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Week 1 ~ Defining your interests


Why do you want to do this? We all simply wake up, go through the roles of our daily routines, then go to bed again. We’re ALL busy. Work, household, kids, just alot going on. Isn’t that enough?

Only you can answer that one. But I personally know a few folks that are extremely passionate about something in their lives, and they carry themselves very differently than those that pound out a typical 9-5 kind of day.

I need to do this self defining exercise and here’s why. I have my own business. Actually, I’ve had it for 15 years. And while I like it and all that self employment brings, I truly belief we morph every few years.

I think morphing is nature’s way of saying, “You are ready for abit more now. Something new to add to the same ‘ol mix. The new will bring you growth. And from that growth, renewed excitement and refreshed zest for life!”

Do you believe this could really happen for you?
I have a friend that is currently living his dream job. Everything he does taps into his passionate side, and I mean pretty much everything. And one of his favorite quotes I think of often is,
“You CAN do it. But if you say you can’t, I believe you.”
Meaning, if you say you can’t, then you won’t. Sad thought, isn’t it?

In the introductory post on this series, we’ve defined what passion is. Now it’s time to figure out what that is for each of us. Here is some help for your own personal search… it’s lengthly but oh so well written!

HOW to find your passions

(Source from HERE.)

1. What puts a smile on your face?

Is there a particular event, a particular topic that makes your whole face just lighten up? Whatever it is that makes you smile, and makes you happy whenever you encounter it, this is a sign of something you are passionate about.

I truly believe that happiness and passion walk hand in hand. Both require each other. So following what makes you truly happy is a wonderful way to figuring out what you were put on Earth for. Think about something that you do or that perhaps you used to do that brings total peace to you when you do it. Peace is happiness, and happiness is passion.

2. What do you find easy?

Usually, what we find easy for us to do, will be related to what we are passionate about. It’s very hard to hate something that is very easy for us! For example, let’s say you are naturally good at playing the piano, you will find the activity easy, and this ease makes it much more fun for you. Fun leads to happiness and happiness is synonymous with passion So assess everything that you do, whatever it is that you find really easy and fun, this may very well be your passion. And don’t think that anything is off limits or silly. Some people have taken their passion for skateboarding, drawing, or collecting to full fledged careers. Remember this, you can make a career out of anything you are passionate about.

3. What sparks your creativity?

One of my passions growing up was hockey. It’s not too surprising, being Canadian and all But I remember playing for hours and hours, and always coming up with different plays, and different methods to score goals. I was always full of creativity when playing hockey. Later in life, I developed similar creativity in business. Think about something in your life where you seem to always expand its horizon, always coming up with new, fun, and exciting ideas relating to that subject. Whatever makes you creative, is probably something that you are very passionate about.

4. What would you do for free?

In this society, we are ruled by the almighty dollar. That’s the way the system works, and that’s the game we have to play. The problem is, this leads many people to seek making money first, instead of what makes them happy.

I have read countless number of stories about stock brokers and doctors for example, leaving their high paying positions to follow what they really love. There is a reason for that. I truly believe that if you follow what you are passionate about without thinking about if it will make you rich or not, you will end up being successful.

Doing what you have a passion for brings out your best, and this leads to greatness. Greatness breezes to success. Do you think that the most successful people in the world got to where they are because they wanted to get rich? Absolutely not, they did what they were so passionate about, and their immense success was just a byproduct of their dedication.

So think about something that you would just love to do, even if you were not getting paid. Think about something that you look forward to do, something that you wish you could do all the time.

5. What do you like to talk about?

The topics of conversation we have can definitely tell what we are interested in, and this is a good way to find out what we really enjoy in life. Most of the time, we aren’t totally aware of this. This is why, a very good way to figure this out properly, is to ask your friends. Ask them what they believe you like to talk about the most. Ask them what topic makes your eyes brighten up, and changes your entire behavior. I can guarantee you that some of their answers will be surprising to you. Some of these things weren’t that clear to you, but your friends can see the reaction on your face that you can’t see yourself.

6.What makes you unafraid of failure?

When we do what we are passionate about, we have total confidence in our abilities. This makes us not worry about failing, because in our mind, how can we fail when we do what we love? Doing what you love is a success in and of itself, so failure is like an impossibility.

Think of something that you just do or want to do, no matter what. Something that you do not have second thoughts about. Think about something that you feel you must do and that failure is not even a concern of yours, because the mere act of doing it is like the journey and the destination all wrapped up in one. This may very well be your true passion.

7. What would you regret not having tried?

We all have these dreams, and somehow, life pushes us in another direction, and next thing we know, we are far from those dreams we used to have. If you were at the end of your life, what would you regret not having pursued? What would you have liked to do, that you didn’t get a chance to? Think about what that might be. Whatever it is that you may experience regret now or later on for not having tried, this is a good chance to be your true passion. There is nothing worse than arriving at the end of the journey and having regret. This is why finding your passion, and following it is so important. Live your life so that you do not have regrets.

Assignment for week 1

a) list your interests.





-weather patterns



-tools (what you like working on/with)

-regrets if you don’t try

-things that make you feel confident

-topics you like to talk about

-what would you do for free

-what sparks your creativity

b) Take care of yourself.

When you’re in a place of calm, spend one week paying close attention to what excites you, touches you, inspires you to think in a whole new way, or even frustrates you. Watch for clues. Stories in newspapers, programs on television or conversations with friends may give you an indication of those things that will lead you to your passions.

c) Come back and report in if you’d like to share.

Feel free to use the comments section within week 1’s installment and briefly share any new discoveries/thoughts you currently have due to your lists. Are there any surprises? Was it difficult/easy? Let’s hear how you did! Just have it done by Monday because there’s more to come!

d) Share the knowledge!

I won’t make ya, but I’d love it if you’d share the blog button on your blog somewhere while the series runs if you are taking part. Or just in one blog post is cool too. I’d consider that a very special ‘thanks for your efforts, blog-girl!’ I stayed up till 2:30 am last night preparing the first installment. I’m feelin’ the pain but I was excited and had PASSION for it! (ooooo lightbulb moment there!)

I don’t know how to make a ‘real’ blog button, so I linked up the entire passion series to that picture. The link is also right below the picture, so whatever works for you!

If you prefer to do this openly on your own blog and would like to link up through Mr. Linky for your assignments, we can do that too! Please let me know in the comments if you’d like that option and I’ll get a Mr. Linky going for you. Until then, feel free to add your direct link in the comments so we can still visit your findings!

Happy soul searching to all!

Comments? Suggestions? Feel free!

Off topic: does anyone know WHY I cannot get my little picture to show up on blog rolls when the posts are done via Windows Live Writer? Arg!

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  1. I love this post and I’m going to do this! I need to do it. I’m going back to school in the spring and I have no idea what to major in, it changes everyday! Thanks for this great post and fabulous guidance!

  2. I’m loving these passion posts. I’ve found myself asking myself these questions recently and you’ve got a lot of great info and advice. Can’t wait to discover myself in a different way … and report it!

  3. Gals, I’m struggling.

    To sit down and actually WRITE this list is overwhelming. I have another idea. I’m going to carry a notebook around with me and everytime I’m in that special place of contentment, I’m going to write it down.

    I might suggest to subscribe to the Passion comments so you catch the back and forth banter I think would be helpful among us for encouragement. I don’t want to keep bringing up this series in main posts for those NOT interested in it.

    Happy note taking! (sigh… no WONDER I have to do this! I don’t think homework is my passion at all)

    Oh… a thought. When I get my son to do his reading tonite, I’ll do MY homework then. Hmmm.. not bad!

    How about all of you? Are you one up on me here?!?

    FJ Donna

  4. Wow – I haven’t been to your blog in a long time and today – think I was led here for a reason. Have been debating on whether a 9-5 job is in my future or perhaps following my heart and passion. Thanks for this!

  5. I just read this because of a link from your new posts Jan 2012. This is stll such a relevant article. You are inspiring me to dream of and achieve new things with your great advice and I look forward to you ebook when it is completed! Thank you so very much.