Funky Junk goes junkin at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market

Funky Junk goes junkin' at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market.13 PM

I hope you don’t mind lots of pictures of junk over the next little while… you know… as in new finds. It appears I’ll need to stock up again, for a very special, super cool event, hosted by The Olde Farmhouse… I think I’m gonna take in an auction or two… but most definitely the local flea […]

Growing rust in a spring yard

spring garden-003

The sun came out in our area. And while it’s nice to see, it’s still fairly cold. So I’ve had no enticement to get outdoors and play in the soil yet. But spring is struggling to reach its way to the top regardless.  As cold as it has been, I just felt like taking a walk […]

The secret to successful public speaking

skye tuxedo cat-1

When I wake up each morning, these sweet, beautiful eyes greet me. Everything about this little face speaks the comforts of home… Safe. Calm. Unconditional love. Acceptance. The first sunbeam of the day casts a welcoming glow against my safely tucked in feet, still buried underneath the covers. Not one mistake has been made yet, for the […]

PJ 268 – an upcycled link party


  Welcome to Party Junk 268 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Howdy all! My apologies, I completely forgot about the party tonight. Oops! Busy packing for my speaking engagement for tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet some new local readers! I hope you come. So here are […]

Historic Route 66 stencil with pallet wood storage cabinet

Route 66 workshop cabinet-8441

With my speaking engagement fast approaching on Saturday, I belted out another project as part of my speech. It appears that this week on the blog is gonna be signs. Next week a dollhouse. Funny how deadlines pave the way, no? This was a fun one! I can always use more room in the workshop, […]

How to build a reclaimed wood crate

crate with farmers market stencil-8374

Hello there crate woodworking friends! If this doesn’t describe you today, I sure hope it will tomorrow! Because making your own old crates is fun, easy and oh so very cheap! I LOVE landing a great old vintage crate! Who doesn’t? But sometimes you just can’t find one you want in a size you need (or […]

How to stencil featuring a pallet wood crate

crate with farmers market stencil-8373-3

At LONG last… I have a few surprises for you today! First of all, my brand new shiny Old Sign Stencils store is open, and stocked with new designs! Think BINGO and ROUTE 66… fun stuff! Visit new store HERE Secondly, it’s time for a few tutorials on using these old sign stencils, don’t you […]

PJ 267 – a salvaged junk link party


  Welcome to Party Junk 267 – a salvaged junk link party! Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello hello, party junkers! So glad to have you back once again to party with all of us! I was really blown away by so many of your wonderful upcycles last weekend… it was so […]

Where in the world would you travel to next?

Papakea Resort Maui-4427

A visit to the Iao Needle in Maui “I want to go to Fiji!” That comment came so out of left field from my son, I didn’t even know which way to turn to catch it. Let me back up just a smidgen. My son isn’t very well travelled. I flat out couldn’t afford it all his […]

Upcycled bookshelf dollhouse – the floors go in

upcycled dollhouse-8236

Have you been curious about an upcycled dollhouse update? I wasn’t completely sure if I should just hang tough for a final reveal, or take you along for more of the ride. I decided a few steps may be worth sharing, so I have ‘more room to get wordy’. You know how I get. Today, I’m going […]

Is an iPhone 6 + really worth it?

iphone comparison-8305

We were still in Disney for Christmas. But in between the luscious dole whips and the frenzy of The California Screamer, my son blurted out, “Mom, I can’t wait to go home!” Still chomping on my churro, (or was it Mickey Mouse pretzel) my brow pulled a puzzled why now… “Say what?! Why? I mean, […]

PJ 266 – an upcycled link party


  Welcome to Party Junk 266 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello online weekenders! * A few updates… Regular followers of Funky Junk may have noticed I didn’t post much this week. Here’s why… I’ve been so busy ‘learning’. My head doesn’t seem to share well with […]

A new phone and the perfect bHome for it!

bhome app-8267

When I hosted the survey so many of you faithfully answered, some of you mentioned my blog was hard to load. And hard to read, as it wasn’t mobile friendly. (eep!) I know. I know it all. I’ve delayed things terribly, because my original blog designer and guru team are no longer in the biz as […]

Photo studio props with an old door, farm table and shutters

photo studio using shutters-8240

I’ve been trying to be a good girl and keep my my cleaning at least once a week. But last week I felt so guilty cleaning nothing, I scrubbed down the bathroom instead…  That was very nice of course, but a spit polish on a mirror doesn’t hold a candle to an entire paint studio […]