6 & 7 – Know your limitations, and know how to chill

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Did anyone notice I skipped out on posting yesterday?  I was rolling out a huge, wordy one. But when I clicked publish, I lost half of it. A corrupt cut and paste. Not good. And at 1:30 AM, I wasn’t about to pound keys for another hour to fill it back up. Limitation #1 – no more […]

5 – fresh blog branding along with even fresher coffee

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Sleeping cats. A teenage son that appeared to need a long afternoon nap. And the house to myself.  What’s a blogger to do? Another coffee from my little red stool coffee station would be lovely, thank-you! But I brought my coffee to the computer screen, and gave my weekly newsletter a fresh, new little makeover.     […]

3 – The secret to staying 100% authentically you

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When preparing my speech for Blogpodium in Toronto, I was asked to include how I stay authentic. Hmm… I had to think about that one. I mean, the love of junk has a good strong hold on me, and if I go too off course with certain stuff, I don’t feel the love. Is there more […]

How to build a dream job while you work a day job

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“I want to quit blogging!” I remember the day vividly. I was on my way to work but stopped in at my friend’s place to whine. I was in an online decorating contest and wanted to quit. It was so hard… I had to come up with a new project once a week and the […]

What are we meant to do in life?

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I think it’s safe to say, this time of year when so many are making grand plans for the new year, we all crave to ‘find the answer.’ What are we meant to do in life? Are we close? Or did we miss the mark? And what do we need to do in order to […]

Funky Junk’s best projects and posts of 2013

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You just don’t really realize how cool your year has been until you wrap up the works in one of these types of posts. Each year just seems to get more meaningful. And it isn’t just about the projects. It’s everything that revolves around this blog gig.  Here’ is Funky Junk’s best projects and posts […]

Why I’m no longer without.

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I came across a comment on my FB page which asked me if I’ve always had this passion for repurposing. The question brought on unexpected emotion. My eyes began to sting and then a smile appeared. I indeed had an answer. In a word? Misfortune led me to this junky passion.  Who knew that going […]

Desktop vs laptop – a review

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Bingo tray tutorial HERE As you may remember in the post about my flower filled office patio, I confessed my big 27″ love of my life mac computer died. The screen just kept going white until it just stayed white. Weird! I brought it into Mr. Mac fixit shop and they informed me the hard […]

Opportunity choosing alongside nature photos


Choosing the right job opportunities is tough business. But you can bet these nature photos will help to show you why taking walks helps tremendously for me during such times. I’m absolutely without question, blessed to live in an area that’s a little bit country and a little bit suburban. It’s a little community smack […]

Biz cards, bloggers and Bella Rustica linkup!


Oh goodness gang… my Bella Rustica weekend is fast approaching! I’m flying in a week early on Sunday AM to help decorate the show as well as take in some Tennessee sights and sunsets. The saying ‘there’s nothing like a deadline’ has certainly rung true many times over this round. Here’s what’s been going down… […]

How this fulltime dayjob / blogger / mom does it all


Every so often I get asked, “How do you do it all?” While I may ‘do it ‘all’, I don’t always do it all that well. Here’s a typical scenario.. Get up in the AM, make coffee, wake up in front of the computer.Start playing around. Glance at clock, gasp! Wake up boy.After he’s off […]

31 Days Blog to Biz / day 30 – Nester tells all


Once upon a time, one of the very first blogs I landed on was Nesting Place. And I remember my land very well. I was immediately drawn to Nester’s decorating. Clean lines, beautiful things, but above all, she showed the messy side of life and claimed it didn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. […]

31 Days Blog to Biz / day 13 – ads that pay

blog ads that pay

Hello once again to another wordy nerdy kinda post. I’m getting antsy for some junk soon, how about you? Definitely! Coming soon! But I do think you’ll find this post all about ad networks worth a read. You may be making money as early as tomorrow if you do! What’s an ad network? An ad […]

How to work and save photos for blogs and magazines


Oh how us bloggers LOVE using photos and lots of them to convey our messages in our posts! But did you know there’s some easy tweaks you can do to your photos to allow them to load quicker and keep them safe? Now what about if a magazine should come knocking on your virtual door? […]

Let’s make some blog biz card/tags!


I have a big ol’ bad confession. ┬áRemember my junk giveaway I held a month ago? All those items are sitting beside my desk as I type. Why? I hadn’t gotten my branding act together yet to send along in those packages. This from a graphic designer is unheard of! So I went out and […]