A secret to achieving a true, homey home

BAKERY - Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-2760

New walls against old weathered wood elements One of the nicest comments I’ve ever had on my home, was from a magazine editor. Once he entered through the front door, he fell silent. Looking around at every nook and cranny. “There they are…” he commented, while pointing towards the very crate stairs… that were in […]

My secret to arranging hydrangeas

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One of my most fondest memories of going to my grandma’s house was admiring her hydranga bushes.  Oh my goodness… they lined the entire one side of her house in heavenly, abundant blooms! Not being a green thumb at all these days, I’m always astounded that my own hydrangea bushes produce anything! It must be […]

Funky Junk’s 2015 Summer Home Junk Tour

Funky Junk's 2015 Summer Home Junk Tour

Happy summer, friends! Welcome to Funky Junk’s 2015 summer home junk tour! Those coming from Ella Claire, welcome!  25 blogs have banded together for Shabby Creek Cottage’s annual tour, so you are in for a treat! I’m Day 3 / Stop 4, so you can start at Day 1 / Stop 1 here at Gina’s place, or visit everyone […]

Tips on designing an old sign themed paint studio

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When I first challenged myself with Heap of Change, all I really expected to do was declutter. But I’m SO GLAD I pushed myself to the extreme in this area. I’m so pleased with the outcome! Welcome to Heap of Change #2! The event where you are challenged to get your home back, through decluttering and […]

A fall home tour with hydrangeas and junk

Hydrangea tree-6899

While fall may be the shutting down of many things, it’s also the start of something pretty spectacular. For me, fall is a season to gather what’s been growing all along, catching it while it rests. Then making it into something that could never have been, while growing madly mid summer.   I’m thankful… for hydrangeas when they are past […]

Funky new boarded wall for the laundry room

laundry room-6843

Back in the day, whenever someone would be sitting in front of the TV, we’d all be in danger of ‘the laundry basket’. Mom would swoop into the room, plunk a big ‘ol basket full of freshly line dried laundry in front of us, and we knew the drill. But we whined anyway. “I don’t waaaant to fold that! I […]

Rustic log candle fall centrepiece … and a cat.

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Today’s post is brought to you by Thanksgiving in Canada, and a cat photo bomber. My son wanted a nice dinner for our Thankgiving, so I got all fancy like, and picked up a ham, whipped up some homemade scalloped potatoes , applesauce, ambrosia, and a few other fun things. But no Thanksgiving table is complete without […]

The over abundant hydrangea filled mantel, 2014 edition

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It’s most definitely hydrangea harvesting season! Let the over abundant decorating games begin. 🙂  Most folks have pruned their hydrangeas by now. I leave them intact until I use them. Frost is just around the corner, and that’s when they turn brown. So it’s now or never. But… they need one more thing. With the […]

A dream workshop in a garage reveal, created for free

Route 66 workshop cabinet-8438

Do you dream of having this perfect little workshop in your own home? But lack space and funds to pull it off? Don’t lose heart. You’re about to see my dream workshop in a garage reveal, created for free from all curb side finds!  But first… Visit all dream box building updates HERE    I’ve long desired a workspace […]

Living (close to) a Cabin Life with bathroom storage ideas

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 Yesterday I spent a day at the beach. It was so nice to sit on a chair, with a mocha frappucino in hand, facing the gorgeous water and mountains, with the sound of the waves lapping along the shore. I even did a little junk’in at Rusty’s again… (more on my day soon!) And that’s when […]