How to plank over a bathroom popcorn ceiling

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Unless you’re new here, you’ll already be aware of my most recent master bathroom makeover. One of the main features in the master bathroom was the planked ceiling. Planked ceilings are gorgeous! I mean, I’d welcome this crisp, clean, timeless look for every ceiling in my own home! But I desired to start with one […]

How to make a farmhouse window with moulding

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Guys!!!! I cannot believe this pretty window is in my bathroom! It’s the first window moulding I’ve ever played with, so I’m pretty pumped! But there’s a secret to making this one EASY… NO miter cuts! NO fancy boards to buy! Only standard schmandard straight cut wood anyone can get and do with any saw.  […]

Make this pallet wood tool tote… in minutes!


It all happened by accident. I was planning to build these tool totes for the Hometalk Meetup Milner Village Garden event talk I’m doing April 9th. I found some reclaimed wood in the garage and just started tinkering around. These two pallet crate boards marked HT (for heat treated) were a fairly recent find. I […]

11 – How to fake being a builder (or ___?)


When I was at Bella Rustica, I did a workshop on working with tools, with the premise of faking being a real builder. I showed various photos of the ‘oh so impressive things I’ve built’, and then after each one, showed my cheat methods on how I did it. This rustic garden shed was my […]

How I built the pallet wood sofa (Part 2)

pallet wood sofa

Welcome to Part 2 – How I built the pallet wood sofa Part 1 – The Pallet Sofa Reveal is HERE Sheesh… I just revealed a revamp of my patio. So what’s up with the change so soon? Blame it on the mattress. 🙂 I found it at a thrift, intending to make it work […]