PJ 325 – DIY salvaged junk projects

DIY Salvaged Junk volume 325.17 PM

PJ 325 – DIY salvaged junk projects Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific   Happy weekend, everyone! I just came from a wonderful visit with a long time reader. She took me to lunch, we went junkin, and even brought over some junk treasures for me!  What a lovely surprise that was. Sandy, […]

What really happens behind the scenes – thanks to Periscope

Super Market soil sifter memo board-3638

Online is pretty much a portrayal of our very best. Someone once said, whatever you put online is kinda forever… and I happen to agree. So it’s only natural we’d want to showcase our best, as it gets spread around the universe in so many creative social media kinda ways. But let’s be honest for […]

A cleaner workshop due to pressure washing wood

workshop cleanup pressure wash spring 2016-2

A funny thing happens when you go raid a neighbour’s broken down fence. First, it sits in your own front driveway for your neighbour’s viewing pleasure for WEEKS on end. Then you finally take it apart with this handy dandy idea. Then most of it got cleaned and stored. But there was a massive pile that never […]

PJ 324 – 140+ plants in junk ideas!

DIY Plants in Junk : Funky Junk Interiors.34 PM

PJ 324 – 140+ plants in junk ideas! Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific   Hey everyone!  I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather! So…  I couldn’t resist celebrating spring in a slightly different way this weekend, after spotting some pretty creative ways to display live flowers and plants! I think […]

A soundtrack free for the taking

vintage market saw horse coffee table funky junk's old sign stencils-008

I can always tell when chaos has taken too strong of a hold over my life. You know the signs… the world just gets a little noisier, so we attempt to settle our minds in some small way. Grateful for a pressure washed patio and new – old sawhorse coffee table, I sat outdoors to […]

Pallet wood sawhorse coffee table

vintage market saw horse coffee table funky junk's old sign stencils-006

About a week ago, my son attempted to bake bacon in the oven. A cookie sheet with no sides was used. (let this be a warning… don’t do this) After the timer went off, I checked up on things, and it wasn’t quite done yet. So I added a bit more time, then sat down […]

When Paska and telephone poles saved Easter

mountain view with telephone poles-004

For the most part, when a special day comes across the calendar, I’m ok with it. Things are just different without your parents still around.  I’ll admit, I still have to tough out Christmas in a big way. But the rest of the holidays, I think I do ok. Anyway, this Easter didn’t go as smoothly […]

PJ 323 – 152+ DIY spring junk ideas!

DIY Spring Junk! Funky Junk Interiors.47 PM

PJ 323 – DIY spring junk Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy Easter weekend, junker friends! I hope that whatever this weekend brings you will be filled with many special memories to come!  NEW So… did you notice something different right off the bat? I’m going to attempt to bring more weekly themes […]

5 minute Super Market soil sifter magnetic board

Super Market soil sifter memo board-3642

Oh how I LOVE my beat up antiques! Give me rustic, wood, and metal, and I’m one happy junker.  So this little Super Market soil sifter message board is right up my old sign, junk lovin’ alley! I don’t remember where I landed this antique soil sifter. I don’t even ever remember using it for a project!  […]

New stencil projects with new registration marks

Beach signs with the Getaway Collection -Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-3558

Make your own beach signs I’ve been holding out on you. Or rather… been too busy to write about it! It may have looked like I haven’t done many projects lately, but I guarantee you, it’s been quite the opposite. I’ve been RE doing a few of late! And all for a good reason. I’ve told […]