Have faith! The best is yet to come.


When I use to go camping back in the day, a new batch of books from the thrift store generally came along for the ride. Reading at bedtime or on the beach is a fav thing to do when I’m out in vacay land. The escape is like a holiday within a holiday! Especially if […]

Offering you. Just the way you are.

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Just when I say I never have posts planned and everything is basically hot off the press, I opened up this draft. It is PERFECTLY themed for the recent feedback on the surveys you have given me over the past couple of days. (link party survey HERE and overall survey HERE) I want to thank […]

A secret to achieving a true, homey home

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New walls against old weathered wood elements One of the nicest comments I’ve ever had on my home, was from a magazine editor. Once he entered through the front door, he fell silent. Looking around at every nook and cranny. “There they are…” he commented, while pointing towards the very crate stairs… that were in […]

Pyjama productivity. Why does it work?

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Rustic bulletin board tutorial Over the weekend, I woke up to a sunny day. Nice! Don’t you feel a burst of added energy when you do? My cats were no where to be seen, which either means they found a better place to nap, or they started their day far earlier than I. Probably the […]

I want to be more like a cat – on kindness


Today was one of those days where I just needed a slow start.  You know the kind. You aren’t awake yet, but you can’t sleep any longer. You know you should get up but you don’t want to do anything yet.  And, as (bad) luck would have it, I was out of coffee beans. Nooooo….. I […]

What if undesirable tasks came with prizes? – djm2

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The morning started off like any other… I woke up, snuggled the cats by my feet, (ok, one was leaning against my chin… love that!), then puttered into the kitchen, rubbing my eyes, hopeful to fire up the perfect brew in short order. But when I entered the kitchen, it wasn’t its usual clean and pretty self. The sink […]

Be who you need to be today – djm intro

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Once upon a time, I worked at this one job that I was soooo excited about! It was a new breakthrough in my life, and I couldn’t learn stuff fast enough! I was hired for my energetic personality after all! But for some reason, I was held at arm’s length from doing it all. They’d […]