New blog in town… feature winner from SNS!

Wasn’t the first official Saturday Nite Special party a blast?!? Thanks to all that joined in! The decision to actually name a winner was so very difficult as usual, but alas… someone needs the title. So allow me to introduce to you…

Alice is the proud operater of this very new one month old blog, Once Upon A Dresser, and this is her darling entry that won her this feature!

Ok, I know, it’s adorable as is. I could personally find 1000 uses for this sweet little thing. But below was her inspiration…

Woa… sounds like a saw cutting job to me! Alice then enlisted the help of a friend (AFTER she had ripped the top off herself LOL!!!) to create what’s below…

BAM! Did it do that to you too? I chose this project to win because she took an albeit gorgeous dresser and if that wasn’t enough, she revamped the use out of it, creating another knock your socks off feature for her home. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know how much I adore thinking that expands beyond the regular shabby painted box. And I think you’ll have to agree, this one did just that.

Although Alice’s decor blog is fairly new, she isn’t new to blogging. She has an off topic blog that is INCREDIBLY inspiring. If you are in the midst of rediscovering your faith at all, please go read some of her musings. She is a great encourager.


Delicious Ambiguity

One of my fav entries is ‘Some Perspective’.  It’s a must read for anyone thinking they’re having a tough time right now. You’ll come to appreciate your tough time pretty quick after glancing over this post.

Alice is also a garage sale fanatic and it appears she couldn’t find THEE place to share her finds, so she’s created a regular place to shoot the breeze about one’s newest kept secrets.

If you do alot of this…. you need to visit HERE.

Me ~ Alice, welcome! Will this be a regular feature on a certain day per week we can preplan for in order to join you?

Alice ~ “Hello!! I’m hoping to do it on Saturdays, but with the holidays coming up and a crazy travel schedule, I’ll probably tweak and retweak it, get creative and make a button (suggestions anyone??) and do a big kick-off with a giveaway the first part of January.”

Me ~ Girl, you seem to have a mean way with a dresser! The outcome is stunning! What were you thinking when you ripped the top off? I mean, it was so beautiful in the before state!

A ~ “I did love the dresser as it was, but I was never 100% happy with it. I knew that stripping the paint and staining it was not an option because of the damage from the fire. But I also knew I wanted to do more with it. Then I stumbled upon the article that became my inspiration. Get this – I HONESTLY thought I could do the ENTIRE thing myself. So OFF came the top (which was the EASY part). Then reality set in and DFE (a friend) was called. When I showed him the picture and told him I was going to do it myself, he laughed at me!! Though I’d probably never completely admit this to him, he did a far superior job than I EVER would have!”

Me ~ Has decorating always been your hobby?

A ~ “No – it didn’t start until I bought my first home in Orlando, FL. It’s where I discovered yard sales, antique extravaganzas, thrift stores and Country Living Magazine. I also became good friends with some folks who are far more creative and thrifty than I. The rest is history.”

Me ~ How about abit more of yourself?

A ~ “I’m single with a dog and cat who think they should be the center of my world. I’m a northern transplant down in the South and, much to the dismay of so many of my northern friends, I’ve become a true southerner. My real and true passion, however, is short-term missions. I’ve been blessed to have gone to so many places to serve God in a variety of different ways. In my ideal world, I’d combine my love for furniture and creative “stuff” with short-term mission. What I want to do was the easy part – HOW to do it is up to God!”

Me ~ Are you working on a larger scale project, such as house renos? Or tweaking creative finds to fill an already lovely house? What’s up?
A ~ “I have been wanting to do a total bedroom redo – including my beloved dresser that I got from my mom. Doing that involves working on several small projects. I’m SLOWLY starting to do that.”

Me ~ What got you into blogging?

A ~ “One of my best friends went to Catalyst ’08 and told me to check out a blog written by Anne Jackson called Flower Dust. I LOVED her blog, LOVED her writing style and would find myself blog hoping for almost hours each day. Then when I was preparing to go on a missions trip down to Belize I thought that keeping a blog would be a great way to keep friends and family updated.

So my first blog, called “Belize It Or Not” (how not creative it THAT?) metamorphosed to Delicious Ambiguity Then I started finding all these AMAZING decorating/craft/creative blogs and I would CONSISTENTLY want to comment or share something but DA was TOTALLY not appropriate. I fought the urge to start a 2nd blog for months before I could take it no longer.”

Me ~ Haha… I can so relate! I only have (ahem) 3 blogs myself. LOL So, your NEW decorating blog got you a feature with your first project. What are the odds of that happening?!? I think it’s a pretty good sign there’s alot more good to come your way! What other projects are you currenty wanting to work on?

A ~ “When I was a little girl, my grandmother purchased a large armoire from Goodwill. I LOVED THAT PIECE! I used to hide in the bottom of it. All while I was growing up I would dream of one day having it in my home. Having it now, I am realizing that it has SO much more potential than what I’m using it for. And while I will absolutely NOT alter the outside in ANY way, the inside if FULL of hidden potential!”

Me ~ Your faith is a big deal to you. I think I speak for the masses in thanking you for sharing that kind of encouragement! Perhaps that’s why your dresser won. It was a chance for me to get the word out about what else you have to offer… Your thoughts?

A ~ “The fact that anyone reads anything I have to write, blows my mind. I have no choice but to give each ounce of credit to God. I am not a writer – and I don’t think I’m a particularly deep person – so every time I sit down to write anything, be it about

the perfect cup of French Pressed Coffee

my messy closet

or my sweet dresser, I have to rely on God 100%. If the words I write are not from Him and are not going to honor or glorify Him, then I have no desire to write them.”

Alice, it was a delight featuring you! I am looking foward to watching your blog grow and to teach others what that creative mind of yours is up to. Visit Alice and give her a nice welcome into blogland!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stay tuned for other brilliant highlights from the last linky party! Keep your eyes open in that Today’s Hot Find area as well. You never know if you’ll be next! 🙂

And be sure to join

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8 thoughts on “New blog in town… feature winner from SNS!

  1. Excellent choice Donna… Alice so deserves the win… that is an amazing transformation… I have seen those dressers and although they are gorgeous, they are very big and cumbersome… I totally love what she and her friend did to it… awesome job… hope to see more of her… have a great night.
    Hugs… Deb

  2. I already follow Alice…she has a great blog and great gumption! I love that you’re featuring bloggers. I’m thinking of doing something similar after the holidays…maybe….
    Oh, and I didn’t forget your party…I’m linking a different post, not the boo-fay. I did list your party in my link list on my side bar….I’d never forget you!
    peace out, chickie.

  3. That dresser is so amazing!! As I was reading about it, a part of my mind was skimming over the house, like, “Where could I put something lke that?” Haha, This is probably why I have a bunch of half-finished projects… Great inspiration though~ Thanks for sharing!

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