Successful chippy white barn wood pickin’ day

Chippy white barn wood -002

I love phone messages like these. “Hey! Are you aware that ‘the barn’ is coming down? If you want any wood, come NOW!” Thank-you Rosie! I couldn’t burst out the door fast enough!     I’ve had my eye on this barn forever, wishing it were mine. The barn was due to be pushed over […]

Industrial coffee shop decor you will love!


So remember my epic fall bikeride through bear and train country in Part 1? Welcome to Part 2 – A trip to the local industrial coffee shop. My well earned reward for all that hard work I did prior! If you follow me on Instagram stories, you’ll have seen lots of shots of my new fav […]

Another epic junk shopping trip to Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques


When I took a trip down south several years ago, I was ASTOUNDED on the amount of junk and antiques the region has, compared to little ‘ol quiet BC, Oh Canada. While we don’t have many places to hunt in the lower mainland, (between Vancouver and Hope) there are three places I will always suggest to […]

Landing a rustic armoire made out of crates

rustic armoire-7983

About 10 minutes before we head out to the airport for our trip to NYC, a neighbour knocked on the front door. “I have a rustic cupboard that may interest you. We’re getting rid of it, but felt this may be your thing…” Goodness… do you have any idea how hard it was to delay even […]

New junk shopping, a prettier house, and Sandy makes a sign

house visit-32-2

“Wait, stop! Don’t come!” I can’t quite remember if that’s exactly what I said when Sandy called and wanted to come for a visit, but it was pretty close. 🙂 But all for a great reason! Sandy is a long time reader of my blog, and was coming through on a trip, and wanted to […]

An easy way to take apart pallets or fences without fancy tools

An easy way to take apart pallets or fences.57 AM

Guys, if I’ve ever needed to move to a bigger place to store this motherload of a wood haul, that would be yesterday. Welcome to my front driveway!  And if the neighbours don’t fire me NOW… I’d gift them with some old wood. 🙂 Don’t mind the kiddie pool… it’s there for a splash of colour for […]

How would you repurpose these junk finds?

junk finds aug 2015-0873

Last week, I head out of town for an appointment. Upon my return home, this big sign in the country read, “EVERYTHING MUST GO.” Can you hear the screechin’ breaks?! The gal was moving mid week, and wanted everything gone as soon as possible. I was not the first person to arrive there, but she […]

Why rotten pallet wood is a score

pallet wood shopping-1232

Riiing…. “Hello?” me – “Hi there! I’m your neighbour ‘down the road.’ And I noticed you had some pretty weathered pallets on your driveway. Are you looking to get rid of them at all?” “Sure! But they’re pretty beat up. What are you using them for?” (I have no idea actually…) “Uh, I just make […]

Farm garage sale windfall with a surprise… or 2

flea market finds-1091

I will admit to one thing. Being involved in a local market kicks you into action! So I went shopping on the weekend again. But with a little surprise in store. On Saturday, I wanted to run to the local store for soup.  Just soup! So off I went. Landing a nice homemade mushroom variety, I […]