Journal 2 – yoyo living teamed up with sunset downtime

sunset on the mt-32-2

I never was very good with a yoyo. As a kid, I tried to buy the best one out there, in hopes that I would become an overnight sensation. I remember the feeling of holding a ‘good one’. Even the colour was prettier, graphics more advanced! All this held great promise of course. Good gear helps, but […]

Journal 1 – a new story to be told

sunbeam bike ride-43-2

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re about to embark on something spectacular, but can’t put your finger on it? Let me rephrase that a little… I feel changes in the air, but I don’t know yet what they are. But my optimism, gifted to me by my mom, ensures that I have the […]

When Paska and telephone poles saved Easter

mountain view with telephone poles-004

For the most part, when a special day comes across the calendar, I’m ok with it. Things are just different without your parents still around.  I’ll admit, I still have to tough out Christmas in a big way. But the rest of the holidays, I think I do ok. Anyway, this Easter didn’t go as smoothly […]

How to position life’s stepping stones to customize your path

pallet wood walkway

This week has been a little out of the norm. Working on lots of behind the scenes biz things have delayed new projects and progress around the homestead for the short term. Life as a biz owner… But, I’m kinda glad. It’s given me more time to mull over what we discussed in the post where I let […]

Hello friend! What would you like to say?


Say you had this place.. this magical place where you could tell your stories. How your day went. What you learned. What you wished to learn. What you wished to teach. Anything you wish! And you’d know you’d have an audience without even asking. Your audience would be kind, appreciative, supportive, but best of all, engaged. There would […]

A chat with the river, during a new bridge trail bike run

bike ride new bridge trail-28

(to get the full vibe, press HERE for sound effects) Some days feel like too much effort. My son just remarked today, “It’s hard, you don’t understand!” Well, I kinda actually do. I just have more grown up hard things to contend with. But we all have to deal with something.   Call it running […]

Offering you. Just the way you are.

pallet wood chair funky junk interiors

Just when I say I never have posts planned and everything is basically hot off the press, I opened up this draft. It is PERFECTLY themed for the recent feedback on the surveys you have given me over the past couple of days. (link party survey HERE and overall survey HERE) I want to thank […]

A secret to achieving a true, homey home

BAKERY - Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-2760

New walls against old weathered wood elements One of the nicest comments I’ve ever had on my home, was from a magazine editor. Once he entered through the front door, he fell silent. Looking around at every nook and cranny. “There they are…” he commented, while pointing towards the very crate stairs… that were in […]

Pyjama productivity. Why does it work?

fan cover office filer

Rustic bulletin board tutorial Over the weekend, I woke up to a sunny day. Nice! Don’t you feel a burst of added energy when you do? My cats were no where to be seen, which either means they found a better place to nap, or they started their day far earlier than I. Probably the […]

The bike ride sunbeam that kept me company

sunbeam bike ride-43-2

The day was ‘family day.’ And it was GORGEOUS out. Not wishing to stay locked indoors, I suggested to my son we go for a ‘family bike ride.’ Fun, right?! Wrong. He had no interest.  Ah, drat. Well, I refused to miss out on that gorgeous day, so I geared up, and was on the […]