Coffee table made from a kitchen table

It’s Saturday! My all time favorite day of the week. Because I get a chance to work (play) on the house!

While I’m busy working on the newest hauls for this place, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been using for a coffee table lately!

Learn how I flipped a kitchen table into the perfect coffee table! Includes painted distressing tips and movie storage in a crate underneath.

Coffee table made from a kitchen table


Since my sofa is somewhat oversized, my original oak coffee table in comparison looked like a piece of barbie doll furniture.

I had this old kitchen table serving as an ultra sturdy desk top in a previous house but it had no real reason to exist in my current home.

Building the table



  • I shortened the legs of the kitchen table
  • painted the works up
  • distressed the top with dry brush black over top of the melamine paint

… and made out like a bandit for one of the most sturdy coffee tables on this planet. With a table leaf if I desire!

Painting details


For painting, I simply lightly sanded the woodsy natural finish it originally wore and went right over top with melamine paint using a high density rounded edged roller.

After the paint fully cured, I took a dry brush and removing 99% of the paint, and ran over the surface with black to create the distressed look.

The melamine provides a bullet proof surface which is virtually a liquid counter top of sorts. No wet cup rings. Scratches and nicks can easily be touched up if desired.

A wooden checkerboard was then placed on the coffee table as the perfect oversized coffee coaster. 

CDs and movies stored in a Canada Dry vintage crate underneath a coffee table for easy access.

Since the table had so much space underneath, it became the perfect place to store movies and CDS!

The CDS and tapes were tucked into a vintage Canada Dry crate lined with felt sliders underneath, then shoved under the table where they are easy to grab whenever desired. The perfect movie storage space!

Learn how I flipped a kitchen table into the perfect coffee table! Includes painted distressing tips and movie storage in a crate underneath.


And then I couldn’t resist. I had to try out the new coffee table and checkerboard coaster.

Yup. This coffee table made from a kitchen table works great! Plenty of room for coffee… and of course, my feet too.

A well deserved rest I say!

Time to watch a movie or 2…

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4 thoughts on “Coffee table made from a kitchen table

  1. Perfect. I actually have one of those in my garage waiting on a leg repair…problem is that my den is a bit small for it…unfortunately. Also, a coffee table would seriously hamper the games of slobber chewie in the evening with the dog. I did manage to put my foot down about ball in the house.

  2. Loving all your projects. I find it amusing that the beat up look is so desired now. How nice too as we have a big black lab/border collie that loves to play in the living room with us. He’s 3 and we’re 70 and 71 so he keeps us hopping.
    I have an outside table with glass top for my coffee table (husband got it free out of dumpsters where he used to work) and I’m trying to decide what color to paint it. It’s faux wicker brownish and it’s driving me crazy, can’t leave things alone. I have an antique trestle table in living room also and want to paint it.
    I sure miss all the goodies hubby used to bring home that people just threw in the dumpster or gave him.
    We used to live in MT and hubby drove truck to Kelona, BC alot so I could have come by to see what you do. I’d love to buy a stencil also but don’t know if I could afford to. Since hubby had stroke (Oct/2010) our income is alot less. But that’s ok as I still have him.
    I loved the part of the drive when we crossed the floating bridge over that lake on way to Kelona. We live in CO now.

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