcast but super warm and humid day.   I was out shopping and once I hit the tarmac, it felt like I stepped into hot jello and transported into the South! I love weather like this because it isn’t’ all that common on the West coast. And thank goodness our vegetable garden […]

Our pick a room-one room easy cleanup method for summer

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toolbox phone organizer With the kids out of school now, the days are long, the evenings are warm, and our schedule is in summer mode. We REALLY drop the ball this time of year. Our dinner may be at 4pm or at 9.. it just depends how we feel, what we’re doing and where we are. (Without […]

How to turn worthless junk into home decorating must haves

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 If you’re here from Nesting Place, welcome! Today you’re in for a real treat! 25 bloggers are grouping together for How to Decorate, a series created by Beth of Home Stories from A to Z. To visit Beth at #1, click HERE. I’m Donna, and my passion is creating cool and unusual home decor items […]

PJ 244 – 130 upcycled storage ideas

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Welcome to Party Junk 244 – 130 Upcycled Storage Ideas Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Why 130 Upcycled Storage Ideas? Well, it’s been an amazing upcycled storage and organizational kinda week here at Funky Junk headquarters. I’ve been working hard on morphing a messy garage into a dream workshop, and after landing that […]