Ladders! And their many uses

What is it about ladders that I adore so much? I think it’s their simplistic natural lines. There aren’t many flourishes on ladders as a general rule. And how easy is it to transform the wooden variety to any finish you wish? A decorator’s dream!

Funky Junk Interiors

This little stepladder I found at a thrift. I don’t have an island light yet, so I put this little guy to work immediately.

Pilarina’s Workshop

This little cutie was found at a Salvation Army. Melany found quite a unique way to display AND name the pictures. Irresistable!

Our Extreme Home Makeover Experience

I have had this ladder forever and it’s done a few different things over the years. I love how it offers the bathroom so much character in an otherwise brand new environment in this case. I’ve also had it leaning against a wall beside the sofa to hold magazines. And once upon a time I had little pictures mounted inside the openings.

A Beach Cottage

Here’s a very functional one and so so pretty! I love how the rudders are deep enough to actually hold folded towels and knicknacks. What a great find!

A Beach Cottage

Showing off a themed collection is the PERFECT place for a ladder!

Funky Junk Interiors

And here’s my little number sitting in my garden. I call it the Birdie Hotel. The gal that gave me the ladder had hers in the garden as well, except she had clay pots screwed onto each rudder with real plants. Adorable idea!

Ladders take up virtually no room at all, yet can add such a unique element to your home. Never never pass up an old well used ladder if you find one!

Do you use any ladders in your current decor? Feel free to share your links in the comments if you have a picture or url to share.

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24 thoughts on “Ladders! And their many uses

  1. This really is ladder love. I think ladders are just wonderful. They are right up there along with old windows for decorating. I have one ladder right now that is merely leaning against the wall in the living room. You can see it in this post.
    The plan though is to mount it behind the couch horizontaly and put photo frames and doo-dads inbetween the rungs. I may hang a quilt off it too. Just am waiting…not so patiently…for the hubby to hang it. 🙂 Thanks for so much more inspiration!

  2. i would love for you to write how you mount them to your wall for durability.

    i have two that i’m planning on using once we get moved, but i’m unsure how to mount them. mine are just one sided, if that makes sense.

  3. I looove ladders, too! These inspiration pics are gorgeous!!!

    I have a ladder to an old bunk bet set in my shed just waitin’ to become something fabulous. I think I know just what I’m gonna do with it now!

  4. This is great! I’ve taken several ideas from this. The step ladder on the island! The birdhouse area in the garden…love that.

  5. Ever since I first laid eyes on your ladder in the first pic – I’ve been on the look out. These are some great ideas! As usual – thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  6. Glad you’re likin’ those ladders, gals!

    Jessica, I’ve yet to mount one. I simply lean it against the wall. If I did mount one, I’d imagine an L bracket of some type may be the ticket. Just find a good place where the ladder of your choice touches the wall. I can also see mounting a ladder from the ceiling with metal chain for a slightly funky twist.

    Mandi @ Finding Home has a gorgeous room going on! Check out her link!


  7. What a great collection of ladder images and ideas. Thank you for sharing these. I love alternate uses for ladders and have used a little distressed step stool in the past in place of a nightstand in a guest room. It has since been repurposed…because we found that we needed a step stool! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello!


  8. What great ideas! I love them all. I saw a few ladders while out thrift shopping last week, I kept thinking “Hmm, I don’t have a ladder, maybe I could use one?” Wasn’t sure what I could use it for, but now I have some new ideas!

  9. I’ve got some ladder lust also. One displays quilts. Then there’s a 6 foot white wood ladder I saw in an old farmer’s shop. He was still using it so I had to talk pretty hard and long to convince him it wasn’t safe. 😉

    Anyway, now it has cup hooks up all sides and holds 27 stockings at Christmas. The family is growing again so I will add a few more hooks.

  10. i use a sectional wooden ladder to display the Christmas stockings during the holidays with the plush stuffed toys of Santa and and Snowman and of course everyone wants to know when its not decorated why is it in the family room?, the theme of the family room is firefighters, hmmm!! I think ladders are great conversation pieces, never thought that it would end up in the house after all these years, butttt!! Enjoy they are FUN

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