The over abundant hydrangea filled mantel, 2014 edition

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It’s most definitely hydrangea harvesting season! Let the over abundant decorating games begin.   Most folks have pruned their hydrangeas by now. I leave them intact until I use them. Frost is just around the corner, and that’s when they turn brown. So it’s now or never. But… they need one more thing. With the […]

11 – Take care of yourself (with video)

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I have been exceptionally blessed to have led a pretty healthy life. Aside from a few fender benders for aches and pains, I have never even spent one night in a hospital room, except when my son came into the picture. And even THEN, I was an adoptive mom, (<— story there!) so I stayed for him, […]

PJ 260 – reclaimed wood projects

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  Welcome to Party Junk 260 – reclaimed wood projects Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello and a happy reclaimed wood kinda weekend to you! It’s absolutely no secret that I’m a reclaimed woodaholic. I get it from anywhere I can, but most commonly, the good ‘ol lowly pallet. But reclaimed wood can […]

10 – inspired by dried hydrangeas in a new toolbox

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I woke up to a very nice surprise today. Remember yesterday’s post on being gifted by others? What timing! Just this AM, friend Kelly dropped this toolbox off by my front door. She found it at a garage sale, and being that it reminded her of me, it was brought my way. I had to run into town […]

9 – Tell your friends and you’ll land more than shutters

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Today was one of those days where I involved myself online and forgot about the time. So when a knock on the door transpired, I took my pj’d self downstairs to see who’d catch me (this time).  It happened to be my neighbour across the road… “We have all these shutters that we took down. […]

8 – Celebrating the new workshop curbside storage rack

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.13.50 PM

Remember the rack I found on the curb that I put new casters on? Here it is in its new home! That is indeed a baseboard heater behind it. With the rack on wheels, it’ll be a snap to move it a safe distance away should the heat be needed. How perfect is that? The freezer was […]

6 & 7 – Know your limitations, and know how to chill

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Did anyone notice I skipped out on posting yesterday?  I was rolling out a huge, wordy one. But when I clicked publish, I lost half of it. A corrupt cut and paste. Not good. And at 1:30 AM, I wasn’t about to pound keys for another hour to fill it back up. Limitation #1 – no more […]

5 – fresh blog branding along with even fresher coffee

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Sleeping cats. A teenage son that appeared to need a long afternoon nap. And the house to myself.  What’s a blogger to do? Another coffee from my little red stool coffee station would be lovely, thank-you! But I brought my coffee to the computer screen, and gave my weekly newsletter a fresh, new little makeover.     […]

4 – Why struggling with inability IS a blessing

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 As I was writing this new pallet wood projects guide for my ebay assignment last night, it kinda made me chuckle. I started the writeup with,  “Ahhh… the lowly good ‘ol pallet.” Isn’t that the truth though? What’s lower than some pallet you’ve found piled up in some ditch? Well, that ditch divin’ pallet lovin’ junker now […]

PJ 259 – salvaged workshop and craft room ideas

dream workshop-6212

  Welcome to Party Junk 259 – salvaged workshop and craft room ideas Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello and a happy weekend to you! This week I was busy morphing my own garage into a workshop. I’m tellin’ ya, that move has been life changing. No one feels like creating in a […]

3 – The secret to staying 100% authentically you

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When preparing my speech for Blogpodium in Toronto, I was asked to include how I stay authentic. Hmm… I had to think about that one. I mean, the love of junk has a good strong hold on me, and if I go too off course with certain stuff, I don’t feel the love. Is there more […]

2 – Do what makes you happy

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The day I picked up my Funky Junk business cards, it was a little surreal. I held them in my hands, kept flipping them over, then over and over again. And then I giggled… For 20 years, I stayed at a job (I created) I didn’t love any longer. I had business cards from that business too, but […]

Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage workshop reveal

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Friends, I did it! You’re about to see a reveal of the reclaimed wood wall and junk storage in the workshop! Visit all dream box building updates HERE    I’ve long desired a workspace that was absolutely me to a rusty ‘ol T. My ways are not the ways of most. And I’m ok with that. What means more to […]

White, bright and a little bit reclaimed wood crazy – workshop update

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Nothing like running two series at the same time. Do I continue my Toronto story, or the dream workshop series? Well, since these photos were edited first, I hope you Toronto fans will forgive me. Because I have been workin’ this workshop thing and it’s looking mighty spiffy! Recap from last post / the curbside tables were ready […]