Historic Route 66 stencil with pallet wood storage cabinet

Route 66 workshop cabinet-8441

With my speaking engagement fast approaching on Saturday, I belted out another project as part of my speech. It appears that this week on the blog is gonna be signs. Next week a dollhouse. Funny how deadlines pave the way, no? This was a fun one! I can always use more room in the workshop, […]

How to build a reclaimed wood crate

crate with farmers market stencil-8374

Hello there crate woodworking friends! If this doesn’t describe you today, I sure hope it will tomorrow! Because making your own old crates is fun, easy and oh so very cheap! I LOVE landing a great old vintage crate! Who doesn’t? But sometimes you just can’t find one you want in a size you need (or […]

How to stencil featuring a pallet wood crate

crate with farmers market stencil-8373-3

At LONG last… I have a few surprises for you today! First of all, my brand new shiny Old Sign Stencils store is open, and stocked with new designs! Think BINGO and ROUTE 66… fun stuff! Visit new store HERE Secondly, it’s time for a few tutorials on using these old sign stencils, don’t you […]

Upcycled bookshelf dollhouse – the floors go in

upcycled dollhouse-8236

Have you been curious about an upcycled dollhouse update? I wasn’t completely sure if I should just hang tough for a final reveal, or take you along for more of the ride. I decided a few steps may be worth sharing, so I have ‘more room to get wordy’. You know how I get. Today, I’m going […]

How to survive Disneyland during Christmas with park pictures galore

Funky Junk hits Disneyland-030

Nearly every day, my boy still brings up Disneyland. If it’s not about Disneyland, it’s about Disneyworld, which he has never yet visited.  And in my eyes, that means our Disneyland over Christmas trip was a massive success! Funny how all you think about is how tired you are when there, but once home looking at your pictures, you wish the […]

Do you wanna build an upcycled dollhouse…

doll house-2

Sung to the tune of Frozen’s “Would you like to build a snowman.” “Do you wanna build a doll house…. It would be for a good cause… You can put your spin on it. Any way… any way you see fit cause…. (how am I doing?) We’d like to utilize your talent. To help a […]

PJ 264 – upcycled organizing and storage

Scavenger Chic junk organizer

Welcome to Party Junk 264 – upcycled organizing and storage Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Greetings and a happy weekend to you! If you’ve been tuning into Funky Junk the last few weeks, we’ve been hosting a Heap of Change challenge, where purging and organizing has been the name of the game. […]

Metal filled winter fireplace mantel

fall front on

Fireplace mantels… have you winterized yours yet? Well, this metal filled winter fireplace mantel project was not planned. And it’s entirely possible that’s why this DIY home decor vs just cleaning happened! I think I’m going to quit planning. Welcome to Heap of Change #3! The event where you are challenged to get your home back, through […]

Junky office helpers and tax receipts


I crack me up. I told myself “I was taking Sunday off’. It ended up being one of my BIGGEST cleaning days. Christmas needed to still come down! And enough was enough. So tonight, I shall be rewarded with enjoying Downton Abbey in the cleanest living room in the land. More on that soon. In the midst of […]

PJ 263 – salvaged junk hearts

Salvaged Junk Hearts! Funky Junk Interiors.28 AM

Welcome to Party Junk 263 – salvaged junk hearts Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello my fellow junkers! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to revisit the land of salvaged junk hearts. We junkers are a different breed, are we not? Not that there’s anything wrong with sparkles […]

Tips on designing an old sign themed paint studio

paint studio-8089

When I first challenged myself with Heap of Change, all I really expected to do was declutter. But I’m SO GLAD I pushed myself to the extreme in this area. I’m so pleased with the outcome! Welcome to Heap of Change #2! The event where you are challenged to get your home back, through decluttering and […]

First things first… a little repurposed organizing

Heap of Change

Is everyone super busy with their purging? Oh boy… things have been moving full steam ahead here. But… ever notice how one thing leads to another?  I thought I was so smart establishing starting and finishing ONE. ROOM. FIRST. in my initial Heap of Change post HERE. (insert hysterical laughter here) Well, it did not […]

Heap of Change challenge… and we’re off!

Heap of Change Challenge on FunkyJunkInteriors.net.38 PM

I don’t really understand why so many wait until the new year to clean and organize. It’s silly, really. There are just so many other fun things to do instead. Like go on Facebook.  I suppose that’s tough to do if you have HEAPS OF JUNK everywhere in sight though. I pity those that do. Tsk tsk… however did it get […]