When a step ladder becomes…

I am back! My computers have been giving me some grief lately. Good news about that is I’ve had time to play while being off Computer Zone. So here’s one of my latest quirky morphs.

I found this darling little step ladder just sitting at a local thrift. It begged to be taken home so that I did. The paint can is to emphasise just how midget this little guy really is.

(can I just add here how incredibly handy it is to have a cement floor inside one’s home for painting projects? I’m not entirely sure it’s wise to ‘completely’ renovate all the floors..)

So what does one do with a step ladder like this? Ah, ladders are gold mines! And I knew what I wanted to do with this one right quick like.

I still don’t have a light above the kitchen island so I’ve been using a lamp.

Now I’m using a stepladder holding up a clip on lamp with a plant on top.

And here I’d bet you thought I’d simply stick a plant on top.

Just know, that’s what I’m using it for today. Tomorrow is a whole new wonderful day! And wood doesn’t really care how many times it’s repainted.

And luckily, neither do I. And I have a very blotchy cement floor to prove it.


Kimm at Reinvented is hosting a Trash to Treasure Tuesday party, April 21 2009 edition. Go check out other amazing transformations!


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11 thoughts on “When a step ladder becomes…

  1. Love it!

    I’ve been looking for a ladder just like that to put on the wall in my basement stairway to store our shoes on (our entryway is right at the top of the stairs so our shoes end up IN the stairs to keep them out of the doorway – it’s a real mess).

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