PJ 329 – DIY salvaged junk

Macy's wooden escalator in New York City

  PJ 329 – DIY salvaged junk projects Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! This weekend’s party will seem a little… bare. We are currently travelling in NYC, and with our time change and pounding pavement daily, we are BEAT when we hit our soft, cushy hotel beds. So with that, […]

Country mouse finally visits the BIG CITY of New York!


Graffiti Alley in Toronto Once upon a time, this small town country girl use to peer with envy at the bright lights of New York City. I’ve seriously been in in lust with the notion of the place forever, having it on my bucket list of must visits. I suppose some of that has to do […]

PJ 328 – DIY Salvaged Junk Projects

DIY Salvaged Junk you can make!.06 PM

  PJ 328 – DIY salvaged junk projects Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! My apologies for getting the party started a little late. My long list of duties away from home today ran longer than anticipated. Such is life… But these beauties are so well worth the wait! This past […]

A faux spilled bucket of spring flowers, and a cleaner flower bed

front flower bed edging and cleanup-019

So… something happened after Journal 3 – just getting on with it. As your comments have come gratefully pouring in, my little brain went KABOOM… and I started hustling. I promise to sit down and read your wonderful comments tonight…. I’m excited at what you had to say! But I think it’s safe to say, the theory […]

Journal 3 – simply getting on with it

pallet wood walkway

New things… new things are scary. Some new things can positively put me in lockdown mode, as if I’m in some frozen state where it’s safest not to do anything except breathe, until things feel familiar again. Now, new things can be exciting and exhilarating too… so it really depends what one is defining as ‘new’. To […]

PJ 327 – DIY salvaged junk projects

DIY Salvaged Junk - features and a link party

PJ 327 – DIY salvaged junk projects Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hey guys, welcome to one of the best displays of junk on earth! Thank you for inspiring me once again. Now I want pickets, wooden shoes, stock lumber, vintage labels, a tattered quilt, and one of my mom’s old 3 […]

New junk shopping, a prettier house, and Sandy makes a sign

house visit-32-2

“Wait, stop! Don’t come!” I can’t quite remember if that’s exactly what I said when Sandy called and wanted to come for a visit, but it was pretty close. 🙂 But all for a great reason! Sandy is a long time reader of my blog, and was coming through on a trip, and wanted to […]

Journal 2 – yoyo living teamed up with sunset downtime

sunset on the mt-32-2

I never was very good with a yoyo. As a kid, I tried to buy the best one out there, in hopes that I would become an overnight sensation. I remember the feeling of holding a ‘good one’. Even the colour was prettier, graphics more advanced! All this held great promise of course. Good gear helps, but […]

PJ 326 – DIY salvaged junk projects

DIY salvaged junk on Funky Junk Interiors.38 AM

PJ 326 – DIY salvaged junk projects Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Welcome all! Have your beverage of choice in hand? Better gulp it quick… because once you glean over these beauties, you just may be inclined to jump out of your chair and dash for your junk heap! Or better yet… […]

Revamped hallway old sign coat hooks entry

house visit-3838

It all started when reader Sandy said she wanted to meet up with me. How cool! “Do you want to meet at the local restaurant… the house…?” “HOUSE! But please don’t pick up or anything.” Heh. That would be a little like saying to someone there’s no need for a plate to serve up dinner. […]