Defining you Passion Week 2 ~ Removing obstacles

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Defining your Passion ~ Week 2

Removing Obstacles

So, have you done your homework? (click on above picture to capture entire series to date)

Recap of week one: we listed our interests in order to discover what our potential passion is.

How did you do? Did you find anything that surprised you? Or did you simply list what you already knew but just haven’t moved on it yet?

You now have a master list to work off. So the obvious next step would be to start diving into some of your interests whole hog to see where they lead, right? So, what’s stopping you?

Did you read my infamous incredible ladder post? Please give it a quick read because there’s a lesson in it.

Ok, I just know you obediently did as you were told (and may even have learned a new trick, eh?) and now you’re back. So let’s continue.

Do you know what I did with that trim painting project? I REMOVED AN OBSTACLE.

Removing Obstacles

I can easily come up with a few obstacles (or dare I say EXCUSES…) for why you are not currently living your passion.

– lack of finances
– lack of time
– lack of skill/education
– no idea how to flip it into an income earner


With my fancy dancy ladder trick, I succesfully:

1. removed an obstacle.
2. tried something new.
3. learned something I can carry with me for my future endevours.

We remove obstacles a million times a day without even thinking about it. You won’t get your clothes hung up if you don’t hang them. The dishes will stay in the dishwasher until you unload them. Just, simple tasks we do without thinking about it and they’re easy to accomplish because we already KNOW what it takes. But when you’re faced with new obstacles never tackled before, things get tricky. Then we start our self doubt, fear and shut down and eat in front of the computer while we post a new blog post on something we already know. Right?!? ( insert crickets here)

And, don’t overlook the climb to get to our goal. Imagine the card file you’ll obtain accumulating all these NEW skills! Learning and figuring out new stuff is very rewarding and keeps us moving forward. And accomplishing new things is a total motivator and is flat out fun!

Now, I’d like you to pick something off your list (or something not on your list, you decide) you feel VERY passionate about and put it to the test. Something that has stopped you in your tracks time and time again because of all those obstacles. It’s time to make the time and create your own climb.

Assignment for week 2:

1. Share your discoveries about your week one if you desire. Did your list surprise you? Or… did you NOT do your homework?!? tsk tsk… maybe that’s why you need to be here, yes? 😉 Fess up so we can support you!

2. Select one thing off your list to tackle head on for this week. Now, break it down…

In order to accomplish it:

– try something new
– make the time
– educate yourself (online resources on how to, library for a book… etc)
– think of different ways you can flip this into an income earner if that is what you desire to do

Basically, remove your own obstacles you’re placing before you, and JUST DO IT.

So while you think of something to tackle off your list, I want you to listen to this. I’ve chosen this clip so you can sink into the words. May this song be just enough to motivate you to enjoy your own personal climb. 🙂

Comments? Suggestions? Updates on your progress? Feel free!

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