9 – Stacking reclaimed wood for airflow, and hiding stuff with a faux chest

workshop wood and metal organizing-1802

Vision watching a cartoon. All these looney tune characters are trying to stuff an itty bitty building full with heaps of reclaimed wood. So they toss huge bundles over their shoulders, and darting at road runner speed, they huff and they puff and they PUSH the stuff in. Upon impact, the wildly bulging building separates at the seams for just […]

A major farmhouse reno at my childhood farm – Part 2

farmhouse reno-2-13

This story is a continuation of A bikeride to my land with a new partner.  In a nutshell, my son and I had gone on an unexpected VERY long bike ride, and my heart pined to cruise past my childhood farm. But I was hesitant to see it for a multitude of reasons. When we ended up heading […]

PJ 302 – an upcycled link party


Welcome to Party Junk 302 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends, welcome back! And a big WHOOPS! I was called away on Friday and meant to build this post on my return, then I flat out forgot. But hey, better late than never, right? So let’s get to […]

An illuminated cabin resort sign for a fall mantel

fall cabin resort mantel-1745

I have often shared my dream of having my own lake front cabin.  I’m also kinda blessed to have a rock floor to ceiling fireplace that could be in a cabin. So I decided to celebrate fall… Cabin Resort style this year! But there’s more… Today I’m teaming up with a TON of other desperately artistic […]

PJ 301 – an upcycled link party


Welcome to Party Junk 301 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends, and welcome back to some major junk hits from last week! Easy Loaf Pan Wall Display Bins by Organized Clutter Kitchen themed, rustic AND useful? These wall bins are a total hit in my book! […]

A bike ride found my beloved sunset

bike ride caught sunset-5636

I have a little confession to make. I’ve been trying not to miss ‘my beach’. It probably does NOT help that THIS is my iPhone background now, does it?! This was the last shot I took of the beach before we head home. I truthfully cried over this one. Well anyway, the last few days, I actually (finally?) […]

7 – a MUCH cleaner closet and a conversation with myself

a cleaner closet-1457

Well friends, the purging and cleaning is still going strong… big time. It’s actually kinda taken over in a good way. Most evenings after dinner are spent gutting and bagging. I’m working up such a sweat over it, it actually feels like a real workout. There are always bags or boxes of stuff being piled up somewhere. […]

The shed encased with its fall shawl

Fall grapevine hugging a rustic shed-1083

Yawing to the beginning of a new day, I always like to glance outside before stumbling down the hallway towards the caffeine machine. The two cats are generally snoozing along side me somewhere, so after I scratched behind their ears, I stood up to take in the view. Overcast… normal. Wet… very normal. Green… oh yes. Quite […]

Old signs with rustic crates mini entryway

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils entry-1632

Due to all my deep cleaning, purging and painting of late, I’ve been eyeing up my front entry. It’s in desperate need of a new, fresh look. After mulling things over, I decided to try a ‘test run’, or mini version of my brainstorm in the photo studio. Every entry could use a place to […]

PJ 300 – an upcycled link party

DSC_9710-001 (1)

Welcome to Party Junk 300 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends, and welcome back to some major junk hits from last week! Instant griddle chalkboard, by Adirondack Girl At Heart This charming idea has me eyeing up a few cast iron pans I have of my own! […]

Quilted fabric Canadian map message centre

patchwork Canadian map message centre Funky Junk Interiors-018

(click to enlarge photo) My mom was fiercely patriotic. I mean, I am too! But if you were to give me the choice of flying somewhere in Canada or the US, I’ll always pick the US. Probably because you guys have palm trees… Sorry Mom! But when LONG TIME blogger friend and master sewer Missy from […]

6. A cleaner, whiter reclaimed wood office reveal

pallet wood blog office redo-1486

(click to enlarge picture) A cleaner, whiter reclaimed wood office reveal is finally a wrap! And I am LOVING IT! Can YOU see what’s different? Sooo many things. To recap, my self proposed challenge was to clean up, and lighten up this area. My home resembles a cave when the sun doesn’t shine, so I wanted […]

A country bike ride to my land, with a new partner

bike ride in the country with son-1057

If you’ve been following along my little bike ride adventure stories, you’ll already know how in love I am with this new passion.  First I tested myself. My bike was not cheap, so I didn’t want to make two mistakes! Since I passed the test with flying colours, there was one more step to make. […]

PJ 299 – an upcycled link party


Welcome to Party Junk 299 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Welcome back to another weekend of pure junk goodness from bloggers all over! Can you believe I blogged every day this week? I was chatty! I revamped a dresser with some hydrangeas, I took you on a bike ride and […]