When one simple thing gets published

Potting Shed sign in Somerset Home Magazine 2017-006

It never gets old, friends. I was over the moon DELIGHTED when Somerset Home desired to publish my funky little potting shed sign on the shed. Life sure has a funny way of working itself out. A little behind the scenes mentality… This project started out as a means of introducing some garden themed stencils to […]

The freedom of relinquishing, while purging a past life


In my ongoing quest to clean up this place, (which I’m now convinced will really NEEEEVER be over… how DO you do it, clean people?!) I gave myself a mantra. I’m going to get rid or sell something once a week. For me, getting rid of something for good is harder than gutting a room, then […]

4 tips on making the right decisions

4 tips on making the right decisions funkyjunkinteriors.net.44 PM

If you are anything like me, you struggle daily with unanswered questions. To make matters even more interesting, I’m an over thinker type. If I get overwhelmed with a tricky situation or worse, if given OPTIONS (oh, the death of me!), I tend to walk away from it, rather than make a snap decision. Good […]

When the water said, “Finish the house.”

finish the house-1771

Could you imagine flying all the way to some dream travel location, then unpacking to a condo that had unfinished floors, or half done trim? Your first thought would probably be… “Wow, did they not respect me enough to provide me with a pretty place? So…. once I got home, slowly but surely, my eyes started darting […]

When a hobby grows up

pallet wood blog office redo-1486

I received some rather exciting news in my email today. But you know it’s good for a story attached, yes?! Sawhorse pallet wood blog office desk As many of you know, my little blog started out of need. I was broke at the time, and just fired up a blog in order to showcase the […]

Thirsting after the right water – DJM8

fall in the mountains

For the first time in a long time, my son wasn’t with me on this given weekend. When that happens, something in me changes. I no longer have to hover. Dictate. Worry. Decide. Constantly cook. My duties as a parent are relaxed… which then puts the short term focus on me. A different me emerges. Probably because it’s […]

Journal 2 – yoyo living teamed up with sunset downtime

sunset on the mt-32-2

I never was very good with a yoyo. As a kid, I tried to buy the best one out there, in hopes that I would become an overnight sensation. I remember the feeling of holding a ‘good one’. Even the colour was prettier, graphics more advanced! All this held great promise of course. Good gear helps, but […]

Journal 1 – a new story to be told

sunbeam bike ride-43-2

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re about to embark on something spectacular, but can’t put your finger on it? Let me rephrase that a little… I feel changes in the air, but I don’t know yet what they are. But my optimism, gifted to me by my mom, ensures that I have the […]

When Paska and telephone poles saved Easter

mountain view with telephone poles-004

For the most part, when a special day comes across the calendar, I’m ok with it. Things are just different without your parents still around.  I’ll admit, I still have to tough out Christmas in a big way. But the rest of the holidays, I think I do ok. Anyway, this Easter didn’t go as smoothly […]

How to position life’s stepping stones to customize your path

pallet wood walkway

This week has been a little out of the norm. Working on lots of behind the scenes biz things have delayed new projects and progress around the homestead for the short term. Life as a biz owner… But, I’m kinda glad. It’s given me more time to mull over what we discussed in the post where I let […]