Make your own rustic beach, lake, and bed & breakfast signs

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Getaway Collection

I’ve said for years I’ve wanted a cabin on the lake. But I’d also take on a beach house somewhere tropical with no issue! Since that hasn’t transpired, here’s a way of pretending I’m there anyway. Introducing, the Getaway Collection from Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils! And the coolest part? There are countless ways to mix and match these guys. […]

A junk, teens and Harrison Lake kinda day

harrison 2015-0005

Now that school is out, it’s been fun to dash off here and there without the worry of punching a mental time card or watching a clock of any kind. There’s always too much work to do of course… but sometimes ya just gotta bust out of town and go play instead. Which makes for a […]

Ammunition crate workshop cabinet

pallet and ammo workshop storage-9962

Little crates have a special place in my heart.  Or… in this case, an ammunition crate workshop cabinet! I purchased this cute little ammo box from the flea market in preparation for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. But may I admit here and now, I priced it high so I could bring it back home again? […]

Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop

pallet and ammo workshop storage-9977

Loving upcycled organizers really makes my job easier. It really means, no matter what additions are used, they just work! Such as this rustic pallet hammer organizer for the workshop. Remember these middle sections from my last pallet hunt? <— click to see how I cut these out Well, the hammer hanging from it proved to be a natural. So I needed […]

How to revive flowerbeds you don’t take care of

clean back yard 2015-9882

In my opinion, cleaning and planting outdoors is no different than cleaning and decorating indoors. If a room is messy, the best way to clean it up right is to gut it, then start over. You know those magazine perfect gardens with everything just so?  Well… that isn’t realistic in my yard. I have no idea how […]

What happens when you ignore that perfect, little unknown plant

vintage bike flower bed garden weeds backyard

So funny! Yesterday I posted about one of the most thrilling attractions in Las Vegas, but in comments, there was more conversation about my lack of garden weeding. So today I bring you… weeds. Or… what I thought were plants. Never ignore that perfect, little unknown plant. EVER. Do you remember this flower bed I showed you last summer? […]

Why rotten pallet wood is a score

pallet wood shopping-1232

Riiing…. “Hello?” me – “Hi there! I’m your neighbour ‘down the road.’ And I noticed you had some pretty weathered pallets on your driveway. Are you looking to get rid of them at all?” “Sure! But they’re pretty beat up. What are you using them for?” (I have no idea actually…) “Uh, I just make […]

Funky Junk’s 2015 Summer Home Junk Tour

Funky Junk's 2015 Summer Home Junk Tour

Happy summer, friends! Welcome to Funky Junk’s 2015 summer home junk tour! Those coming from Ella Claire, welcome!  25 blogs have banded together for Shabby Creek Cottage’s annual tour, so you are in for a treat! I’m Day 3 / Stop 4, so you can start at Day 1 / Stop 1 here at Gina’s place, or visit everyone […]

Apple Farm sign with rustic twine detail

Funky Junk's 2015 Summer Home Junk Tour-017

Do you ever come across imperfect boards in your stash? They aren’t perfect for the job, yet you don’t want to throw them out. I nearly tossed away these two uneven fence planks, but then I decided to try something different! Different is good! Notice the space? Totally intentional! I like sign text to breathe, and one board […]

Reclaimed wood message centre and nagging Grocery sign

picket notes grocery sign-9566

Pretend for a moment, you live in a rambling old farmhouse. The kitchen cupboards are imperfect. White, chipped, and some hinges may even squeak. The countertops are reclaimed wood. Imperfectly perfect. The floors underfoot are black and white checked linoleum tiles, classic, striking. And in the corner of the room, sits this quaint little reclaimed wood message […]

Coffee crate lid sign

coffee station gate sign-007

Are you sick of the topic ‘coffee’ on my blog yet? I hope not, because new coffee themed ideas keep pouring out of my coffee lovin’ brain! #happyplacesickness This little reclaimed wood sign wearing the coffee stencil resembles a coffee crate lid, don’t you think? And it couldn’t be easier to make!  This one all started […]

Rustic paint cart with Fusion and Old Sign Stencils

Fusion Mineral Paint Shelf-9472

If you do any kind of painting, you know how tricky it is to juggle all you need on one table. Enter… a rustic paint cart with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils! Don’t go letting all that junky bling overwhelm you. Wait till you see just how easy this all was to put together. […]

A stencilled junky junk drawer to organize junk

junk drawer-9317

This is one of those projects where you slap something together as things come to mind, not paying all that much attention to detail, because it’s not like you are going to BLOG ABOUT IT. Heh.  Well… after my haul from the flea market on the weekend, I needed a place for all my rusty hinges […]

PJ 277 – old signs

coffee sign mug holder-9212

Welcome to Party Junk 277 -old signs Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! Ok, this one snuck up on me. So, inspired by what I myself worked on this week, let’s have an old signs theme! Yeah, why not, right? I’ve been busy plowing through a few old signs myself for […]