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31 days dream box building
New 31 Day series / Dream Box Building

Inspiring you to live the life you wish to live. Daily challenges, and inspiration through home decor. These posts will make you think! And hopefully do…

Funky Junk on eBay.17 PM

Funky Junk’s Collections & Guides on ebay

Wish you knew where to find the goods when I show you a tutorial? Wish no more!

This inspiring series will not only teach you what you desire to know, there will be leads on where to find the goods.

Includes curated collections on all the things I love if I had my own store… swoon!

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  1. Hi…I just found this website and am in awhhhhhh(sp?). I don’t have a creative bone in my body and I look at what you have created and would love to be creative. I really want to make a framed chalkboard for my kitchen in my hew house and I don’t know where to start. Do you do classes? I would be first in line.

    Let me know…Tracey

  2. Hi Donna! Just putting my name in to try and win the toolbox! It wouldn’t give me a direct link to the contest.
    I love what Thanksgiving means to you! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and your son! May you both be so blessed. I love Funky Junk! Thankyou for being so creative………

  3. There are so many cool creative ideas here! Love the arrow sign! (Would love a reversible sign. )
    Thanks for sharing your talents!