4 – Kitchen Christmas winter branch valance

kitchen Christmas branch valance

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER. CONGRATS TO #39 LISA COOK! YOU HAVE BEEN EMAILED.   Being that we had kinda sorda planned to go away for Christmas, I’m always on the hopeful lookout for ideas where fresh greens won’t die on me. And that’s when I head outside to do some outdoor shopping, and figured […]

3 – Mason jar lid ornament Christmas tree wreath

mason jar lid ornament Christmas tree-7145

Upon approaching your neighbour’s front door this season, you may expect to see a beautiful, festive wreath greeting you. But then there’s my house. You know me well enough to expect a little quirk, yes? Awesome! Let’s proceed with this mason jar lid ornament Christmas tree wreath. (whew…) This little brainstorm derived out of desiring […]

2 – Junkers Unite with a Christmas snow sleigh shelf

sleigh shelf-7343

Nothing spells Christmas more than a snow sleigh!  But how about a Christmas snow sleigh shelf? For toilet paper storage?  Before we go further? I also have an extra surprise for you. The Junkers United team are coming along for the ride today. So including 12 Dayers, that’s 16 brand new projects in total! Wow! So […]

100 fav Christmas projects with my 4

old windows fireplace mantel

I’m generally not much of a seasonal decorator. But there’s one time when I break every rule in the book… and that would be for Christmas. But I break more rules than one… First off, you’re about to be blown away with a little Christmas past. Maison de Pax has gathered us ’round to show […]

1 – Branch candle Christmas centrepiece with junk tray

branch candle centrepiece-7098

Glowy candles are a little near and dear to my heart during the holidays. So I felt I needed to make a new branch candle Christmas centrepiece with junk tray for 2014.   Do you remember my log candle centrepiece from last year? This one is done in a similar way. Flickering candles remind me […]

13 days of new Christmas junk. Bring it! – intro

mason jar lid ornament Christmas tree-7151

Are you into guessing games? Whatever could this be? And then there’s this… and where will it end up? And then there are the true head scratchers… what contraption is growing here? Well, you’re about to find out what I’ve been up to for ohh… the last month or so.  It’s been tricky blogging while […]

PJ 257 – salvaged junk Christmas food and drink stations

Salvaged junk Christmas food and drink stations.48 PM

  Welcome to Party Junk 257 – salvaged junk Christmas food and drink stations Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend everyone! This weekend is a little extra special on Funky Junk. Today I revealed a new Christmas beverage station created from a reproduction vintage cart. Which encouraged this weekend’s theme. Let’s […]

Funky Junk pick / vintage cart turned coffee station

vintage cart beverage station

THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER AS OF SUN, NOV 30, MIDNIGHT EST.  CONGRATS TO WINNER TAMMY KUBAT! I was working in my workshop on a project, when I heard the screech of brakes. Looking up, my heart did a flip. I knew what that truck held! Well… I didn’t know EXACTLY what I’d be receiving, but […]

The heap of shame challenge. January. Wanna play?

bedroom with ladder side table.56 PM

Bedroom Dearest house… This time of year is a tad traumatic for a blogger. In the mess sense of course. I had plans to clean you up today. I really did. But an unexpected photoshoot kinda took over. It was the kind of shoot that required part of my kitchen. So dangerous. This time of year. […]

Conditioning rusty metal

metal conditioner-7302

Whenever I land a piece of rusty metal, I like to condition it with something. For the most part, I keep a satin spray sealer on hand to do just that. I like to seal or treat rusty metal: * So it’s easier to clean. * Enhances the patina by deepening both the painted surface […]

PJ 256 – Salvaged Christmas wreaths

Salvaged holiday wreaths.33 AM

Welcome to Party Junk 266 – Salvaged Christmas Wreaths Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend everyone! Has your own house gone KABOOM yet with Christmas prep? Mine sure has. I was creating this new wreath idea yesterday (which I can’t show yet!), but you can bet that encouraged me to see […]

How I mentally file inspiration

shopping day-9469

Today I had it made in the shade. I had just rolled up my sleeves and was going to kick up some real DIY Christmas dust… when the phone rang. My son’s retainer (braces thing) snapped, so it was time to head to town to get it fixed immediately. After mentally switching gears and leaving the house, I honestly didn’t […]

Happy New Life… with a Christmas decor recap

old windows fireplace mantel

Old windows Christmas fireplace mantel With every Christmas season approaching, I always have this vision. The Christmas spirit will one day just explode! Our days will be filled with Christmas music, fluffy hot beverages, and our houses will get decked out into magical wonderlands without a hitch. We’ll have plenty of cookies in the freezer, our […]

PJ 265 – 130+ salvaged garlands, Christmas and all season

evergreen garland 12 days

  Welcome to Party Junk 265 – 130+ salvaged garlands, Christmas and all season Every Friday, 7 PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Happy weekend everyone! I don’t know about you, but my Christmas boxes are all pulled out, and the big explosion has begun! But I’m still actively looking for new ideas as I fire […]

Zonked out from all that cat popularity

cats sleeping-7159

These two are getting more attention than my own ramblings and projects lately. So much so, they needed a nap from all the virtual autographs today.  Fame will do that to you… I love that you love them! So while I raced around making more mess than projects today, they were busy sunning themselves. And […]