The bike ride sunbeam that kept me company

sunbeam bike ride-43-2

* NOTE: CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING COMMENT ISSUES. We are working on a fix. Thanks for your patience! * The day was ‘family day.’ And it was GORGEOUS out. Not wishing to stay locked indoors, I suggested to my son we go for a ‘family bike ride.’ Fun, right?! Wrong. He had no interest.  Ah, drat. Well, […]

Vintage glass creamers for organizing screws

glass creamer screw organizers funky junk interiors-002

It’s been a LONG time since I stepped foot into a thrift store.  But, I was craving for ‘new junk blood’, so on my way back home from an appointment, I swerved into a thrift store parking lot to see if anything spoke to me. As usual, I was about to exit the doors empty handed, […]

I want to be more like a cat – on kindness


Today was one of those days where I just needed a slow start.  You know the kind. You aren’t awake yet, but you can’t sleep any longer. You know you should get up but you don’t want to do anything yet.  And, as (bad) luck would have it, I was out of coffee beans. Nooooo….. I […]

PJ 316 – the BEST DIY salvaged junk projects!

DIY Salvaged JUNK on Funky Junk Interiors.33 PM

PJ 316 – BEST DIY Salvaged Junk Projects Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific   Hey everyone! Welcome back to my version of Disneyland… where you just flat out find the BEST blogland junk projects! It’s been a creative week around here! * Two new stencil designs were launched, LUNCH and BAKERY, […]

When less becomes more, with a moody winter mantel

galvanized and wood winter mantel

Watch out world… I’m in a colour-less mood. Even more so than normal. This can change at any given moment of course! Once the Sleigh Rides Christmas mantel came down, the mantel actually sat bare for awhile. A reset, if you will. I was just done seeing ‘stuff’. What was so attractive about ‘bare?’ Invisible. Didn’t grab […]

Shiplap styled BAKERY kitchen sign

BAKERY - Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-2760

I dream of a farmhouse kitchen, filled with the Heavenly scent of fresh, homemade baking. It reminds me of my Grandma’s house. She made homemade bread nearly every single day. Best stuff ever. My mom was an avid baker too! She’d make something special every single Saturday night, usually her delicious crumb cake. Great memory! So… what happened […]

Learning to clean with my new buddy, KonMari

Learning to clean with Konmari-003

Me – “Could you lead me to the cleaning book?” Bookstore – “Ah. The KonMari method? The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo?” “That’s the one…” I first heard about the book from Colleen, at 58 Water Street, who is also cleaning with this method. If you haven’t yet heard of this […]

PJ 315 – DIY Salvaged Junk Projects

DIY Salvaged Junk - volume 315 Funky Junk Interiors.59 PM

PJ 315 – DIY Salvaged Junk Projects Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend guys, and welcome back to piles upon piles of gorgeous junk, that help fuel your very own junk lovin’ soul! I don’t know where the week went. My son had exams, so we did lots of running […]

Cool, compact DIY ladder stencil organizer

DIY ladder stencil organizer :

Well guys, I think I solved a massive stencil storage issue over the past couple of days. And I have this Organize Build Challenge to thank! Because there is truly nothing like a deadline. I’m teaming up with 8 other bloggers to showcase DIY builds that help you organize! They are linked up below my […]