Junkers Unite with a stepladder side table

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to yet another riveting Junkers United, where 11 junkers gather ’round to show you what they’ve made out of… you guessed it… junk! If you’re new here, I’m Donna, a self proclaimed junkaholic and welcome to my little junk haunt where I share everything from rusty stuff, to things I rust […]

PJ 234 – reclaimed wood projects 2014


 Welcome to Party Junk 234 – reclaimed wood projects Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone! Ready for my most favourite topic ever? Let’s talk about reclaimed wood projects!   Soda Crate Tray / Bliss Ranch Bliss landed this little crate for a buck. She then added shims to the sides and […]

Springing up the bedroom with a pipe handled bed tray

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Every morning, I glance outside, stretch, then reach for my iPhone. Checking the time, I quickly scroll through a few quick things online, then begin my day. But every evening, I always wish I had my laptop nearby.   But with nothing to put it on, I’ve never bothered… until now!   Springing up the […]

PJ 232 – Salvaged kitchen decorating ideas

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   Welcome to Party Junk 232 – Salvaged kitchen decorating ideas Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific This weekend, kitchens have been on my mind. I’ve done a little updating of my own, and it triggered a need to see what everyone else was up to… Wood crate cupboard  / Knick of Time […]

A new branch handled toolbox organizer by the phone

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  If you were around the blog yesterday, you would have seen all the junk love poured towards my crazy little sawhorse pipe lamps. Thank you so very much for the thumbs up! Totally unexpected! I’ll admit, those lamps indeed dressed the kitchen up a notch. And a few elements seemed to need updating alongside […]

Junky sawhorse pipe lamps with chalkboard shades

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Today’s post is rather special. Or should I say, it was a special gift, which eventually morphed into junky sawhorse pipe lamps with chalkboard shades! Yes. TWO of them! Visit #1 JEN RIZZO HERE! Welcome to those of you from Jen’s house! I’m #2 so here we go! Jen Rizzo is the mastermind behind this […]

PJ 231 – Spring Decor Repurposed

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   Welcome to Party Junk 231 – Spring Decor Repurposed Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific First off, thanks so much for chiming in your opinions on the link party survey last weekend! Most of you loved the themed linkup as well as the generalized one, so no big changes! On we go! […]

How to make a burlap bow

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When I hosted the Michaels Hometalk Pinterest Party, I was given a little surprise. This beautiful crate of crafts was gifted to me from the Michaels Abbotsford team! Stunned, I took it home and waited until I felt I had the time to super appreciate every little surprise tucked inside. And today was the day. […]

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder

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When I was busy making over my salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover, I desired a creative way to store toilet paper. And that’s when a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder entered the picture. I mean, I just couldn’t see myself putting in a standard one… could you?! I have never shown how it was built, and since […]

The beginning of a quirky DIY toolbox revolution

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Today I woke up in a rather sleepy mode. Shaking my head free of the cobwebs, I flat out realized I wasn’t ready to start my day quite yet. I had worked the dayjob the day before, then blogged at night, so I was lacking some sleep for sure. Isn’t that the beauty of self […]

PJ 228 – salvaged tool boxes

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   Welcome to Party Junk 228 – Salvaged Tool Boxes Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific My passion for salvaged tool boxes grows deep! They are incredibly versatile for any season, and so easy (and cheap) to make! Here are a few of my favs… Jute storage in a craft room via Unskinny […]

Reclaimed wood business card holder toolbox

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As I was creating some toolbox kits to bring to the Fraser Valley Women’s Expo event on Saturday, the old sewing machine drawer sitting next to them wasn’t cutting it. Dumping out the drawer full of business cards, a little rustic reclaimed wood business card holder toolbox was created instead! It was only fitting. Part […]

Spring decorating with mossy wooden shoes

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I hit the new and used store the other day, and came across some old wooden shoes.  I posted them on Instagram and Facebook, (read the replies in those links) asking what in the world others would do with them. Well, you convinced me I HAD to bring them home, even without a goal in […]

PJ 226 – new things that look old

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Welcome to Party Junk 226 – New things that look old Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Party Junk! First off, I have a confession. I really miss the link parties starting later on Fridays. The later time offers me more time to blog about […]

Inspiring moss topiaries in a crate

michaels crafts.55 PM

Have I ever shared with you that I’m not really a green thumb? I think I have.. yes… in this faux plants fireplace spring mantel decorating post. Taking that concept one step beyond, I decided to create a little green and message with this inspiring moss topiaries in a crate idea using Michaels craft supplies […]