When less becomes more, with a moody winter mantel

galvanized and wood winter mantel funkyjunkinteriors.net-001

Watch out world… I’m in a colour-less mood. Even more so than normal. This can change at any given moment of course! Once the Sleigh Rides Christmas mantel came down, the mantel actually sat bare for awhile. A reset, if you will. I was just done seeing ‘stuff’. What was so attractive about ‘bare?’ Invisible. Didn’t grab […]

Funky Junk’s best DIY of 2015 – then and now

Best Junk of 2015 Funky Junk Interiors.11 PM

Well junkers, this is a good time to look over the entire year in one big scroll. So what went down in 2015? Ohhh…. well… I purged, painted, collected old wood, made cool stuff with old wood, organized better, created more storage. Then I saw a little more of the world, then came back home […]

14 – A drastic old signs coat hanger front entry redo

old sign front entry

Happy New Year! There will be no link party this weekend. Please save up your awesomeness for next weekend! See you then! ~ Donna You know when you take a before picture, and it’s so bad you cringe because you don’t want to show the world ‘that photo?’ Because they may all run from the […]

5 minute ideas with a minimalist Christmas junk decorating tour

Christmas salvaged home tour Funky Junk Interiors

Our lead up to Christmas had the strangest twists this year. All kinds of things happened, that required my time in other places other than decorating and preparing for Christmas properly. So when Christmas Eve arrived, I decided to gift myself with a clean, company ready home, even if no one visited it but us. Every paint […]

Wishing you a Merry perfect for you Christmas! – with video

2015 Christmas coke crate candle centrepiece-2294

Click video above to view. When our plans didn’t pan out to go away for Christmas, I had to swallow a big lump in my throat.  I had something else completely different in mind. My toes would be buried beneath the hot sand while waves came splashing upon the shore. The humidity would be hugging my […]

A natural cabin in the snow Christmas tree

Cabin in the snow Christmas Tree 2015

Have you been taking in all those gorgeous, non decorated Christmas trees here and there lately? I’ve loved their simplicity. So after getting our tree home, I honestly did attempt to decorate it to the hilt.  But… everything just felt wrong. Spindly trees look strange with lots on them. I love this real tree’s quirkiness, and wished to highlight that instead. […]

Scrooge-less reclaimed wood Christmas tree and star

Reclaimed wood Christmas tree funky junk interiors-2407

I’m embarrassed to admit, I can’t remember the last time I decorated outdoors for Christmas. Much of that has to do with the front door and side windows needing paint. And the concrete needing work. And the whole outside needing… a good farmhouse experience. Or something. Or a pretty for sale sign on the front yard would work […]

Cute Christmas coke crate candle centrepiece

2015 Christmas coke crate candle centrepiece-2304

I knew I’d be in trouble the moment this cute Christmas coke crate candle centrepiece brainstorm hit. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much horizontal space do you have for Christmas decorating? Well, if you’re anything like me, it’s about 1%. We need every available counter top and table top in this place, […]

A visit to the Christmas tree farm… under protest.

Visiting the Christmas tree farm

I was planning to take my boy away somewhere cool for Christmas. After last year’s Disney experience (which was amazing, although exhausting), I thought it would be neat to experience my beloved, glorious Maui during the holidays. You know… relaxing! We’ve seen the sights already last summer, so this round, it would be about moseying out to the […]

PJ 309 features DIY Christmas signs!

DIY Christmas Signs with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils.22 AM

PJ 309 features DIY Christmas Signs! Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello, and welcome back to another weekend full of great junk! Being that everyone’s currently in high Christmas gear, this weekend’s linkup is special! Who doesn’t love a Christmas sign? I just fired up a new Christmas Signs board on […]