Bedroom makeover Part 3 ~ White Trash reveal

White Trash Bedroom reveal with old door and gate headboard, via Funky Junk Interiors

The bedroom is finally ready for a reveal! I chose to go with a monochromatic scheme for total serenity. Ready for a little bit of funky? Here we go!  (all 3 bedroom makeover links HERE)

I’ve affectionately named this room, “White Trash”. You’ll soon see why. :)

Basically, everything from this room was derived from the trash or thrift stores.

~ The ladder ~



A happy surprise. I LOVE the extra colours peeking out on the paint ladder rungs after sanding.

~ The headboard ~

An old gate grouped with metal clad siding creates a headboard with substance! The siding was painted and glazed for rustic softness.

~ The bed ~

You won’t find this bed neat, tidy and symmetrical. This bed is about rumpled crumpled comfy bliss.

An old weathered table top becomes the ultimate charming and sturdy bed tray.

I even created a tutorial on how I made the messy bed. :) Click HERE.

~ The window sill ~

Twinkling tea lights highlight random clear jars placed on an authentic stamped beam.

~ The dresser ~

A naturally crackled vintage dresser is topped with a character filled rusty headboard, creating a unique frame for the wooden framed mirror.  More on the dresser HERE.

My Mom’s jewelry box grouped with some thrift store finds further enhance the tone on tone look. The unique shabby lampshade is nothing more than torn strips from a white sheet. How to is HERE.

The elegant teapot was my Mom’s wedding gift.

Odds and sods join forces, to create…

… a silent sanctuary of bliss.

I had no budget for a new bedroom. But I wanted something shabby white, so I dug through my garage to find these things and make them work. Nothing in this room is retail new except for the curtain rod I simply made out of a steel rod and the patchwork quilt hidden by the lacy duvet cover. The gate was from the dump. The old door was from a burn pile. All else was from thrift stores. Aside from the odd sheet or pillowcase I’ve been gathering from the thrifts on an ongoing basis, this room was totally created with things I already had on hand.

For today, the new look is unique, casual, eclectic, eccentric even, very me and…

… my kitten REALLY likes it too :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This bedroom has proceeded to win some awards and features:

Mom Cave contest – $50 gift certificate


Blog feature in Romantic Homes Jan 2010

Update: to address some questions

Curtains – simple sheets thrown over a steel rod. The edges are left in their torn state for an extra touch of shabbiness. They are not functional as I don’t require the privacy. (mountain view out back)

Paint color – Cloverdale Paints Canada, Bamboo beach

Board and batten wall – kitchen quality white eggshell with 1 drop of black

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  1. I love your headboard wall. I’ll be re-doing our bedroom over the winter. Trying to get an idea for our headboard??

    Thank you for highlighting the Charlie Brown Christmas trees.

  2. I’m so in love with it…how inspiring! It just looks so inviting…so relaxing…so cozy. We are redoing our bedroom in the near future…and I’m loving the tan and white…I’ve always been a shabby chic girl with pinks and blues…but I’m loving what you did!

  3. Sheer perfection. I just cannot believe how jaw-dropping gorgeous this room is Donna! Kapow!!! I’m going back to stare some more. Seriously beautiful….*sigh*
    And thanks for linking up to my first linky-dinky party-voo. :o)

  4. It looks wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been very slowly working on our master bedroom. You’re look is exactly what I’m hoping to accomplish – tweaked to please the husband, of course. Silly man and his thinking he should have a say. ;-)

  5. Oh Donna! It makes me want to just jump right into your bed! (in a good way)

    LOVE the pillows. You have to tell more about making them.

    And the glass on the sign. To die for!

  6. Came back to get another hit. *snort*

    sigh….oh, and thanks for another hot find feature girl! You make me blush…

    I really like that idea of a daily feature cause there’s so much awesomeness out there. Mind if I add something like that to my bloggy? Anne Shirly of Green Gables fame says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

  7. Love your new bedroom look! I didn’t think I could possibly love anything more than that original sign headboard, but I do think the feel now is more calming & relaxing. We have a wealth of galvanized tin, some rusty and not. I’m always looking for ideas on how to use it. (If you need a place to stash that sign, lemme know.. haha.. I still love it too!)-tammy

  8. The room passed the bloggy test! I wasn’t sure on this one. (like ALL my other stuff…)

    Thanks for your inspiring kudos! I’ve already switched out the wreath to a larger one (pic added) and will continue to tweak.

    I’ll be honest. The door was in rough shape. I would have loved to add a nicer newer one but this one forced me creatively to push it and keep trying. I think a white shabby door may have been too much white against the white wall, so this may have been the right one after all. (yes, I need to paint the brass lock!!)

    More tweaks to come. Thanks again!

    FJ Donna

  9. OMG, Donna! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I’m going to stare at it all day. I especially love the contrast between Before Picture No. 1 and now. WOW! The door and the gate and the wreath are so perfect together. The mix of textures is fabulous!

  10. It’s just beautiful! I need a room makeover you made it looks so easy! but i have a feeling when i tackle mine it’s not going to go as smoothly!!

  11. Dang. Didn’t even finish reading the post and had to click on the “Follow” button. :) Don’t want to miss a thing here.

    Love the garden gate, the rumpliness (I’m sure that’s a word), the fabric choices, all. of. it.


  12. I LOVE the way your mind works! You never fail to dazzle and amaze me. I loved your bedroom before and I love it now. Your ability to just trust your gut and go for it makes me realize how scared I am to do ANYTHING in my house. Please come and live with me! You’re awesome, my friend!

  13. Lynn, no bumping my head. The bed is a king and I have it to myself so I have lots of choices where to lean back. :)

    Now if there were TWO people accompanying this bed, the knob is quite central so I don’t see it being a problem.

    I could never remove that old rustic knob! I need to find the perfect thing to hang from it is what I need to do. :)

    The moral to this story truely is, don’t be afraid to pump up the volume where a headboard is concerned. All too often headboards whisper. This was a BIG and TALL bed and demanded some major attention. True I sort of used the entire wall to drive the story home, (which anyone can do too) however because the colours are so muted, it works well in this small 12′ x 10′ room.

    Thanks again!

    FJ Donna

  14. Hi Cheri!

    I already tried but everytime I visit your blog I have tons of computer issues. You must have moving and/or flashing or music parts because my computer freezes every time. (as it does to all other blogs that are fancyish) :(

    But thanks for the invite!

    FJ Donna

  15. I liked the big sign and red wall before, but the new look is even better. I like the wood slats that you put on the wall before you painted it white. It really adds something. And I love the door headboard. Great job!

  16. Oh my goodness Donna. What an incredible beautiful, cozy, soothing room. So, so very gorgeous. All the lovely, pale, neutral tones make the place so serene. I can’t imagine anything better than laying in that comfy bed and snuggling with that fluffy cat!

  17. Who (besides you!) would have thought someone could take all those items and put them all together to creat something so beautiful?!! I love it so much! It’s too bad you don’t live closer- I need help with my cramped ugly ol master. :P
    I just love what you have done. What beautiful colors. Please post about those window treatments!

  18. GADZOOOOKS I love this….I keep saying I don’t like all white and then I find a cool room like this!! IT is my kind of room–love the old repurposed stuff!!! Love those jars too–way tooooo cooool!! Guess I need to check out some of your other rooms.

  19. I love it all!! You are sooo good and I am sooo jealous!! Honestly ~ the cat just sets off your pictures ~ all snuggled in and cozy. Loving the bottles along the window too. Fantastic job ~ you should be very pleased.

  20. I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE this room! This is what I would want my room to look like if I didn’t have to share it with my uber masculine husband. It is beautiful and I love it even more that nothing is new. Great job!

  21. Ah gals, you are making my DAY! Most possibly week even.

    I have to tell you something. I would not have done up a room like this if I had an uber masculine husband. Nor a husband period. I did this room for ME because I’m the only one in it, so I just could. :)

    nannykim, I was thinking about what you said on the whites.. I too find some white rooms too cool for my taste. I think why this one works is because I’ve mixed warm hues in with it. So never say never, just do it up your way. :)

    RM, fly me over there and I’ll do your room for ya, no prob! You wouldn’t by chance be in Hawaii or anything cool like that would you??

    FJ Donna

  22. Ha! Love the name of your bedroom. I chuckled out loud when I saw your link @ Kimbas (I did know where you were going with it…) ;)

    Your bed looks SO cozy and inviting, and I love the little touches like the variety of glass jars by the window – they catch the light so nicely!

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new/’old’ space!

  23. Love the room! Where did you find the Alaskan Copper post? That is to die for! I need to find more junk!



  24. Hi Shannon! The wall colour is from Cloverdale Paint (Canada) and is called Bamboo Beach. It’s that perfect tone! Not green, not pink. It’s nearly like it has no undertone, just browns. Not dark, but not too light. Goes on wet abit weird, but dries gorgeous. Looks good against ANYTHING.

    Laura, I found the post in a dumpster at the firetruck manufacturer I frequent with my line of work. LOL!! I have no idea of it’s origin or what it even is, but loved the tones and HAD to have it. They throw out the coolest stuff and think I’m wacked for taking it. :)

    FJ Donna

  25. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! I am so totally in love with your bedroom!!! OK….major motivation! Thank you!
    I love it all….love the ladder, the bedding, the pillows, the HEADBOARD…just took another look at it & realized it was corrugated metal~ I have an old door in my garage….it’s just laying there waiting for me to get my act together….I’ve been thinking headboard & now definitely want to do it. You are amazing!


  26. That bed looks so comfy. I could just sink into it and stay for a whole day. I looks gorgeous. I love all the pillows. I found the burlap ribbon at Wal-mart. I think it was .97 a yard. Thanks for stopping by.

  27. hey! jessice from over at my quarter life crisis-
    Yes your room def is in the same category of beauty as that “high end elegance palace (michelle did a fantastic job didnt she!)
    Thanks for following me too, that way you will be able to know when the copy cat occurs!

    Your lattice post is really funny, i cant say i wouldnt have done the same! keep up the great work!

  28. Gasp…sputter…drool…heart a flutter…hands sweaty…eyes popping, WONDEFFUL!!! You knocked this one so way out of the park! Love the old vintage sign and red wall before, but this is just so over-the-top delicious! THANK YOU for sharing! Deborah & Hubs

  29. What I like about your blog is its originality. I can’t just take a quick peek at your work and move on; I have to study the details. The genius (cleverness) is in the details. I really am quite bored by the ordinary that is seen on most blogs lately. You keep things interesting.

  30. Donna,
    (Bows to the queen)
    I am highly impressed with your white trashiness! Spoken from a “cultured” white trash queen! I was going to list off all I liked, but really there is NOTHING i dont like. I am with the cat-the room looks scruptious and I can just imagne plopping in that bed with kitty and coffee! Heaven!
    WOuld you mind so much if you guest posted the first week of December with this post for Thrifty Thursday, as I did Miss Mustard Seed on Thursday? There is just so much goodness in here, I want to milk it down to the last drop. Smile. If you are willing to share, will you email this to me in HTML to my email address that can be found on my blog on the right sidebar as well as my profile. If not, I understand too.
    Great deals! Thanks for linking up this week to Thrifty Thursday! Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for being a Bloggeritaville friend!!!I am thankful for you!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  31. So creative. All of the different textures and the uniqueness of the elements make this room just beautiful.
    I’d love to know how you made the window treatments. The top ruffle looks like it’s balloon style. I love that it’s relaxed. Are they functional or kept to the side?

  32. OMG I LOOOOOOOVE your room! It is pretty much my dream bedroom! You did such a fabulous job, congrats! And I’m glad the kitty likes it– I know how picky they can be! :)

  33. Totally Beautiful. I am trying to think how many of those ideas I could steal away for my bedroom. Love the fluffy, rumply bed, and I have three kitties to help fill it up!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star’s Fault

  34. shabby chick is one of my favorite styles. I love what you’ve done here with the white theme, and I especially like the glass jars in the window. Too clever! LOVE IT!

  35. WOW!!! I am in LOVE with this bedroom! I wanted to do the same thing in mine but just can’t quite seem to get it together to just DO IT! I bought a great tan and white comforter, a white bedshirt and a cream pillow … that’s it! This room is SO inspiring and completely comfortable. I’d like to crawl in that bed and take a little snooze ….. Zzzzzzzz …

  36. This is MORE than gorgeous!
    I want to just run in that room and throw myself on that bed and just stay there and enjoy that beautiful view (and I mean..inside!)
    Beautiful, beautiful creation..thanks for showing the “before” too.
    Be back in a moment..I have to get a kleenex..Im drooling :)
    Have a great day Donna!

    With all my heart…Deborah xo

  37. Hi Donna !
    I’m a new follower and email subscriber and I just checked out your main bedroom makeover. It looks fantastic, I love it!. We are in the process of doing the same thing but hubby and I can’t decided on a paint colour. I really like the colour I can see on your window wall, can you tell me the brand and colour name/# so I can try it for our room? Thanks in advance for your help if you’re able to get this info. Patty/BC (

  38. Your vision and creativity on this is truly impressive. You have quite a gift and this needs to be featured in a magazine.

  39. I couldn’t possibly be more in love with a bedroom…really. I just want to transfer everything from above into my own home…absolutely perfectly imperfect.

  40. I’m a new comer to this site. In love already. Our headboard is a single, wood garage door panel. It is aged to perfection with some old white peeling paint. Our bedroom color is a deep taupe/green color and this headboard really stands out!!
    Can’t wait to read more of your blog..and thanks for the inspiration.

  41. I love the headboard! I also like the little bed table,that would fit right at home in my house. Most of my house is done in barn wood furniture that I have pick up a long the way. I’m redoing my bedroom in a coastal,beach with some distress white wash furniture that I hope to find. I hope you have more ideas that are cute and cozy as this one. I like taking a little repurposing,recycling upcycling thing in to new thing.

  42. It’s so beautiful it’s BEYOND WORDS. Kitties are good judges so you know it’s great when they make it their own! I just LOVE your blog and projects…you truly are a genius and a great inspiration!!!

  43. OML…woman your site is awesome….was just checking out some of what your projects were and I LOVE IT ALL….thanks for the site and keep them coming… I have to go through this storage area and pull out what I’m inspired to do!!

    Happy Easter!

    Judi :)