How to make a DIY #FAILURE a success

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FAIL #1 It was during The 12 Days of Christmas. And I had this amazing idea to make a snowflake cutlery ornament. Don’t let the above amazingness fool you now. We aren’t quite done yet. I had collected all these vintage forks, knives and spoons. But I rather lucked out. There was a spoon wind […]

12 Days of Christmas Junk and link party

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Oh my goodness! It’s the end of the series! We made it! An InLinkz Link-up Creating for 12 days straight was pretty intense. But I can honestly say, whenever I push myself like that, I end up with some pretty cool stuff!  Click any of the thumbnails above to see the latest! And click HERE […]

12 – firewood end cut Christmas trees

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Michael’s blog Inspired by Charm is very well named. These firewood end cut Christmas trees were a direct result of his project yesterday on 12 Days of Christmas. Michael’s Colorful DIY Forest had me yearning for a rustic version of these trees. “I can do that!” is what my brain told me. Until I read […]

Day 11 – Make a winter tree from tree branches

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Today’s project to make a winter tree from tree branches was a little unexpected. The big pie in the sky plan was to go pick up a Christmas tree on Saturday. Had it all planned! They would have a bonfire, serve hot chocolate, and by golly we’d cut down our own tree for the first […]

Day 10 – illuminated old windows Christmas mantel

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Nothing spells progress quite like when your mantel is decorated for Christmas!  And this year, my illuminated old windows Christmas mantel comes with a little heartwarming memory story attached. Create an old world rock fireplace without destruction – tutorial HERE The fireplace mantel is glowy, snowy, with plenty of greens and a grapevine / pinecone […]

Day 9 – from faux garland to a real rustic wreath

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Not sure what’s come over me the past few years, but anything faux has been left in the Christmas box with me gravitating to real greens instead. It’s rather messy business working with the real thing, but it looks so cool! So if you’ve caught the realism bug like I have, here’s how you can […]

Day 8 – rusty toolbox pretend Christmas presents

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Visit Party Junk – Junk styled Christmas Candles HERE Do you recognize yesterday’s fuzzy wood round and washer Christmas garland up above? They are part of the junk wrap on these rusty toolbox pretend Christmas presents! You’ve seen pretend wrapped presents in other’s homes for that festive look. Well, this is the junker’s version and […]

Day 7 – Fuzzy wood round and metal washer Christmas garland

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.08.33 PM

The day I came across a Folger’s coffee can full of rusty washers at the new and used store, I giggled. I plunked the can down on the counter all proud of myself, and the sales guy raised his eyebrows, and threw me a “WHAT are you gonna do with all THAT?!” “I dunno. How […]

Day 6 – Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

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If there’s such thing as a project that’s too simple although quite adorable, these stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights would be it. This creation will no doubt feed your rusty junker soul and offer you the cutest little candlelight idea in the land. I found playing with this gear tree a little like playing […]

Day 5 – Christmas kindling stars… in minutes!

Christmas kindling stars

  If you desire some stars for your holiday decorating, consider making these Christmas kindling stars… in minutes! Not long ago my junker brother (and the story of his garage sale) summoned me over to his place to pick up some firewood. Well, once I got it home, we burned some. But some pieces were […]