Improving your blog – getting rid of dotted line separators


So many lucky bloggers are upgrading their blog designs from the freebie templates! Ohhh and they’re getting so pretty and professional!

One day I’ll go that route too as I have a few ideas in store. But for right now, I’m actually kind of enjoying the fight to improve my blog by means of the tips I find on the net. I have a very inquisitive nature and when something is beating me, I roll up my sleeves, put up my dukes and gear up for a good fight!

Most of you know, in order to build a blog, first you chose your template. Blogger offers a few for free. For my own Blogger template, I personally have chosen minima. My choice was for the fact that it had a fresh clean white background making reading super easy and pictures pop, plus I liked how small the preset text headers were on the sidebars. Just, a very clean look.

So just tonite, I found out how to remove those annoying little dotted line separaters (that look like this ——– ) from in between the widgets on the side bar to your right. You won’t see them now because the tip worked!! This tip was meant for the minima template, but may be applicable to others as well.

I’ve also learned (but not implemented yet):

~ how to remove the blogger bar that runs across the top of blogs
~ how to centering pictures

~ how to work with the crazy spacing issue blogger has when making posts
~ how to (finally!!) make a button and add the scroll bar thing under it

I’m doing my homework! If I chop at this blog mountain one evening at a time, it’ll improve daily, so watch for plenty of upcoming changes! Changes that I’d be happy to show you as I go along as well if there’s interest.

But I’ll admit, I’m not figuring this stuff out all on my own. I’m getting a little bit of help. And she is my newest bestest hero.

She really does a fantastic job at giving you beginner, intermediate AND advanced tips on how to improve the look of your blog.

By trade I’m a graphic designer, but this blog thing had me so beat. It’s so hard when you know what you want, but can’t make the blog do what you want! (I am not a website builder) So by golly, I’m going to finally get the look I desire, one key stroke at a time.

So, wana know how to get rid of those dotted line thingies just for fun?!?
1. Open up your blog and sign in
2. Select Customize


4. Scroll down and find the ‘Sidebar Content’ section in the HTML of your blog. It will look like Sneaky Momma’s screen capture..

See that red circled 1px? Change the 1 to a 0. (that is a zero, not the letter ‘oh’)
Select PREVIEW (make sure it worked!), hop up and down because it WILL, then SAVE.
It was that easy. Thanks Sneaky Momma!
Just a caution… if you are like me and don’t know squat about html stuff, be VERY careful to hit the preview ALWAYS. One mistake and it can wipe your post out. Sneaky Momma also shows you how to save your blog in case that happens.
So… do these techy tips interest any of you? What are some things you’d like to change on your blog?

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  1. Looking good!
    I am going to get a whole new look for my blog but won’t be doing it myself. I love the clean look of yours but want a little decorative element like Lisa Leonard’s blog…and I ADORE how she has those branches under each post title and the way her dates are presented in different colours.

    I am still planning what I want…can’t afford to pay for a lot of changes LOL

  2. I read Sneaky Mama too. Love her tips! I recently made my own header in Scrapblog and tweaked the html in minima to make my blog a three column blog. I agree with you…I really enjoying trying to do it on my own. Makes it a little more personal (to me) and I enjoy doing it. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. The spacing between paragraphs drives me batty! When I preview it’s either too much space or the paragraphs are right on top of each other. I’ll have to look for that tip. I love a lot of the backgrounds people use, and I played around with that a few months ago, but I felt like it might be a distraction to the posts. I also find that sometimes those blogs load slower and I don’t want to lose anyone because they don’t want to wait.

  4. I’ve been feeling much the same about my blog lately and was able to change to a cute font for post headers. Thanks to your tutorial, I’ve managed to remove those pesky little divider lines too.

  5. I love these tips! Please keep them coming. One thing, I’ve been having trouble with is moving pictures around when making a post. Once I upload I can’t move or rearrange them. If you have any advice I’d be so happy!
    LOVE your Blog!

  6. I have just spent more than an hour searching your blog! I am in AWE!!! Now I am promoting it to the blogging world. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful. I am featuring your ideas on Grab my “featured” button.

  7. Thanks! I did it and love the little change. I agree with Angie Mae, uploading photos and then not being able to move them around. I had to plan ahead and upload in reverse order, frustrating. But now I saw a choice on new or old version to post and clicked the new, this is supposed to make it easier to move photos but I have not tried it yet. We’ll see. I would probably use any tips I can get. Thanks again.

  8. Hey, very cool there’s so much interest in the blog nerdy kind of techniques! I’ll keep doing them every so often.

    Elizabeth, in order to visit blogs easily, what I personally do is choose to follow the blog. Then, when you open your dashboard, scroll down JUST abit. You’ll see your blogroll before you where you can super easily view all your chosen blog’s newest posts.

    I use to do it like you and select from my blogroll online until I discovered the dashboard technique. Much much easier! Did this tip deserve it’s own post I wonder?!?

    But YES, I must do the blog button! As soon as I make a logo.. eep.

    FJ Donna

  9. I know just enough HTML to be dangerous, but I’ve somehow managed to make my “blogspot” blog look half-way decent. I’ve always said “blogspot” is not user-friendly. I much prefer blogging in the Xanga community, and have two other blogs there, but this is a popular community too. You’re doing great.

  10. OMG…
    What a great help to all of us not so computer savvy girls.
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this site with everyone.
    The girls at FRONT DOOR JUNKIN’.

  11. Or you can go to layout hit customize colors and scroll to border color and choose a color that matches your background- in your case white. Blogger publisher makes the little things so easy now.

  12. Thank you so much for this post! I am such a beginner, and really need to set aside time to just sit and play with this stuff. I am definitely checking out this link!
    Mary Lou

  13. Thank you so much for this wonderful but simple tip to make changes to my blog. I really appreciate it as I’m totally not computer lit.

  14. this is incredibly cool Donna. I just got rid of the little lines in the sidebar. looks soooo much better! I am a novice at the computer and have taught myself everything and have recently discovered sneaky momma myself. I also chose minima template. I have added decorative crap and eventually end up removing it ‘cuz it just feels too busy. I LOVE reading your tips, there is just something about your blog I loved from day one….and I am still reading.

  15. Donna,
    Thank you so much for this tip. (I was just re-reading through your blog, ssing what I had missed over the years…) Today, finally I was able to remove those separator lines! Woo! Hoo!

    I had convinced myself I liked them – but I really didn’t 😉
    All the best,
    Dana at Cooking at Cafe D