Springing up the bedroom with a pipe handled bed tray

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Every morning, I glance outside, stretch, then reach for my iPhone. Checking the time, I quickly scroll through a few quick things online, then begin my day. But every evening, I always wish I had my laptop nearby.   But with nothing to put it on, I’ve never bothered… until now!   Springing up the […]

PJ 231 – Spring Decor Repurposed

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   Welcome to Party Junk 231 – Spring Decor Repurposed Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific First off, thanks so much for chiming in your opinions on the link party survey last weekend! Most of you loved the themed linkup as well as the generalized one, so no big changes! On we go! […]

How to make a DIY #FAILURE a success

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FAIL #1 It was during The 12 Days of Christmas. And I had this amazing idea to make a snowflake cutlery ornament. Don’t let the above amazingness fool you now. We aren’t quite done yet. I had collected all these vintage forks, knives and spoons. But I rather lucked out. There was a spoon wind […]

Walking and talking up and down the hill

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The weather has been cooperating in our area lately, and that means one thing. It’s time to go walking. I’ve played with the idea of joining a gym. But so far, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. So for the time being, I’m just going to throw on my runners and head for the nearest […]

Spring decorating with mossy wooden shoes

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I hit the new and used store the other day, and came across some old wooden shoes.  I posted them on Instagram and Facebook, (read the replies in those links) asking what in the world others would do with them. Well, you convinced me I HAD to bring them home, even without a goal in […]

Inspiring moss topiaries in a crate

michaels crafts.55 PM

Have I ever shared with you that I’m not really a green thumb? I think I have.. yes… in this faux plants fireplace spring mantel decorating post. Taking that concept one step beyond, I decided to create a little green and message with this inspiring moss topiaries in a crate idea using Michaels craft supplies […]

Rustic hearts from salvaged junk… for Valentine’s Day

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If you give a junker a holiday that’s traditionally pink and ruffles, that junker has a challenge on their hands. So a while back, I took it on and came up with these rustic harts from salvaged junk for Valentine’s Day. And they’re just neutral enough to leave up year around if you keep a […]

Funky Junk’s best projects and posts of 2013

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You just don’t really realize how cool your year has been until you wrap up the works in one of these types of posts. Each year just seems to get more meaningful. And it isn’t just about the projects. It’s everything that revolves around this blog gig.  Here’ is Funky Junk’s best projects and posts […]

7 garland twigged out Christmas tree in a crate

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Remember the game Ker Plunk? Where you had this long tall tube loaded with sticks stuck in every which way, taking turns removing one stick at a time until the balls dropped? My tree is that game this year. And thank goodness it’s so twigged out my cats won’t touch it! I know I’m the […]

A Merry Christmas winter wonderland shed

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 It couldn’t have happened on a more perfect day. I heard a “Moooom…. it’s 7:40!”  As I reached for the iPhone, I realized not only did the alarm not go off as planned, my son would be very late for school. Groaning while I threw off the covers, a quick glance outside stopped me in […]

Twig and canning jar lid ornaments and garland

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 It may be a little eleventh hour to show you more Christmas ideas, however this very simple yet junkily (?) cute idea came to me at… well, the eleventh hour. I was trying to come up with a theme for our Christmas tree, and this just popped into my head. These twig and canning jar […]

Party Junk 218 – Salvaged Junk Stars

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Welcome to Party Junk 218 – Salvaged Junk Stars   Home Decor / Gardening Crafts / Sewing / Recipes / Printables / Blog Tips *Theme of the Week *Every Friday noon Pacific thru Sunday I sooo adore stars, especially if you can make them easily and quickly! Here’s a fabulous collection of easy salvaged junk stars […]

A well lit junky Christmas kitchen

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I am the proud new owner of a well lit junky Christmas kitchen! I will admit, the kitchen is the hardest in the world to photograph. The renos aren’t all that old. But the lighting has always been on the poor side. Even with a few windows added, it still felt dark. I thought that’s just […]

Landing the perfect walking tree at Woodsong Christmas Trees

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No need to fret this year Facebookers, we ended up landing the perfect walking tree at Woodsong Christmas Trees! It was pretty funny. I was showing a few Christmas trees we’ve had from the past onto Funky Junk Facebook the other day, but when I showed my treeless ladder tree from 2012, followers came to my son’s rescue in droves! […]

12 Days of Christmas Junk and link party

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Oh my goodness! It’s the end of the series! We made it! An InLinkz Link-up Creating for 12 days straight was pretty intense. But I can honestly say, whenever I push myself like that, I end up with some pretty cool stuff!  Click any of the thumbnails above to see the latest! And click HERE […]