PJ 280 – an upcycled link party


Welcome to Party Junk 280 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! Ready to party once again with your upcycled best? Let’s roll! And to kick it off, here’s a few of my favs from last week… Patriotic reclaimed wood star by ScavengerChic Joan outdoes herself […]

Reclaimed wood message centre and nagging Grocery sign

picket notes grocery sign-9566

Pretend for a moment, you live in a rambling old farmhouse. The kitchen cupboards are imperfect. White, chipped, and some hinges may even squeak. The countertops are reclaimed wood. Imperfectly perfect. The floors underfoot are black and white checked linoleum tiles, classic, striking. And in the corner of the room, sits this quaint little reclaimed wood message […]

Farm garage sale windfall with a surprise… or 2

flea market finds-1091

I will admit to one thing. Being involved in a local market kicks you into action! So I went shopping on the weekend again. But with a little surprise in store. On Saturday, I wanted to run to the local store for soup.  Just soup! So off I went. Landing a nice homemade mushroom variety, I […]

What we don’t have… and that’s ok


Saturday started off much like any other Saturday. I took my first coffee over to the computer, and started to aimlessly scroll my Facebook feed. What I soon found was how many directions it took me where I would normally have not spent time. Quickly realizing I was getting sucked into a time vortex that […]

PJ 279 – an upcycled link party

Garden Markers From Recycled Seed Packs  5.png

Welcome to Party Junk 279 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! Ready to party once again with your upcycled best? So… I nearly picked a theme for this weekend, but after seeing these amazing projects from last weekend, I had to feature them. HAD to. […]

Coffee crate lid sign

coffee station gate sign-007

Are you sick of the topic ‘coffee’ on my blog yet? I hope not, because new coffee themed ideas keep pouring out of my coffee lovin’ brain! #happyplacesickness This little reclaimed wood sign wearing the coffee stencil resembles a coffee crate lid, don’t you think? And it couldn’t be easier to make!  This one all started […]

Rustic paint cart with Fusion and Old Sign Stencils

Fusion Mineral Paint Shelf-9472

This giveaway has now ended. Winner is Lucy Auburn! Congrats! Please check your email. If you do any kind of painting, you know how tricky it is to juggle all you need on one table. Enter… a rustic paint cart with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils! Don’t go letting all that junky bling overwhelm you. […]

Stairway from Heaven

Old crate stairs

This old crate stairway project comes with quite a story. I was in the middle of an online decorating contest doing up these stairs, when my mom passed away. But something inside told me not to quit. So I continued despite that very painful time, and ended up winning first place that week. It’s my […]

PJ 278 – upcycled storage ideas


Welcome to Party Junk 278 – upcycled storage ideas Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! Since I’m back home, I’ve had some time to scan the past parties. Oh my word guys… there is SO MUCH goodness!  So in a nutshell, here are a few favs that chimed in well […]

A glorious day hiking Red Rock Canyon

red rock canyon-0429

When we were at Disney over Christmas, there was one exhibit that I nearly died over. And that was Cars Land, due to the red rock landscape. Seriously… take a look at THIS hand carved scenery. It’s breathtaking. I’ve always dreamed of visiting The Grand Canyon, or Zion or anything in between.  I just never thought in a […]

A stencilled junky junk drawer to organize junk

junk drawer-9317

This is one of those projects where you slap something together as things come to mind, not paying all that much attention to detail, because it’s not like you are going to BLOG ABOUT IT. Heh.  Well… after my haul from the flea market on the weekend, I needed a place for all my rusty hinges […]

Flea market finds I’d be happy to keep!

flea market finds May 2015-9285

“Sunny… It’s going to be a good weekend to hit the flea market…” I was telling myself that for at least a week straight. But can I admit something here and now? I love the thrill of the hunt! But the early morning wake up? Not so much. Once upon a time, I use to flea market […]

PJ 277 – old signs

coffee sign mug holder-9212

Welcome to Party Junk 277 -old signs Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! Ok, this one snuck up on me. So, inspired by what I myself worked on this week, let’s have an old signs theme! Yeah, why not, right? I’ve been busy plowing through a few old signs myself for […]

Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station

coffee sign mug holder-9256

Ahh!! I am home from my travels! And as you can imagine, I have a little catching up to do. And so much to tell you. But honestly, I missed creating so much, I got right into it my first day home. Why hotels aren’t yet outfitted with workshops I do not know. BUT… new towns […]