Funky Junk’s best DIY of 2015 – then and now

Best Junk of 2015 Funky Junk Interiors.11 PM

Well junkers, this is a good time to look over the entire year in one big scroll. So what went down in 2015? Ohhh…. well… I purged, painted, collected old wood, made cool stuff with old wood, organized better, created more storage. Then I saw a little more of the world, then came back home […]

14 – A drastic old signs coat hanger front entry redo

old sign front entry

Happy New Year! There will be no link party this weekend. Please save up your awesomeness for next weekend! See you then! ~ Donna You know when you take a before picture, and it’s so bad you cringe because you don’t want to show the world ‘that photo?’ Because they may all run from the […]

12 – on whiter walls, and not playing it safe


Dear house,  It’s about time we had a little chit chat. You already know I’ve been battling to clean you up but good. We’re coming along nicely. But you’ve been continuing to taunt me in ways that have had me a little scared, and playing safe. Safe isn’t very exciting, is it? No. It’s not. In fact, […]

Funky Junk’s 2015 Summer Home Junk Tour

Funky Junk's 2015 Summer Home Junk Tour

Happy summer, friends! Welcome to Funky Junk’s 2015 summer home junk tour! Those coming from Ella Claire, welcome!  25 blogs have banded together for Shabby Creek Cottage’s annual tour, so you are in for a treat! I’m Day 3 / Stop 4, so you can start at Day 1 / Stop 1 here at Gina’s place, or visit everyone […]

Upcycled barbie doll house reveal

upcycled dollhouse reveal-007

click click click click click… “WOW! Did you see this?!” “Funky Junk Interiors is creating this super cool upcycled dollhouse out of all reclaimed finds! And it says here, it’s going to be donated to a place that works with kids!” “Wow… can I see?” (Coffee design –  National Coffee stencil – Go design – BINGO stencil) “Ok, that’s just cool! Check out […]

Tips on designing an old sign themed paint studio

paint studio-8089

When I first challenged myself with Heap of Change, all I really expected to do was declutter. But I’m SO GLAD I pushed myself to the extreme in this area. I’m so pleased with the outcome! Welcome to Heap of Change #2! The event where you are challenged to get your home back, through decluttering and […]

The heap of shame challenge. January. Wanna play?

bedroom with ladder side table.56 PM

Bedroom Dearest house… This time of year is a tad traumatic for a blogger. In the mess sense of course. I had plans to clean you up today. I really did. But an unexpected photoshoot kinda took over. It was the kind of shoot that required part of my kitchen. So dangerous. This time of year. […]

Funky new boarded wall for the laundry room

laundry room-6843

Back in the day, whenever someone would be sitting in front of the TV, we’d all be in danger of ‘the laundry basket’. Mom would swoop into the room, plunk a big ‘ol basket full of freshly line dried laundry in front of us, and we knew the drill. But we whined anyway. “I don’t waaaant to fold that! I […]

A very unjunky laundry room before

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.17.54 PM

Yep…just another day in a perfect home. You know us decorators… we always have it together… So this picture above? It’s placed here so feeds that display a first picture don’t scare readers away. Yes. Decorator types live in these perfect, magazine worthy homes. Aren’t we fortunate? We even create names for our beloved rooms. Much like a challenge […]

PJ 237 – upcycled office storage ideas

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.36.16 PM

  Welcome to Party Junk 237 – Upcycled Office Ideas Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific   Happy weekend once again, friends! It’s so good to be home after my amazing trip to the Snap conference in Salt Lake City! Surprisingly, I came home to shorts weather. It’s been nice to sit out […]