Maui junk, we are on our way!

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15 years ago, I was in Hawaii for an entire MONTH. My son was about to enter the picture, and I had an inkling I wouldn’t be back to Maui for a good long time afterwards.  My gut feeling turned out to be right. Motherhood became my ultimate hobby, and then hard times hit. So […]

Celebrating Dad with buns and jam in a pan

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Every Sunday morning, we had a traditional breakfast back on the farm. Because we were always rushed to get to church on time, my mom served homemade buns and jam. Well, it was more than about just being rushed. My parents believed in the 7th day of rest, so the less time spent over a […]

Rare vintage hand garden tools… the finishing touch?

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Do you ever find it can take an eternity to finish a project? Sometimes even a small one? In the repurposed world, you generally wait until you land the perfect something. It’s not like you can whip up a true authentic antique. Emulate yes, but it’s not quite the same, is it? When I was decorating […]

An impromptu family day in Washington

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“Son, we’re going to the states!” My boy looked at me with the most dismayed look ever. He knows my directionally challenged ways. And he also doesn’t like a whole lotta new and detests getting lost. So we are quite a team when we venture out to places unknown. Sundays are traditionally our family day, […]

How to get through changing seasons

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Today I was working on a DIY… that didn’t go so well. That’s 2 fails this week! Oh dear. Well, I have some work to do with no post to show for it. So I dug into my blog archives to see what I had sitting there and found this one. Not sure why I […]

A gym with a view

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This will quite possibly be the strangest post I’ve put out there yet. But… it’s working, so I felt a need to share it. Ready for a little crazy? Awesome! You SHALL be entertained… guaranteed. Everyone? Meet my gym with a view. Remember when I talked about walking up that hill? Well, walking up and […]

Funky Junk’s best projects and posts of 2013

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You just don’t really realize how cool your year has been until you wrap up the works in one of these types of posts. Each year just seems to get more meaningful. And it isn’t just about the projects. It’s everything that revolves around this blog gig.  Here’ is Funky Junk’s best projects and posts […]

When a junker’s junker brother has a garage sale

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When my brother Les told me about his pending garage sale, I kinda figured he’d get rid of some cool stuff. He’s been a collector for MANY years. But know what his answer was? “I don’t think there’ll really be anything valuable to you. It’s all kinda just junk that you probably wouldn’t want. I […]

Grandma’s big beast washing machine.. yes or no?

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My sweet Grandma lived only 10 minutes from us while growing up. I never knew my Grandpa as he passed on way too early, so it was always Grandma’s house. Grandma’s place was kinda cool. It was a really old, cute home with one of those scary basement with cement walls, spider webs and creepy, […]

A message from a 51 yr young birthday junker

Funky Junk's birthday

“I can’t start now, I’m too old!” I was met with a very unimpressed face. ¬†And a disgusted reply of, “SAYS WHO?!?!?” This very small but significant conversation transpired approx 4 years ago right before I fired up Funky Junk Interiors. The thing with birthdays is, they come once a year whether you want them […]

Who’s really who… and the winner!


Ohhh the memories! Growing up on the farm was an amazing life! I also clearly remember all my favorite toys like it was yesterday. Footies, Easy Bake Oven, Jane West and all her gear, Barbies, Clackers, Flatsy, Kiddles, Etch a Sketch, Chrissy, Tippy Toes, black velvet horse posters and of course, Gumby and Polky. (check […]

When you miss someone at Christmas


This post was about missing my Mom at Christmas, but it applies to any occasion. You have the power to choose joy. Read on… – – – – – I drove into town the other day, thinking nothing really of it. Until I happened to go by my mom’s condo complex. I slowed down and […]

Our adoption story at Bella Rustica


It’s an exciting and busy season right now. With Bella Rustica (story here) only a short 2 weeks away, my FOLK Magazine Christmas writeup due this Saturday, and helping put together a family slideshow for Cindy’s Celebration of Life coming soon, my DIY plate is a little on the shy side. So I felt this […]

How Think Pink helped Cindy’s fight


I could never have planned last week in a million years. We had planned to go camping. Work was cleared off the calendar, and I worked at deadlines so the time could be freed up. But there were always delays and reasons not to get out the door. And now I know why. Little did […]

A picnic with the branch handled tray… and my mom.


Remember the branch handled tray I created for Mother’s Day? As promised, I used it for that very day, with someone special in mind. I made it for both of us after all. (photo heavy post on tray and the outdoors) … continued … I took my mom on a little picnic. And I knew […]