Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station

Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
Ahh!! I am home from my travels! And as you can imagine, I have a little catching up to do. And so much to tell you.

But honestly, I missed creating so much, I got right into it my first day home. Why hotels aren’t yet outfitted with workshops I do not know.

BUT… new towns come complete with antiques… so I’m showcasing one souvenir today that I picked up from Nevada!

I’m trying to think up new ideas for all that fence wood I hauled home awhile back to get ready for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. 

And today, I ended up with a reclaimed wood old sign coffee station that would compliment any coffeeaholic farmhouse kitchen decor.

Wanna see? It’s really cute! And so easy to make!

Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /

An old sign with a twist… on two planks instead of one! 

But there’s also a reason I spaced out the boards… look close.

Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /

The gap allowed for S hooks so you could hang mugs. Or other stuff. But in my house, it’s mugs. Dunno (coffee junkie) why…

So I threw together a little coffee station idea using my own National Brewers Coffee stencil, that is so easy to make, you’ll want 2! More coffee for all! mmm….

Here’s how I made it:

National Brewers Co. COFFEE stencil / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /

How to make the reclaimed wood old sign coffee station

  1. Clean two fence planks, (I pressure wash) then sand.
  2. Lay two small planks down each side, allowing for a small gap. Cut to size.
  3. Place small planks under large planks.
  4. Predrill holes on front, then screw boards together from front so the screws are visible for extra junk bling.
  5. Stencil on a design, add S hooks and mount to wall.
  6. Reward yourself with a… you know.

framework for 2 board coffee sign : Funky Junk Interiors

Here’s how the boards are structured.

The plans above took me nearly all day to draw, so don’t lose them now… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’d love to learn how to draw in a 3D program one day. One day…

back bracing the sign / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
Here are the cross planks from underneath that will hold the sign together.

Attaching the sign with screws and washers / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
But because I don’t do anything really all that predictable, they were screwed together in a rather random method.

From the top.

So they showed.

Washers added a little extra junk bling to otherwise plain drywall screws.

So if you EVER land a bucket of rusty washers, don’t bypass them. Ever.

Better than diamonds I say!

I still like diamonds though too… in case… of no idea what. Just playing it safe here.

Rusty S hook mug hangers / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
The support boards were placed on the back so the sign projected off the wall to allow for the rusty S hooks.

I know. It’s weird, but I go to great lengths to think this stuff up so it’s new to me, and hopefully new to you.

Or maybe it’s all the caffeine…

How to centre the coffee stencil / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
So now that ‘the intense’ build is done, it’s time for a coffee break to centre the coffee stencil.

How to centre the coffee stencil / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
Mark the centre of your board and you’re done, because there are also centre marks on the stencil.

The less math, the better, don’t you agree?

Coffee stencil / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
Because I split the sign onto two boards, I needed to separate the stencil design.

So I taped off parts of the stencil I decided not to use, in order for the lettering to be all nice and evenly spaced from the top and bottom on both planks.

Paint used – black acrylic craft paint.

Coffee stencil / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
Like so.

My beloved trademark crate markings of black on wood won once again.

Sigh… there’s a whooooole lotta love goin’ on in this picture! 5 of my favorite things. Can you guess them all?

I’ll tell you (crate markings) at the end (rust) of the post (coffee) so you have time (reclaimed wood) to (old sign) guess.

Rusty S hook mug hooks / Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
To be more food safe, a light spray of clear sealer on the S hooks would be a good idea.

I personally left the S hooks and wood untouched.

Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
This simple, yet cute little coffee station on a vintage ironing board was a snap to put together!

And just in case you were wondering what that Nevada souvenir plated drill handled toolbox is for…

Drill handled toolbox to store coffee pods /
Coffee time! 

Reclaimed wood old sign coffee station /
But then again, isn’t it always? ๐Ÿ™‚

Funky Junk Interiors Old Sign Stencils : NATIONAL BREWERS COFFEEClick to see Old Sign Stencils projects

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  1. Welcome back!! This is awesomeโ€ฆmaybe an idea for me since I have not used my coffee stencil yet. I’ve loved using the “Farmer’s Market” stencil. Do you think you’d ever grow your stencil company enough to do custom stencils?

  2. Donna,
    This a Double Yahtzee!! Wasn’t sure where to pin it? Coffee…, Rust,Springs&Things, Reuse Wood, Hooks, etc. I have everything to make this, even the ironing board, except your stencil. That is going to soon change. Thank-you for making this.

  3. I’m loving it a whole lot Donna! Simple but very effective and good looking!! What is it about black stencil signs on old tatty wood that looks so good!? ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. YAAAAY…glad you’re back, Donna…can’t wait to hear all about your trips! When I was out doing yardwork this weekend, I found an old rusty latch and I thought of you…I’m keeping it for a special project. I really adore this coffee station…always loved the old wooden ironing boards, but never really knew how to display them in a functional way…this works! I also think the sign is genius…not only does it look sharp, it takes advantage of vertical space which means everything when you don’t have a lick of space to waste. I’ll have to invest in the coffee stencil, but I need to use the BINGO stencil first…that will come soon!

  5. May I ask what you used to color the stencil ? Was it just pain or spray paint? What do you think is the easiest to work with when it comes to stencils.

    Hopefully you see this, I realize this post is a little older, sorry!

  6. I’m working on a coffee/tea station. I’m gathering ideas. I bought a breadbox from a garage sale thinking that I would incorporate it into my station. I also saw where someone use just the prongs of a garden rake to hang cops, but I thought that a rake would make a unique coat hanger in my entry way. I really like your sign it has a place to hang cups, but there is a corkboard in the space that I would need to hang it. It’s been there ever since we’ve lived here, 15 years, in a house almost 100 yrs. old. I have an old sewing box that reminds me of your “tool box”. I like to grind my own beans and use a percolator. Just responding to your great idea has gotten my creative juices flowing, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to putting it all together because I’m downsizing everthing I don’t use. Thanks.

  7. I went to Nevada to visit a friend a few years ago and came back with all kinds of cool stuff I’d never find here! The best part was that the Canadian border guard took one look at our pickup full of junk and waved us right through. LOL!