Saved by a babbling brook

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Ever get in that place where there’s too much to do? So rather than just get productive (which would seem obvious), you shut down instead? I arrive there more frequently than I care to admit. You see, I’m an overthinker.  Desiring to get productive with a new project, I’ve paced through my home for a […]

When work becomes play

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Once upon a time, I use to have what was deemed a ‘day off’. Meaning, a day where I could just get up and do whatever I wanted. Perhaps junk shopping, or putzing around staying home starting a new project, whatever. Today, I still look forward to those days off. But my days off have […]

How to make a DIY #FAILURE a success

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FAIL #1 It was during The 12 Days of Christmas. And I had this amazing idea to make a snowflake cutlery ornament. Don’t let the above amazingness fool you now. We aren’t quite done yet. I had collected all these vintage forks, knives and spoons. But I rather lucked out. There was a spoon wind […]

How to build a dream job while you work a day job

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“I want to quit blogging!” I remember the day vividly. I was on my way to work but stopped in at my friend’s place to whine. I was in an online decorating contest and wanted to quit. It was so hard… I had to come up with a new project once a week and the […]

A visual wall art reminder to do what you love

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I don’t often shop retail for home decor items. But every now and then, I love seeing what’s out there.  (letters are from Urban Barn, Abbotsford, BC) When I shop, I love playing a little game. “If I had my own line, what would I put my name on in this store?” In most cases, […]

What are we meant to do in life?

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I think it’s safe to say, this time of year when so many are making grand plans for the new year, we all crave to ‘find the answer.’ What are we meant to do in life? Are we close? Or did we miss the mark? And what do we need to do in order to […]

Funky Junk’s best projects and posts of 2013

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You just don’t really realize how cool your year has been until you wrap up the works in one of these types of posts. Each year just seems to get more meaningful. And it isn’t just about the projects. It’s everything that revolves around this blog gig.  Here’ is Funky Junk’s best projects and posts […]

When SignCraft Magazine visited Funky Junk

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Some of you may remember me talking about my day job of running my sign company. I’ve had it for around 22 years now.  Within the sign industry, the biggest, most famous magazine that exists is SignCraft Magazine. It’s all about old and new craftsmanship on creating signs of all kinds. Tips, tricks, and the […]

Why I’m no longer without.

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 { please pin from HERE as pin feature is broken } I came across a comment on my FB page which asked me if I’ve always had this passion for repurposing. The question brought on unexpected emotion. My eyes began to sting and then a smile appeared. I indeed had an answer. In a word? […]

A dreamy garage sale at a dream home

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There’s this lovely historical dream home in my own home town that makes you slow down when driving past, just so you can admire it one more time.  You know the kind I mean. I have looooong coveted this place. It sits on  2 acres of wonderful, glorious privacy, with the most amazing grounds. It’s […]

Funky Junk goes Country (Woman Magazine)

Country Women Magazine feature

One day Country Woman Magazine searched high and lo and found this little junkin’ Canadian in the middle of a tiny town with one 3 way stop. Isn’t the www one amazing ride?! And then they offered me a challenge. This is a photo of a home inside a barn. They challenged me to share […]

The secret to unintentional success

Funky Junk Interiors business cards

“Where’s your store?” “Can I buy ______?” “Would you come to ____ to decorate for me?” “Can I come see your place? Is it open for tours?” As I brought my suitcases out of hiding to start packing for Luckett’s Vintage Market next week, I thought of these questions that frequently come my way. It’s […]

Relearning to love where you live.

burlap and reclaimed wood

Can you handle two deep thinking posts in a row? I usually like to save these for Mondays for some reason. But.. ah well. Lots to say this week I guess! But may I just say how incredibly grateful I am that you received my last post’s ‘joyful’ news so well? Totally beside myself! I […]

The Croods… the movie that moved me

The Croods

┬áMy son and I needed to get out of the house today, so we took in the new movie, The Croods. I had never even heard of it before, but being the movie buffs we are, if something sounds remotely good, we’ll likely go. The trailer sold me so off we went! Without spoiling anything […]

Deadline or adventure? Depends how you think.


For the longest time, I never understood why I tired out so easily after a day of work. I tend to be really focused on work to the point of running myself ragged without realizing it until the job is done, resulting in a crash (nap) once I got home. So when I came across […]