New finds in the works!

I think I need a secretary. To do the blogging end of things here.

I have been busy! I’ve been working my day job but also collecting new finds on my runs. I cannot wait to get them inside the house and things set up around them!

new stuff to morph:

light for above island (thrift) – it’s a caged glass brass thing that needs to be hit with some flat black spray. It’s somewhat unusual but I think it will have very funky flare when I get through with it

headboard (thrift) – found this really neat I’d say double sized old creamy white headboard that has a square insert area that could be fabulous for a bulletin board or chalkboard. Right now it sits behind a bench I have in my entryway giving it a french country/cottage feel.

old boxes with stamped typography (curbside) – found it while on my morning jaunts with my dog. I’ve stared at this place’s pile of stuff forever and attempted to knock on the door several times to see if I could ‘get rid of it for them’ and scored yesterday. She was home and said yes! And I went slightly beyond the call of duty and ensured all her other heap of boxes and things got to the curb as it was garbage day. It’s never a bad thing to thank someone in a small special way.

a couple of strips of square heavy lattice work (curbside) – garden? wall? hang from the ceiling? I’ll figure it out

twin captain’s bed base (thrift) – for my son’s playroom. Drawers underneath are where it’s at which will suit this room to a T.

On the weekend (when I have time to breathe) I’ll add pictures to this post so you can peek (ok, possibly even laugh) at some of these finds. Let’s just say my own mom doesn’t understand me. And that means I’m right on track!

For now, I must go venture off to pay for these wonderful projects.

Happy hunting to all of you! Just remember, nearly anything can be beautiful. Think beyond what you see now and let your dreams take you to the finished state. You’ll end up with something very uniquely yours. And another excuse to decorate again. 🙂

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