Let’s go junkin’ at The Back Porch! 2013 tour

The back porch

Welcome to my second home, The Back Porch, situated in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Guys, I totally forgot about this amazing photo shoot! This is Part 2 of our recent getaway to Harrison during our Easter weekend. You are in for SUCH a treat! Part 1 – Junkin’ at Rusty’s is HERE  (click for larger […]

Let’s go junkin’… at my dream ‘Back Porch’


“If we win the lottery, I’m knocking on this door with an offer. I want this place!” “Really Mom? When can we move in? Can I have my own chickens when we do?” WHEN, he says, not if. If only! This place has everything I could ever desire. The Back Porch is a family owned […]