12 – on whiter walls, and not playing it safe


Dear house,  It’s about time we had a little chit chat. You already know I’ve been battling to clean you up but good. We’re coming along nicely. But you’ve been continuing to taunt me in ways that have had me a little scared, and playing safe. Safe isn’t very exciting, is it? No. It’s not. In fact, […]

Reclaimed wood hot cocoa tray with a cool lettering trick

Christmas Blend Old Sign Stencils-1873

I currently have this agenda for my home. You already know I’m in the midst of cleaning and painting. But more than that, I really want to get rid of all the stuff I don’t like. The goal is to be able to swing the camera around, click wherever I wanted, and be proud of what I see. […]

The reclaimed wood hot cocoa bar I wish I had

Hot Cocoa - Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-2070

Welcome back to the 3rd ‘how I used winter signs in unique ways!’ #1 – Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign  #2 – Ski Lodge Entry Sign with Ladder and Crate Storage #3 – Reclaimed wood Hot Cocoa Bar – you are here! Imagine if you will, just coming off the frozen pond in the back field. […]

Ski lodge winter sign with ladder storage for an entry

Ski Lodge winter sign entryway : Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-002

Welcome back to 3 unique and wonderful ways to use winter signs. #1 – Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign  #2 – Ski Lodge Entry Sign with Ladder and Crate Storage – you are here! #3 – Reclaimed wood Hot Cocoa Bar I’m not certain I’ve ever talked about my skiing days. But I use to be […]

Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign

Winter signs - sleigh ride-1961

My friends, I’m soooo excited about the next 3 days! I haven’t been posting much lately, but there’s been a reason. I’ve been busy working on 3 new winter sign designs, styled in super unique, upcycled ways. There will be plenty of Christmas inspiration to inspire your own take this season! #1 – Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder sign – you are […]

Reclaimed wood toolbox and coasters for coffee lovers

Homestead Blend Coffee tote-1925

A few years back, my brother and I were chatting about what made the perfect gift for someone who has everything. His advise? Consumable. And how true is that? No extra clutter to be had once it’s gone! My mom loved to eat out, so for many years, she received a gift certificate to her fav […]

Make a Christmas themed grain sack coffee pillow instantly!

Christmas Blend Old Sign Stencils-1862-2

If there ever was a benefit to being the indecisive type, I think I may have found one! Eureka! I stumble through unsolved mysteries all the live long day. I second guess, question, and in the end, I just need options. Can’t be locked into any one thing. Can you relate? So when I started getting requests for some […]

9 – Stacking reclaimed wood for airflow, and hiding stuff with a faux chest

workshop wood and metal organizing-1802

Vision watching a cartoon. All these looney tune characters are trying to stuff an itty bitty building full with heaps of reclaimed wood. So they toss huge bundles over their shoulders, and darting at road runner speed, they huff and they puff and they PUSH the stuff in. Upon impact, the wildly bulging building separates at the seams for just […]

An illuminated cabin resort sign for a fall mantel

fall cabin resort mantel-1745

I have often shared my dream of having my own lake front cabin.  I’m also kinda blessed to have a rock floor to ceiling fireplace that could be in a cabin. So I decided to celebrate fall… Cabin Resort style this year! But there’s more… Today I’m teaming up with a TON of other desperately artistic […]

7 – a MUCH cleaner closet and a conversation with myself

a cleaner closet-1457

Well friends, the purging and cleaning is still going strong… big time. It’s actually kinda taken over in a good way. Most evenings after dinner are spent gutting and bagging. I’m working up such a sweat over it, it actually feels like a real workout. There are always bags or boxes of stuff being piled up somewhere. […]

The shed encased with its fall shawl

Fall grapevine hugging a rustic shed-1083

Yawing to the beginning of a new day, I always like to glance outside before stumbling down the hallway towards the caffeine machine. The two cats are generally snoozing along side me somewhere, so after I scratched behind their ears, I stood up to take in the view. Overcast… normal. Wet… very normal. Green… oh yes. Quite […]

Old signs with rustic crates mini entryway

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils entry-1632

Due to all my deep cleaning, purging and painting of late, I’ve been eyeing up my front entry. It’s in desperate need of a new, fresh look. After mulling things over, I decided to try a ‘test run’, or mini version of my brainstorm in the photo studio. Every entry could use a place to […]

Quilted fabric Canadian map message centre

patchwork Canadian map message centre Funky Junk Interiors-018

(click to enlarge photo) My mom was fiercely patriotic. I mean, I am too! But if you were to give me the choice of flying somewhere in Canada or the US, I’ll always pick the US. Probably because you guys have palm trees… Sorry Mom! But when LONG TIME blogger friend and master sewer Missy from […]