PJ 255 – an upcycled link party

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  Welcome to Party Junk 255 – an upcycled link party Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello weekend junkers!  This week was one crazy busy week with prep for the Crafty Affaire market in the works. Yesterday was spent pricing, packing and then realizing my truck wasn’t big enough by a LONG shot. The borrowing […]

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder

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When I was busy making over my salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover, I desired a creative way to store toilet paper. And that’s when a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder entered the picture. I mean, I just couldn’t see myself putting in a standard one… could you?! 🙂 I have never shown how it was built, and […]

You Asked – How to decorate a bathroom rustic

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I get lots of emails behind the scenes. And I tend to answer lots of questions the same way. Zipping an email back has been a pretty standard thing. Rather than hiding all those valuable answers, I thought I’d bring a few of them to the blog every now and then, in hopes that the […]

How to plank over a bathroom popcorn ceiling

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Unless you’re new here, you’ll already be aware of my most recent master bathroom makeover. One of the main features in the master bathroom was the planked ceiling. Planked ceilings are gorgeous! I mean, I’d welcome this crisp, clean, timeless look for every ceiling in my own home! But I desired to start with one […]

Salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover with vintage window moulding

Farmhouse bathroom makeover, with ladder towel bar, vintage window moulding, yardstick mirror

It’s hard to define my style. I like a mix of so many different things, as well as a sprinkle of salvaged / vintage architecture for good measure. So I’m going to name this room the salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover. { a salvaged frame was created with yardsticks and weathered cedar strips screwed directly into […]

Party Junk 222 – upcycled bathroom ideas

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Welcome to Party Junk 222 – upcycled bathroom ideas Every Friday, noon Pacific thru Sunday, 11pm Pacific Hello and a happy weekend to you all! Welcome to the new, revamped Party Junk! What’s new you ask? THEME – Upcycling Definition of upcycling:   Home and garden decor that is: vintage inspired something old made into […]

2. Master bathroom wins, voice of reason loses

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The voice of reason attempted to speak to me today. That voice that keeps everything on an even keel. The safe voice. “Guuurrrrllll… don’t go messing up a perfectly fine bathroom! Do the other one to get it in production! Leave this one alone. Get your house DONE so you can call it DONE. Why […]

1. The bathroom vanity is undecided… which room?

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Dear friends… this post right here could make me famous. I think I’ll look into retiring right this minute from all the potential pin traffic that’s about to transpire… because this one is a BEEEE AUTY! I have this bathroom downstairs that I’ve never shown online. I put in the tile floor, er… 4 years […]

A little new old upcycled bathroom organizing

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I do this every Christmas. I think I’m going to completely unplug from DIY over the holidays, but then once my son is out of the house for a few days, I’m back at it again. I mean, what else does one do when your only hobby is fiddling with the house?! 🙂 A friend […]

Day 3 – Silver bling Christmas tree window shelves

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Finding my bathroom window a little boring, simple shelves were installed, which made it possible to create these glitzy silver bling Christmas tree window shelves! The backlit silver really casts a lovely glow and offers an interesting focal point to an otherwise bare and boring window. It was fun to jazz them up for the […]