A new stance on cleaning… one new thing.

pallet wood blog office redo-1486

Front entry tour This past week, I’ve been in a bit of a funk about the topic of cleaning. A typical clean spree would have me focusing on one thing, then pushing hard until it’s done. Here comes the issue though… a focus generally takes a whole lot longer than anticipated. Suddenly, your entire space […]

The freedom of relinquishing, while purging a past life


In my ongoing quest to clean up this place, (which I’m now convinced will really NEEEEVER be over… how DO you do it, clean people?!) I gave myself a mantra. I’m going to get rid or sell something once a week. For me, getting rid of something for good is harder than gutting a room, then […]

Easy closet kit revamp in teen’s bedroom


This little closet project has been on the back burner for years. YEARS. In this day and age, the one bar / one shelf closet system ought to be banned. But, this is what we got when we purchased the house 10 years ago, and it was time to finally gut this thing, to get the most […]

Gifting myself with new cutlery and a clean drawer


Welcome to my first official Crap to Clean before Spring post. But I won’t lie. I had instant regret when I posted last Sunday that I was going to clean something each week, then post it Sunday night. BLECK. How in BLAZES could I give myself such a death sentence?! This is not creative! It’s… UGLY. So I […]

A cleaning challenge, inspired by my boy’s minimalist bedroom


Happy New Year! And before you say, “Boy, your photography staging is slipping…” This post will not be pretty. But it will be real. When I returned home from my Christmas vacation, the first thing I noticed upon walking into my home was ‘dust’. I couldn’t see it, but I sure could smell it. Or […]

Purging gets fun, thanks to my new bidding site hobby

old market sign

Old sign playroom Sign went for $115 When I came home from Hawaii this past summer, while the holiday blues didn’t hit, one thing sure did. I noticed I flat out had too. much. stuff. I knew this of course before the trip. You know how you keep replaying the same thing in your head, “I […]

A cleaner workshop due to pressure washing wood

workshop cleanup pressure wash spring 2016-2

A funny thing happens when you go raid a neighbour’s broken down fence. First, it sits in your own front driveway for your neighbour’s viewing pleasure for WEEKS on end. Then you finally take it apart with this handy dandy idea. Then most of it got cleaned and stored. But there was a massive pile that never […]

A super simple reclaimed wood old sign paint shelf

rustic old sign paint shelf-3093

On my continued Crap to Clean before Spring quest, today I’m taking you downstairs to my paint studio. Confession… I have not been reading my KonMari book (post HERE) like I should.  But that’s because I haven’t caught up to her suggestions yet. Goodness… I need a year off of life to do this thing […]

Learning to clean with my new buddy, KonMari

Learning to clean with Konmari-003

Me – “Could you lead me to the cleaning book?” Bookstore – “Ah. The KonMari method? The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo?” “That’s the one…” I first heard about the book from Colleen, at 58 Water Street, who is also cleaning with this method. If you haven’t yet heard of this […]

Delightful vintage toy finds during a stairway closet clean up

2016 jan under stairway-33-2

Hello, hello, friends! Ohhh I have missed you. This. Us! I feel like I’ve been away for so long! I’ve actually been ‘attempting to write’ for the past few days, but it just. wasn’t. working. Can I admit something? I’m struggling to find my way back after the Christmas break. This has of course nothing to do with […]