A $2 chalkboard, burlap and twine bulletin board

I was called upon from my church for a very special project. They desired to have a bulletin board of some type and asked if I’d be up to giving it a go. Would I!

My premise with these kinds of projects are, use what you have. So here’s what I came up doing just that. Feel free to put your own spin on it to create something similar!


This 5′ tall x 30″wide bulletin board was designed to be stationed in an area where you’d stand to write notes before using the board. The shelf was the perfect addition. And here’s how I did it:


Create a frame to your desired size, then dry if it onto your bulletin board material of choice, trace and cut. I had some fibreboard from a previous project I hadn’t thrown out. It pays to hoard!


These are $2 sandbags from the hardware store. I only needed one. I cut one apart for single thickness and hot glued the two sections to the board from behind.

Want a shelf? No prob! Find a board that will reach your framework. I didn’t even cut this random board to size. Sand and go.

Hoarders unite once again.


Jute was cut and knotted, then screwed into place through the knots.

These galvanized containers were from Ikea but I could totally see tin cans or mason jars being equally adorable.

Kinda cute, isn’t it?

How to install:

Screw fibreboard onto the wall.

Attach each board by placing on wall around the fibre board and screw in. Way too easy!

The frame was designed to advertise the reason for the board. Here it is in the church before it got filled up with its intent.

It was a VERY simple project that I personally didn’t have a home for. I’m so glad I had the opportunity  to invent it for another that did!


Like weird boards? Here’s a mattress spring bulletin board I made a few years back.

I rather wanna make more. :)

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  1. I love chalkboards, burlap and twine and your combination of the three…simply perfect. I would never have thought to paint the frame with chalkboard paint. Your design is original and beautiful, as always. Lesa

  2. Wonderful, Thank you for sharing. I’ve been dwelling on a bulletin board for a while, and it couldn’t be affixed to the wall. If I make something this size and shape It can just sit on the floor!

  3. This is a fantastic idea for the church! It’s perfect having the shelf to write the prayers on, and the tins for holding the pens. It could work for any business, imagine in a school? Or the front office/lobby at the vets? I love it! I really have to pin this, oh the possibilities…
    Debbie :)

  4. You did it again! Cute cute….painting the frame with chalkboard paint was just the smartest! I’m so building one of these! I’m off to locate sand bags! The city used to hand them out for free. I’ll start there!

  5. You did it again! Cute cute….painting the frame with chalkboard paint was just the smartest! I’m so building one of these! I’m off to locate sand bags! The city used to hand them out for free. I’ll start there!

  6. Kinda??? No…a WHOLE LOTTA cute! And I adore those little hanging pots for the pencils, clothespins and paper…I love convenience and like to have the nessessities close at hand!
    And once again, those pics are stunning w/ detail!

  7. I LOVE this board and wish I had more room for something large like this . . . I love the mattress spring one as well . . . and of course it’s all the little touches you’ve added that make it fabulous. :)

  8. I love it – I need one in my entryway :-) It’s a very nice addition for the church, you do have the cutest ideas!

    BTW A video did play under ‘RIVIT’ . I have a screen capture if you need it, let me know how best to send it to you.

    Thanks for a wonderful blog – I rarely comment, but I visit a lot :-)


  9. I always hit my mute button while reading your blog, but never thought to look to see who was talking…haha…it was from the Technorati square…nothing could stop me from viewing your awesome creations…this one is amazing as usual. I decided what makes it so adorable is the personal touches you strategically place….I am pinning this and hope to enlist my husbands help!

  10. You never disappoint! I have been trying to decide to chalkboard paint an entire wall in my kitchen and hang an old frame with burlap on top and then have a shelf hanging below… this does the work of all three, but soooooo much easier! So glad I hadn’t started it yet! Thanks for the inspiration hon!

  11. It’s way cute and what a great gift to give your church. Your are blessed with a talent to create amazing things. Love your blog.

    BTW a video starting playing when I clicked on your blog. Rivit is the title and a lady is doing a tutorial on quilt making. Sorry but I didn’t get a screen shot.

  12. Wow, now if I only had a place to put them both. You are just so inspirational. Guess I might move furniture to create a wall that needs these. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Emilou

  13. This is so cute. I love all the little details you added. I firmly believe in using what you have on hand, and I hate going to buy things for projects. I cannibalize and strip down everything on hand before I will buy parts for a new project. I hope I can get one or two of these done before my next big sale. Really, these will be a hit. I bet your church was over the top happy with what you came up with. So much better than a sterile, blah bulletin board.

  14. Hoarders unite!! Some day I’ll start my own blog called Just Another Project…
    In the meantime, you just gave me a wonderful idea! We have an old trailer with a hollow core door. It needs – a lot, insulation being one thing. I could glue styrofoam sheets and screw or glue the bulletin board frame to the door. I’m on a roll! Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe I’ll use an old crib bed springs in the project, as well. Who knows! But I love your ideas!

  15. I just found this and would love this bulletin board But I’m not sure how to hold the bulletin part in the frame….It looks like the burlap part is set INTO the frame. How did you anchor the bulletin board part in the frame? It doesn’t look like you have a grove to hold the bulletin part in place. Then it looks like you nail into something, do you nail into the wooden frame at an angle? Would love to make this.

    • Hi Cheryl!

      I mounted the bulletin board to the wall first. I just screwed into it in random places. Then I mounted the boards right through the wood into the wall, also in random places. No fancy angles at all. Basically, I just tucked everything together tight like directly onto the wall. :) Hope that helps!

  16. I love everything you do…your creativity runs circles around all of us…in this bog I >love< the curtains on the hanger at the end….so genius…and saves a day of sewing casements!:))And the rustic hearts you just posted have me wanting to get started making some!

  17. is the chalkboard outline just a frame? or did you make it out of something? i think it is so cool for a board im working on at work.