How to get through changing seasons

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Today I was working on a DIY… that didn’t go so well. That’s 2 fails this week! Oh dear. Well, I have some work to do with no post to show for it. So I dug into my blog archives to see what I had sitting there and found this one. Not sure why I […]

A gym with a view

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This will quite possibly be the strangest post I’ve put out there yet. But… it’s working, so I felt a need to share it. Ready for a little crazy? Awesome! You SHALL be entertained… guaranteed. Everyone? Meet my gym with a view. Remember when I talked about walking up that hill? Well, walking up and […]

How to make a burlap bow

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When I hosted the Michaels Hometalk Pinterest Party, I was given a little surprise. This beautiful crate of crafts was gifted to me from the Michaels Abbotsford team! Stunned, I took it home and waited until I felt I had the time to super appreciate every little surprise tucked inside. And today was the day. […]

When work becomes play

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Once upon a time, I use to have what was deemed a ‘day off’. Meaning, a day where I could just get up and do whatever I wanted. Perhaps junk shopping, or putzing around staying home starting a new project, whatever. Today, I still look forward to those days off. But my days off have […]

PJ 230 – an upcycled link party and a survey

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   Welcome to Party Junk 230 – An upcycled link party Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific antique mason jar crate display Hello and welcome to yet another weekend upcycled link party! Things will be simplified this weekend. Internet connection is in limbo at the moment, so it’s been tricky getting a proper […]

How to make a DIY #FAILURE a success

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FAIL #1 It was during The 12 Days of Christmas. And I had this amazing idea to make a snowflake cutlery ornament. Don’t let the above amazingness fool you now. We aren’t quite done yet. I had collected all these vintage forks, knives and spoons. But I rather lucked out. There was a spoon wind […]

Walking and talking up and down the hill

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The weather has been cooperating in our area lately, and that means one thing. It’s time to go walking. I’ve played with the idea of joining a gym. But so far, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. So for the time being, I’m just going to throw on my runners and head for the nearest […]

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder

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When I was busy making over my salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover, I desired a creative way to store toilet paper. And that’s when a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder entered the picture. I mean, I just couldn’t see myself putting in a standard one… could you?! I have never shown how it was built, and since […]

When cats photobomb

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Just a few short months ago, I opened up my heart to two sweet little tuxedo kittens. Oh how they charmed me! Some tears were still shed with the loss of my beloved Teddy, but gradually, missing turned to fond remembrance. Each day got a little better. These two purred. They played. And they loved […]

PJ 229 – branches and twigs

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   Welcome to Party Junk 228 – Branches and twigs Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific If you are a lover of decorating with nature, these creations made from branches and twigs will have you running for the back yard this weekend! I personally adore branches for their woodsy appeal. They are reclaimed […]

The beginning of a quirky DIY toolbox revolution

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Today I woke up in a rather sleepy mode. Shaking my head free of the cobwebs, I flat out realized I wasn’t ready to start my day quite yet. I had worked the dayjob the day before, then blogged at night, so I was lacking some sleep for sure. Isn’t that the beauty of self […]

Dreaming big with a friend

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Today started pretty much like any other. After getting my son off to school, the freshly brewed coffee promised the beginning of a great day.  Plunking myself in front of the computer, I noticed a message from a dear friend.  This gal is my childhood best friend. She doesn’t even live all that far away […]

Toolboxes and talent at the Fraser Valley Women’s Expo

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 When I received the request to speak at The Fraser Valley Women’s Expo event, I wasn’t exactly sure what it all involved. That goes for anything new, you just don’t really know. But that’s not to say you should say no. Not at all. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.  Shannon asked me […]

PJ 228 – salvaged tool boxes

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   Welcome to Party Junk 228 – Salvaged Tool Boxes Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific My passion for salvaged tool boxes grows deep! They are incredibly versatile for any season, and so easy (and cheap) to make! Here are a few of my favs… Jute storage in a craft room via Unskinny […]

Reclaimed wood business card holder toolbox

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As I was creating some toolbox kits to bring to the Fraser Valley Women’s Expo event on Saturday, the old sewing machine drawer sitting next to them wasn’t cutting it. Dumping out the drawer full of business cards, a little rustic reclaimed wood business card holder toolbox was created instead! It was only fitting. Part […]