Tips on designing an old sign themed paint studio

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When I first challenged myself with Heap of Change, all I really expected to do was declutter. But I’m SO GLAD I pushed myself to the extreme in this area. I’m so pleased with the outcome! Welcome to Heap of Change #2! The event where you are challenged to get your home back, through decluttering and […]

3. Why learning on the job matters

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For those that have been wondering where my junk posts are of late, ohhh my. Let me put it this way. I’ve been in high learning curve mode with this bathroom reno and it’s taking every ounce out of me. But I’m about to show you why learning on the job matters and why it’s […]

2. How to create a new room you NEED

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How to create a room you need is as easy as changing out a room you don’t use to it’s full capacity. Here’s how I did it. Twice.  #1. Here is our dining room when we first moved in. We never used it, never liked it. We ate in the kitchen or in front of […]

1. The secret to a more productive space

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Over Christmas, I did a really gutsy move. And I’m now convinced this is the secret to a more productive space. I ditched my coffee table. GASP.   We all need coffee tables, right? I mean, what about when company comes? You need a place to set your coffee. Or so I thought.  I guess […]