Totebag + pillow =

A no-sew new pillow!

Don’t overlook the beauty of what an adorable totebag of your personal taste can do for you.

Totebags are versatile! You can hang them up with a plant or flowers spilling over an edge. I could have morphed the fabric on this one into an adorable little bulletin board. (I still can!) But for today, it’s a casual new pillow. (that I didn’t have to sew!!)


Join Kimm at Reinvented for her

Trash to Treasure Tuesday April 14 2009 edition for other creative ideas!


over HERE for more more more fab ideas for homemade gifts!

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  1. Wow
    I found you thanks to Kimm at Reinvented !
    You had no way of knowing I have been desperate
    to find something to do with my extra tote bags. (my family loves to give me tote bags for gifts.) I love my bags but what is a girl to do after you have a collection ???
    Now I know .Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. We have a pool in the backyard and so pillows,cushions etc. need to be replaced and I can’t wait to use my tote bags.
    Blessings to you .
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  2. So cute and where have you been all of my life Ăś! Can’t wait to explore your blog more! I am adding you to my bloglist too!