How to turn worthless junk into home decorating must haves

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 If you’re here from Nesting Place, welcome! Today you’re in for a real treat! 25 bloggers are grouping together for How to Decorate, a series created by Beth of Home Stories from A to Z. To visit Beth at #1, click HERE. I’m Donna, and my passion is creating cool and unusual home decor items […]

PJ 244 – 130 upcycled storage ideas

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Welcome to Party Junk 244 – 130 Upcycled Storage Ideas Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Why 130 Upcycled Storage Ideas? Well, it’s been an amazing upcycled storage and organizational kinda week here at Funky Junk headquarters. I’ve been working hard on morphing a messy garage into a dream workshop, and after landing that […]

The metal storage rack for reclaimed wood is full!

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The beginnings of my dream workshop are coming to fruition! The dumpster found metal storage rack for reclaimed wood is full! Doesn’t it nearly bring a tear to your eye? I’m positively giddy over how organized and easy it is to find each piece and size! The unit didn’t need shelves at all. The longer pieces of […]

The ultimate red metal rack dumpster find

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I will admit… I was nervous posting yesterday’s messy garage post. Showing my garage in its current state was a little unnerving! But I braved it for a reason. Mess is normal. And I think it’s important to show the chaos that inspires the improvements we make. A few of you asked about the ultimate red metal rack […]

The makings of a dream workshop

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On Sunday, I had full intentions on doing a little building. But once I walked into the garage… Ugh. Not gonna lie. It’s not easy having a single car garage for your shed, storage and workshop. I’ve long wanted to gut this place and make it into something special. It’s all insulated with a heater and […]

Celebrating Dad with buns and jam in a pan

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Every Sunday morning, we had a traditional breakfast back on the farm. Because we were always rushed to get to church on time, my mom served homemade buns and jam. Well, it was more than about just being rushed. My parents believed in the 7th day of rest, so the less time spent over a […]

PJ 243 – upcycled side tables

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  Welcome to Party Junk 243 - Upcycled side tables Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend all! Welcome to yet another upcycled link party, with side tables being the star of the show this round. Being inspired to see what others were doing after creating my toolbox special this week, here are a few […]

6 reasons why we joined a (real) gym

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Do you remember my hilarious post about my gym with a view on the mountain? Well, I truly do love my outdoor evening walks! I regard them as nature’s gym with revolving scenery. With outdoor breezes sweeping your face, and the fact that it’s FREE, a workout doesn’t get much better than that! Trouble was, my son didn’t like walking. And I wanted to […]

An old sign toolbox side table to store all those remotes

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It’s been said I don’t ‘do colour’ in my house. And I’d have to agree. Between my monotone’d salvage farmhouse styled bathroom and rustic bedroom, there’s virtually no colour. Well, adding colour is pretty easy AND painless with just a little paint! And I’m happy to say, making this old sign toolbox side table to store […]

PJ 242 – unique feature walls

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  Welcome to Party Junk 242 - Unique feature walls Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Welcome back to another riveting episode of your upcycled best! I kinda felt in the mood to target cool wall treatments, as I’m about to embark on a bathroom wall. I also need to do my laundry room. […]

Saved by a babbling brook

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Ever get in that place where there’s too much to do? So rather than just get productive (which would seem obvious), you shut down instead? I arrive there more frequently than I care to admit. You see, I’m an overthinker.  Desiring to get productive with a new project, I’ve paced through my home for a […]

Funky Junk’s 2014 summer home decorating junk tour

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Welcome to those from Makely School for Girls! A special thanks to Gina via The Shabby Creek for masterminding this entire tour. Gina’s tour at #1 HERE. If you’re new here, welcome to Funky Junk’s 2014 summer home decorating junk tour! I’m Donna, and my passion is decorating with reclaimed finds. – – – – – A […]

Make an old ladder garden arbour… in minutes!

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This project may be too simple to even blog about, but… what can I say here… You can make an old ladder garden arbour… in minutes! Yesterday I was continuing my big weed fest in the backyard and had all this apparatus (the usual… sawhorses, pallets.. doesn’t everyone?!) lying all over the place. Including a couple […]

PJ 241 – Salvaged Garden Art Projects

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  Welcome to Party Junk 241 – Salvaged Garden Art Projects Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend, and thanks for coming to the place where upcycles are the ultimate! Here are a few highlights from last weekend’s Party Junk 240… Board track racer yard art / Pieced Pastimes All is not quite […]

Keynote speaker, BlogPodium, Toronto, Me? Yes!

Fairmont Royal York in Toronto-001

This day started just like any other day. My freshly brewed hot coffee joined me for my morning browse online.   Spam / delete.   Spam  / delete.   Oh… now there’s a nice comment!   Spam / delete. Hmmm… this one doesn’t look like spam… Click…”   “Hi Donna, I don’t think our paths have […]