9 – a tour of the fabulous Lucketts Design House

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 Part 8 – Let’s Meetup at Lucketts! is HERE. Let’s say there was this cool old house that you could decorate any way you wish, using all the things you love. Wouldn’t that be like a dream come true? That’s exactly what visiting Lucketts’ Design House is like.  For those not in the know, I […]

8 – Let’s MeetUp at Lucketts!

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  Part 7 is HERE Ohhhh boy. It’s been awhile since I continued the big Lucketts story. Let’s continue!  We are now on thee Lucketts day. And this is what greeted us… The Hometalk booth was decked out sooooo awesome!   We didn’t have to do a THING. Heather and team at Lucketts organized and decorated […]

7 – The day Miss Mustard Seed was my neighbour

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Part 6 is HERE We are here! We are ready to roll! The BIG Lucketts day has finally arrived! And look who was setting up next door to the Hometalk booth… I’ve only heard about Marian / Miss Mustard Seed’s Lucketts world via her blog, so it was quite something to actually see her doing her […]

6 – An explosion of Lucketts junk… with a linkup!

vintage cannisters

Part 5 was here After yet again stuffing my spring loaded luggage together, Karen and I head out Lucketts way. We went early afternoon because we heard they had done most of the setup for us. Really?! I couldn’t wait to see! The countryside when crossing into Virginia was AMAZING. Lovely postcard styled farms against […]

5 – Friends unite

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Miriam/Hometalk I knew when I went to Lucketts, that I’d meet a whole lotta amazing online friends. But what I didn’t know is how quickly they’d feel like family. Marian/Miss Mustard Seed, Donna/Funky Junk Interiors, Breida/Breida with a B, Karen/The Graphics Fairy, Candace/The Love Tag Shoppe  Is it really possible to fall in love so quickly […]

4 – Touring historic Pennsylvania

touring historic Pennsylvania

One of my VERY favourite things about touring in the states are the quaint old historic towns. Give me the choice of a visit to Washington, DC or a local quiet downtown road loaded with little brick buildings, and it’s no contest. I’m a small town girl and LOVE quiet meandering streets loaded with history. […]

3 – a knock your socks off home tour of The Graphics Fairy

A home tour of The Graphics Fairy

I’m back from Lucketts. What. A. Trip! I’m still trying to adjust to the time change, but the trip was wonderful and the flights uneventful. There wasn’t time to blog while on the road, but if you were a follower of Funky Junk’s Facebook, you were bombarded with current instagrams as they transpired! While it’s […]

Day 2 – Flight Day and cool airport stores

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Never fails. On flight day, I break out into a huge smile. To me, flights symbolize the promise of something amazing on the other side of the plane ride. The first flight was really quiet. Sitting beside a couple that didn’t understand english, there was no need for small talk.  I just signed up to […]

Day 1 – Travel Flubs

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“What’s a spring roll?” “You don’t know what a spring roll is?!?!?!?!?” “No…” (should I?) “Where are you from?!” Out of 4 jackets, this one came with me. Now watch me not need it… I didn’t have the heart to tell the waiter I only lived a couple hours away. So I played dumb. I […]