Beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride


Today I really felt the February blues. I’m generally not an unhappy person, but drizzly days can leave you feeling less than inspired. I flicked on the TV, and started munching a few chips, when I realized… yikes. That’s true hibernation right there. Glancing outside, I noted it was attempting to rain. Sigh… I’ve really been […]

Industrial coffee shop decor you will love!


So remember my epic fall bikeride through bear and train country in Part 1? Welcome to Part 2 – A trip to the local industrial coffee shop. My well earned reward for all that hard work I did prior! If you follow me on Instagram stories, you’ll have seen lots of shots of my new fav […]

Another epic junk shopping trip to Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques


When I took a trip down south several years ago, I was ASTOUNDED on the amount of junk and antiques the region has, compared to little ‘ol quiet BC, Oh Canada. While we don’t have many places to hunt in the lower mainland, (between Vancouver and Hope) there are three places I will always suggest to […]

The golden hour nature artist strikes again


After I returned home from an unexpected day spent in town, I glanced up towards the sky. It was still blue! There was still time. The forecast called for 3 intense storms, thanks to remnants of a typhoon. So I scrambled to get the lawn mowed as the sky started to gather a spotty appearance. As […]

My glamping in the mountains weekend

Kawkawa Lake Eco Retreat Getaway

We have officially hit fall in our region. But rather than decorate the house to the hilt for the season, there was something else on my agenda I desired more. And that was head for the hills before our rain started. When it rains in BC, it doesn’t mess around. We can be buried for WEEKS with […]

An inspired by wildflowers bikeride

bike riding among wild flowers and sunset |

Well, our Hawaiian adventure has come to a close. We are officially now home, and I’m busy nursing jet lag, wading through 6 weeks of mail, and cuddling the cats. Ohhh my cats!!!! I didn’t feel the ‘dread’ of coming home like I did last summer. I was ready! And boy, that crisp air and my own […]

A chat with the river, during a new bridge trail bike run

bike ride new bridge trail-28

(to get the full vibe, press HERE for sound effects) Some days feel like too much effort. My son just remarked today, “It’s hard, you don’t understand!” Well, I kinda actually do. I just have more grown up hard things to contend with. But we all have to deal with something.   Call it running […]

The bike ride sunbeam that kept me company

sunbeam bike ride-43-2

The day was ‘family day.’ And it was GORGEOUS out. Not wishing to stay locked indoors, I suggested to my son we go for a ‘family bike ride.’ Fun, right?! Wrong. He had no interest.  Ah, drat. Well, I refused to miss out on that gorgeous day, so I geared up, and was on the […]

A spectacular show, during a bike ride egg run

bike riding for eggs-37

‘Twas a dreary, grey day this fine Sunday. But that didn’t stop us from firing things up right! We head to the local diner for lunch. Once home again, I couldn’t stay indoors. energetic ‘ol me – “Let’s go for a bike ride!” very full son – “No.” “No? Why not? It’s not raining… and if […]