Old beach sign towel hangers

1-beach signs towel hanger

I think it’s impossible to have too many hanging opportunities in a home.  Or on vacation for that matter. Between drying pool towels and beach towels, (tough life I know!) every chair back was used. I was always wishing there were a few more hanging options by the door. But I will admit… I dreamed this project up […]

A Maui coffee sign… made in Maui

Maui coffee sign with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-007

My love for the Hawaiian island runs deep. It use to be my go to playground back in the day before my son was in the picture. Remember back before marriage, a mortgage, kiddos? So when I created my National coffee stencil, my first draft was to use Maui in the description in order to […]

PJ 289 – an upcycled link party


Welcome to Party Junk 289 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone, and welcome back to another fabulous roundup of funky junk by you! We’re now edging into our 4th week in Maui. And while we haven’t exactly sprinted to all four corners of the island as yet, we’ve […]

Visiting America’s largest banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui

3-napili lahaina-002

There’s something to be said for taking such a long vacation. Let’s face it… 6 weeks is a LONG time. A huge benefit is viewing an exciting location as ‘home’. You tend to start doing more normal shnormal things when you vacation vs travel every moment. Some days we stay at the condo, enjoying the […]

The perfect little trunk on wheels for your next coffee fix

fireplace trunk signs-0121

One of the very best things about going shopping to stock up for a market is, the fact that you’ll land some new stuff.  When my local thrift stores started cooling down with vintage finds, I just stopped shopping, and started gathering old wood instead, so I could make my own ‘old’ stuff. Do your local […]

PJ 288 – an upcycled link party


Welcome to Party Junk 288 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone, and welcome back to another junk filled weekend! We’re now edging into our 3rd week in Maui. Because we are now officially relaxed, and not feeling the need to sprint off to see it […]

Plants and features a tropical nursery carries

Maui greenhouse-020

Well friends, we’re now well into our 2nd week in Maui. Wow… really?! We shouldn’t have blinked! The first week was all about finding our way and climatizing. And after the 2nd week, it feels like home sweet home. I have to admit, we haven’t done many ‘epic’ things, other than beaches, pool, local eateries […]

A mini Maui lanai makeover

14-maui condo patio-013

Aloha, and welcome to my mini Maui lanai makeover! And a BIG welcome to those visiting from The Procrastinator’s Summer Porch Tour 2015! Kathy from Petticoat Junktion is the brainchild of this marvelous event! A few procrastinating bloggers have banded together to showcase their own summer porches. Are you late in the game too? Good! […]

PJ 287 – an upcycled link party


Welcome to Party Junk 286 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone, and welcome back to another junk filled weekend from bloggers all over! Ok, so while the wifi was reasonably good today in Maui, I was able to upload a few of my favs from last […]

A little Paia storefront repurposing

paia shopping-021

When we first arrived to Maui, we were wondering how on EARTH we’d fill up 6 weeks. It’s now officially one week past, and honestly, it feels like we barely blinked and it was gone. Which tells me, we need to slow down these days somehow! Each day, I start my day with coffee in […]

A summer hydrangea mantel with a twist

fireplace trunk signs-0107

My poor fireplace mantel. It hasn’t been changed out since I did this version with the dried brown hydrangeas. During winter! Can you tell I’m not huge on seasonal decorating? I honestly would have just left it, but the metal containers were really dusty and it needed a good clean. Plus I wanted to summerize it […]

PJ 286 – an upcycled link party

Maui sunset 2015

Welcome to Party Junk 286 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hey fellow junkers! Welcome back to the party!   This week is a little different from Funky Junk headquarters… I’m creating this post in one beautiful garden setting all the way from Maui! But as it […]

My Maui backyard

maui gardens-001

I honestly believe in the saying, “Once a farmer’s daughter, always a farmer’s daughter.” Farm girls need the cool crunch of grass beneath their feet, and the umbrella of tall, protective tree branches, that reach high into the blue sky, at any given moment. Especially on a nice day. And this would describe my Maui back […]

An epic 6 weeks


Have you ever wished you could be somewhere super cool for nearly the entire summer? Me too. It’s actually been on my bucket list for a variety of reasons. So this summer, through a series of amazing miracles, we are here once again. Welcome back to Maui… but this time, for 6 weeks! Oh my gosh… you […]

Make your own rustic beach, lake, and bed & breakfast signs

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Getaway Collection

I’ve said for years I’ve wanted a cabin on the lake. But I’d also take on a beach house somewhere tropical with no issue! Since that hasn’t transpired, here’s a way of pretending I’m there anyway. Introducing, the Getaway Collection from Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils! And the coolest part? There are countless ways to mix and match these guys. […]