More mantle decorating

My mantle has a new outfit on.

What shall we call this… hmm.. The Ivory~Chicken Theme. Rustic Rooster. Mini light Mayhem. Looking Inside The Chicken Coop Through The Window. The Funky Chicken Something or Other. Mom’s Eyebrow Raiser. (you’ll get it in a minute)

What made me group these things in such a way you wonder? Here’s today’s lesson the Funky Junk way.

There are four running themes. Can you name them before I tell you? Go for it. Try. Then scroll down.


Did you find four? More? If you found more, you need to teach me because I only know of four. Here we go.

The four themes are:


rustic wreaths

chickenish with the picture and window (the window would rock with chicken wire attached I know


It’s my personal belief that you can make just about anything look good grouped. The trick is to find a running theme to make them tie together somehow.

Some may think the above grouping is waaaay out there. I know my mom just looks around and raises her eyebrows some days, but she knows me. She knows I like to push limits to see how far I can take it. So when mom raises her eyebrows, I know I’ve hit funky pay dirt! (that’s good btw)

Here’s another grouping with three running themes.

old lettered boxes
wood tones

Dressing up your mantle can be a lot of fun. Find some unusual elements and try it out. Set it up, walk out of the room, then walk right back in. You’ll either give it a thumbs up or worst case scenario, be tearing it down quickly before anyone sees it. (ask me how I know)

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