Totebag + pillow =

A no-sew new pillow!

Don’t overlook the beauty of what an adorable totebag of your personal taste can do for you.

Totebags are versatile! You can hang them up with a plant or flowers spilling over an edge. I could have morphed the fabric on this one into an adorable little bulletin board. (I still can!) But for today, it’s a casual new pillow. (that I didn’t have to sew!!)


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15 thoughts on “Totebag + pillow =

  1. Wow
    I found you thanks to Kimm at Reinvented !
    You had no way of knowing I have been desperate
    to find something to do with my extra tote bags. (my family loves to give me tote bags for gifts.) I love my bags but what is a girl to do after you have a collection ???
    Now I know .Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. We have a pool in the backyard and so pillows,cushions etc. need to be replaced and I can’t wait to use my tote bags.
    Blessings to you .
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

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