SNS 102 – Summer’s End Garden Party 2011


31 Day series is currently in session. Click HERE  to visit. Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #102, the multi themed link party!  * Home Decor  * Crafts, / Sewing / Recipes * Theme of the week Every Fri 7pm  to Sunday 11 pm Pacific. ~ summer’s end garden party ~ In spring I challenged you to create […]

Summer 2011 garden, yard and junk photos – REVEAL

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 1.02.47 PM

 Well, the pool is now folded up and tucked away…  (it’s really still sprawled all over the lawn trying to dry) The lawn is cut for the last time this season… (it’s really a foot long due to our rain) And it’s time to embrace fall! (yes please… I’m so tired of taking care of […]

My pallet wood garden walkway

pallet wood garden walkway

  This little project began in July 2011, HERE.  Creating a pallet wood garden walkway came to mind one day. The yard was getting a major revamp with the help of my wonderful neighbours.  Shrubs were being pulled, new soil was hauled in, and I desired a pathway… from the driveway to the lawn. Right […]

A special garden for Beethoven


A week ago, I bought out the greenhouse.  Or so it seemed. After new soil was placed in all the beds, I was itchin’ to get busy with something to look at other than dirt. Seems if you buy mid season, things are on sale too… so I went a little crazy at one stop. […]

From dirt to a pallet wood walkway in the garden

pallet wood walkway

We had the most fantastic past weekend weather wise! Which meant it was a great gardening day to continue on the massive front yard project. So… what did we all do? Ripped it out Lotsa ripping out was to be had by all. Miss S helped by wheeling burnt out shrubs to a neighbouring burn […]

The backyard garden gets junkified

yard before-3099

I have a new favorite place to sit in the backyard. Not too fancy nor fussy, and just the right amount of cute. And junk. 🙂 The flower box crate got planted and junkified in front of the character building. I chose a more vibrant red this year for the geraniums so they’d pop moreso […]

Musical junk wheelbarrows in the garden


I’ve been debating on passing on plants in the yard this summer. The weather just hasn’t cooperated and I was thinking how easy it would be to NOT put the pool up and NOT plant anything that required care. Maybe this was the summer to go camping more after all… All fine and dandy until […]

The LONG list of outdoor DIY projects


Yesterday was the first day it hadn’t rained in MONTHS. I head outdoors because quite frankly, staying inside while the sun shone wasn’t going to happen. That above photo is part of my birdhouse garden and looks lush and lovely. But believe you me, it’s indeed cropped left right and center. Augh. I haven’t even […]

Playing with spring during spring break


You didn’t think I could REALLY stay away an entire week, did you? 🙂 I have a big ‘ol confession. I was pretty stressed out last week. After a short couple days just putzing around at my own speed, I feel nearly brand new once again. So before you shake your finger at me reminding […]