Garden sign crate entry table on a wall

garden themed crate desk in an entry using Garden and Potting Shed, from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-013

Winner of this giveaway is Ruffles & Relics! Please watch your inbox for details.  Thanks to everyone for joining us! There’s so much good stuff going on today, I think I’m gonna pop! #1. First off, I LOVE a new project reveal. This garden sign crate entry table on a wall is it! #2. Two new garden themed […]

2×4 industrial kitchen phone station shelf

2x4 industrial shelf phone station funky junks old sign stencils-001

This little 2×4 industrial shelf was all thanks to a challenge… and one very messy kitchen counter! I have a small kitchen, with half of the countertop devoted to my day planner and calendar. But it was always a mess. Basically put, I needed a more organized spot for my dayplanner binder. Forgive me for […]

Reclaimed wood old sign office wall organizer

old sign wall office organizer funky junk's old sign stencils-3146

Since working on the old signs turned paint shelf, my continued quest was to include some office type storage to the right side of the worktable. Just a few old vertically hung boards (lettered up with stencils) ended up with a reclaimed wood old sign office wall organizer! I call this one a mix and match look. I was […]

Pyjama productivity. Why does it work?

fan cover office filer

Rustic bulletin board tutorial Over the weekend, I woke up to a sunny day. Nice! Don’t you feel a burst of added energy when you do? My cats were no where to be seen, which either means they found a better place to nap, or they started their day far earlier than I. Probably the […]

Quilted fabric Canadian map message centre

patchwork Canadian map message centre Funky Junk Interiors-018

(click to enlarge photo) My mom was fiercely patriotic. I mean, I am too! But if you were to give me the choice of flying somewhere in Canada or the US, I’ll always pick the US. Probably because you guys have palm trees… Sorry Mom! But when LONG TIME blogger friend and master sewer Missy from […]

6. A cleaner, whiter reclaimed wood office reveal

pallet wood blog office redo-1486

(click to enlarge picture) A cleaner, whiter reclaimed wood office reveal is finally a wrap! And I am LOVING IT! Can YOU see what’s different? 🙂 Sooo many things. To recap, my self proposed challenge was to clean up, and lighten up this area. My home resembles a cave when the sun doesn’t shine, so I […]

3 – A much WHITER blog office

A whiter office-1379

Welcome to From Crap to Clean before Christmas, a Monday challenge to encourage you to clean up your spaces before the tree goes up! All instalments to date are HERE.   So.. I didn’t plan this very bright and white project. At all. My intent for this Monday’s Crap to Clean project was to tackle all the […]