Day 2 when Junkers Unite – Christmas log candle centrepiece

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Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

If you desire something special for your Christmas table, look no further than your own woodpile to create a nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece… from firewood!

Did you notice? 12 Days of Christmas and Christmas Junkers United are combining for today, bringing you 14 blogs showing off their finest Christmas junk!  So grab your beverage of choice, turn on some Christmas tunes and let’s get rolling…

How I made it:

Cutting the logs / Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

Deeply inspired by Inspired by Charm’s own DIY Multiple Taper Candleholder, I came up with a rustic variation… from firewood. You heard that right. I raided my stash of firewood from my brother, found three little logs covered with bark, and chopped them down to 3 different lengths with a miter saw.

Cutting the tops slanted / Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

 The tops aren’t level with intention. I liked the random natural feel to it!

Drilling candlestick holes into logs / Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

Drill candlestick holes with a 3/4 spade bit / Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

Using a 3/4″ spade drill bit on a cordless drill, holes were drilled for the candles. This blade size wasn’t quite large enough, so I rotated the blade in a circular motion as I drilled. Worked great!

Attaching logs onto pizza pan / Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

Next up, a base! A metal pizza pan to be exact. Gotta love a good thrift store find.

Attaching logs onto pizza pan / Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

The holes in the pan were perfect for attaching the logs with drywall screws!

Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

A rusty old plant stand found at a new and used store was flipped upside down for an additional decorative junk style element. It fit perfectly! And now the fun part…

log centerpiece-0429Nature inspired Christmas log candle centrepiece, via

Adding simple touches such as an apple for colour, the odd ornament and a good handful of faux plastic snow along with fresh greens, the end result is a natural, original centrepiece that cost me virtually nothing.

Disclaimer - please make sure you add some kind of metal between the candles and the logs so you don’t burn down your house! Perhaps tea light metal inserts? I just didn’t think of it at the time but I’ll be adding something to mine. Do this project as shown at your own risk.

Junky centrepiece candles holders aren’t new around these parts.

junk funnel Christmas centrepiece

This Christmas centrepiece was made with gears and an oil funnel…

12 days centerpiece-0234
And this Christmas centrepiece was made with… well, gears and an old lantern.

Love using these on Christmas day with the kitchen island all laid out buffet style… can’t wait to try the new one out for real!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.33.11 AM
And today, 13 (thirteeeen!!!) more fabulous blogs are sharing their outstanding all new Christmas Junk projects! Visit them all at:

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Christmas Junkers United Pinboard on Pinterest.19 AMThe Junkers United gang have also created a beautiful new Christmas Junk pin board on Pinterest that you’ll love! 

Follow it HERE.

I sure hope you brought your own Christmas junk along! If you link up below, we’ll be pinning our favourite Christmas junk projects onto the pin board!

All my 12 Days of Christmas 2013 projects to date are HERE.

See you tomorrow for Day 3!



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  1. This is absoluetly my favorite holiday hop yet!! And this little centerpiece is STUPENDOUS!! I cannot get over it!! Thank you so much for curating a group of great junky lovin’ gals and for allowing us to share our junky finds too!! Happy Holidays to you, my dear, the junk master!! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    This voicefive adveristement is still in the middle of the viewing screen and I cannot get it to go off. It doesn’t seem to come up on the other blogs only yours. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem.

    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Donna, glad to see the link back up! I linked up yesterday #17, my bed spring Christmas Tree and I forgot to reply, didn’t want to be rude. So, just letting you know I LOVE all of your centerpieces! So unique and rusty good! Anywho, thanks for hosting another great party!