Junky office helpers and tax receipts


I crack me up. I told myself “I was taking Sunday off’. It ended up being one of my BIGGEST cleaning days. Christmas needed to still come down! And enough was enough. So tonight, I shall be rewarded with enjoying Downton Abbey in the cleanest living room in the land. More on that soon. In the midst of […]

Pots and gears junk office organizer

pots and gears office organizer

Thought I’d show you my happy little office pens and pencils junk styled office organizer. You know. Because I’m procrastinating working on my tax receipts today. Just a casual grouping of clay pots and gears is all you need. Instant, charming, and…. …. ugh… how did those receipts sneak into my photo? Scoot! Sigh… so just […]

Ikea GORM – perfect shelving kit for the non builder


I’m addicted to Ikea Gorm shelving. There, I said it. This system is price efficient, easy to put together, and can be customized 101 different ways. So if you desire to get super organized, this is my vote hands down!  The only thing left to do is book a day to take in Ikea. Tough […]

Blog to Biz: Organized junk storage in the house. FINALLY!


Gotta start off by saying, oh my gosh to the weekend parties lately. The linkups are so amazing and  ‘only’ 549 of you joined this past weekend!  Thank-you for making every weekend such a special event! Facebookers are are going WILD over your creations. 🙂 AND… thank-you for your kind comments on some of the […]

Chaos with junk storage


Don’t these baskets look all orderly? As in, they’re stored in their perfect place, ready to be grabbed on a whim for a photo shoot? Well, that’s what I’ve been aiming to strive for the past few days. I’ve been putting in a few late nights in my downstairs office trying to make heads or […]

Junky picket phone organizer


I seem to collect pickets.  I found two really large pickets at the curb last year. One of them was used for my picket toolbox. Picket toolbox… do you name all your projects strange names too? Maybe it’s just a junk thing… Anyway, here’s the other. HUGE. What’s that thing stuck to it you ask? […]

From ugly office to photo studio, phase 2 – and a celebration


  My house is really difficult to photograph in. The day has to be juuuuust right with plenty of sunshine. And anyone who resides on the Wet Coast of BC Canada knows that just isn’t happening this year yet at all. So rather than just whine about it, I’m doing something about it. Remember this […]

Pallet Farm Table Desk ~ Part 3, the reveal

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 1.22.59 AM

At long last, my pallet farm table styled desk is up! This desktop is LONG. Measuring at 12 feet, the desk is prominent, yet proportioned with the sun filled picture window it faces. I LOVE that the windowsill provides a perfect spot for my little buddy to watch for those killer birds… Warm woods against […]

Thinking out loud about the new desk design


 work office post #1 Over the last little while, I’ve had my work office every which way possible. The only configuration I didn’t try were the work tables upside down. 🙂 My rule when implementing anything new is to ensure it’s productive first, so I live with alot of strange setups until I deem it […]