Is an iPhone 6 + really worth it?

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We were still in Disney for Christmas. But in between the luscious dole whips and the frenzy of The California Screamer, my son blurted out, “Mom, I can’t wait to go home!” Still chomping on my churro, (or was it Mickey Mouse pretzel) my brow pulled a puzzled why now… “Say what?! Why? I mean, […]

A new phone and the perfect bHome for it!

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When I hosted the survey so many of you faithfully answered, some of you mentioned my blog was hard to load. And hard to read, as it wasn’t mobile friendly. (eep!) I know. I know it all. I’ve delayed things terribly, because my original blog designer and guru team are no longer in the biz as […]

Successful tips every blogger needs

Successful tips every blogger needs.15 PM

So, as I was putzing around the kitchen today, cleaning up our little New Year’s pizza take out and hot chocolate cups from last night, (we had a very quiet and lovely night in, watching several Pirates of the Caribbean) and wondered what I should be posting about on New Year’s Day. After one final wipe and […]

“Your Funky Junk” – a facebook group for junkers!

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Once upon a time…well, a year ago, I fired up a private facebook group for junkers called Your Funky Junk. I could see a growing need for an environment for all to equally share their junk creations, especially for non bloggers. Bloggers have a platform, but non bloggers don’t. But… I hesitated. I mean, what […]

The BEST way to follow blogs… but do it NOW.

the best way to follow blogs

If you are using Google Reader to read blogs, that option will close down Monday July 1st. So!!! What are the other alternatives if you are a reader kinda reader? What truly is the best way to follow blogs? There are LOTS of ways to stay on top of blog posts. Here are a few […]

How to use TweetChat (for twitter parties)


    So you’re invited to a Twitter Party! These things are fast and furious, but can be a ton of fun! But your experience can definitely be enhanced using the right program. I suggest using TweetChat. Why When you join a Twitter Party, you’ll need to enter the given hashtag so the party can […]

31 Days Blog to Biz / day 30 – Nester tells all


Once upon a time, one of the very first blogs I landed on was Nesting Place. And I remember my land very well. I was immediately drawn to Nester’s decorating. Clean lines, beautiful things, but above all, she showed the messy side of life and claimed it didn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. […]

Improving your blog – 10 ways to build a blog growing post


Ever ponder why some of your blog posts are very popular and why others aren’t? I’ve had my fair share of flop posts. And honestly, I still get shocked to see some go nutty while others go back to sleep. It’s a hit and miss game at times. I also get asked quite often, “How […]