Benches have long been a love of mine. They are beautifully simple to construct, look at, and have so many uses and spaces you can sneak them into due to their tiny square footage. Whenever I see a bench, I’m halted in my tracks, my mind busy at work wondering where I would tuck it into place.

The above and the next few benches I spotted at The Back Porch. The first bench is my alltime favorite. It’s plain in shape, yet old fashioned in construction and just simply talks about a time long ago.

What a glorious backdrop for this little moss covered barnwood special! I hope they don’t sell it… it’s too perfect right here.

Perhaps a more feminine touch is more of your personal choosing? Pick your colour and you’re off!

This little number happens to sit in my own backyard. I purchased it from a feed store long ago. I allowed the wood to grey and age rather than treat it as they instructed me to do. It powerwashes up beautifully and is as sturdy as ever. The soft greys simply blend in to the outdoor surroundings.

Have you ever entertained the idea of making your own bench? I sure have! But I keep finding what I like premade, and in mose cases I can buy cheaper than making. But if I happen to come across the right chunk of wood, I’d certainly love to give it a whirl!

This funky idea comes from Country Living. I’ll admit I would have never thought of something like this, but it’s clever all the same!

This bench is probably one of the most looked at benches on the net today! Karla at It’s The Little Things That Make A House A Home came up with this beauty creating the backing from an old headboard! Click on the pic for the full tutorial of this bench.

Benches have all sorts of purposes. Tucked under a tree, at the foot of a bed, in the entry mudroom, in place of kitchen chairs around the farmhouse table, used as a unique coffee or side table, hung on a wall for a unique shelf, I could go on and on.

So, let’s talk benches! Do you have a special one you could never part with? Have you used one in an unusual place? Or perhaps you have a direct link you can share towards a really neat one or one that you have working fulltime in your own home? Benches are meant to be shared! Let’s see yours. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Benches

  1. Hi,
    This is my first visit to your site! Love your weathered bench; it looks like the perfect spot to take a breather on a warm summer afternoon. It will be fun to follow along and see what you have in store. I have lots of “Funky Junk” so should fit right in. ~Cathy~

  2. What a coincidence! I actually posted today about a bench I use on the one side of my living room couch. I repainted it from dark burdundy red to a bright sunny yellow. If you have time, you’re welcome to stop by and check it out! I love benches (and chairs), they’re great!

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