Summer hiatus time – let’s go camping!

I’m here to fess up on why I haven’t been creating. I’ve been busy creating some downtime instead!

There’s a campsite 5 min down the road from us that we’ve never taken the time to truly discover. Normally we camp about 45 min away. So this was something new. But I was so desperate to get away and revert my focus on US. Not projects, not work, not the house. It was time to go camping!

Please be totally blown away by the fact that I ME myself yes ME towed that trailer to this wonderful little spot beside a gushing river. Towing is NOT my comfort zone. I was driving 30 mph gulping up the roadway. Yeah yeah yeah pass me already. Whatever. I made it!

What a pretty and private spot, surrounded by trees. Loved it. Now, move your eye up to the left of the trailer shot. That’s the pathway to our…

glorious river view. Ohhhh the rush of the water sounded exquisite! Whoops.. overdid the tint on that sky. Busted. No, BC does not have skies quite like that. I’ll tone it down some from hereon out.

There was a picnic table situated on that edge of the bank too. What a tranquil spot for meals and chitchat. I’ve decided I want me a river! Lake? Maybe a trickling pond.. hmm..

Me and my beloved coffee in hand. Fresh ground, outdoors. Is there anything better? My son is the photographer. Not bad! Nice framing of the greenery there.

Note how far away the pic is. That is why I’ve allowed it here. We were CAMPING. (ie bad hair, rustic patina on the face.)

See that sand(rock)bar? Many trails led to those with very shallow water to wade through. It was pretty cool to be standing in the center of a river at times.

Oh, nearly forgot, we took in a filming of a music video too on one of those sandbars! The artist was Skard from Vancouver BC Canada for you hard rocker types. But was a great song about Canada.

It was cool until they played the same song 17 times. No matter, with a failing memory, you forget pretty quick. I can’t even remember the tune. But it was good. I remember that.

My son discovered his own stick from the woods. I used my girlie stainless steel clean ones. At 10, he is such a man. Already. sniff.. We played Yahtzee (Yahtzee was in spellcheck?!?) Monopoly and cards beside the fire pit while the sun went down. Nice!

One of our fav things to do was go for walks by flashlight in the evening. It’s cool walking past other campfires and peering at their setups. Many residents were seasonal so there was quite some setups to raise the eyebrows at. (in a most curious way if you will.. they do NOT visit decor blogs I’ll say that)

This is an untouched photo of that water. (Picasa won’t let me fool with gradients from below so I couldn’t cheat on this one) My point is, this is a RIVER. The water was aqua! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was sooo very pretty and very tropical looking for BC.

Ahhh. It was a wonderful little escape for a few nights. We hope to do it again somewhere soon.

Now, I hope to putter on a project or 3 while home. For now… until we take off again of course… Not bad for getting in a holiday the first week the kids are out of school, eh?

Have you gone/done anything cool yet this summer?


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10 thoughts on “Summer hiatus time – let’s go camping!

  1. You look great in your rustic patina-ish camping glory! Thanks for taking us along with you. Beautiful place you found! We usually hit the beach a few times in the summer (being from the south, Florida beaches are convenient) but this year we are working around my our current setup and going to meet my husband in Louisville. He has been working there for several months and has scouted out several cool things for us to do. The best thing is that we can take our dog. Vacation is no fun if we can’t take our Cisco along. Hope you continue to have a great summer. Now, go make a cool project so I can oogle over it!


  2. Hello Donna – thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! I am thrilled for you that you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and enjoyed some camping. Your surroundings there are fabulous. I love the river and the pretty greenery. What a nice little escape.


  3. What a beautiful place to camp! I remember campers and their lack or decorating skills. Hey, if it works or keeps you warm, who cares what it looks like?

    The only trip that we have planned is to my 20 year reunion. I can’t have been that long, can it?

  4. Ah – gorgeous! Makes me wish we were camping this weekend! So glad that you had a wonderful time! 🙂

    ~Karla @ It’s The Little Things…

  5. Posted for Anonymous – tweaked to remove the location of the campground… security check is all

    I have been there a few times, it’s nice and especially convenient for you. So glad that you found something close to home, could you park there for the summer???

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures. And as Misti says, go and make some wonderful project, so we can all drool over it… Lol..


  6. Ya know, when I look back at these pictures, we had it soooo good! And I was fretting about the battery running out (auto hitch, I need the battery to rehook up) making appointments here and there on time in town, anxious about towing back home.

    I realized I was doing it and tried to chill and live in the moment. Next round, no watch lookin’, just camp. And I can always recharge the dead battery or get a 2nd one if need be.

    This in and out camping takes some practice I can see. I’m use to being very spoiled and parked in one location 12 months out of the year and just zoom up whenever.

    Thanks for the kind comments! I can’t wait to get my hands on photoshop and tweak pictures right!

    Funky Junk Donna

  7. These pictures are beautiful. We have made some of our best family memories camping. We just started last summer and we love it. Just looking at your pictures is relaxing for me. Thanks for sharing.

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