Sat Nite Special #5 highlights

Greetings all! Wasn’t it a fab party on the weekend? Thanks to all that participated once again!

As usual, you didn’t disappoint. I so LOVE this part that’s next. Here are some amazing highlights I know you will enjoy.

Bobbypins Boardwalk’s stunning book project. This looks so regal! And it’s so easy to do!

You HAVE to check out what this mat is made out of! Candarbry Garden gives a full tutorial.

You won’t believe the before pic of this cabinet that Hydrangea Home has created. You will be WOWED.

Applestone Cottage shows you her gorgeous revamped table and chairs. May I come for tea in that nice sunny spot right over there?!?

Check out this adorable burlap Christmas wreath brought to you by Craftaholics Anonymous. LOVE it against that red door!

Mustard Seed Creations is at it again, creating her special charming hand painted touches on furniture pieces. Here she does some Mod Podge too. I’m totally taking notes as I just bought my first bottle of the stuff.

Are you ever stumped on what to get your spouse for Christmas? Somewhat Simple has an amazingly creative idea to share with you!

If you’re a part of the ever popular crown craze right now, you’ll love what Room to Inspire did to this one.

This one is incredibly hard to believe, but this amazing chair owned by Simply Rachel was a $5 find. It’s now worth $500 in my book! It’s quite unbelievable.

Blue Clear Sky created this irresistable ruffled pillow. I just love everything about it.

An amazing kitchen makeover by The Kitchen Redo. Isn’t that curtain against those cabs gorgeous?!? I could look at this picture all day long.

What was wrong with the before again?!? Heh heh! Check this out. Love2Create shows you two awesome lazy susans you can create yourself.

Most would run for a basket for a display. But not At Second Street. Ohhh no. She created her own cornucopia from chicken wire, burlap and twigs. Full tutorial. It’s truely cool.

Check this awesome Girly Stuff girly table out. And that knob? Better see how it was done. Too easy!

Had enough yet? No? Oh good!

This precious shabby rag garland by Poplar Porch is most adorable displayed on a tree you won’t expect. Go peek!

Okayhello! Looky what Cottage Instincts made! Isn’t it… orange?

Haha! Cindy is a great sport so I just know she’ll still talk to me. The Orange Peel Express was morphed into this beauty! You may close your mouth at any time. Outstanding.

Oh I LOVE this one. The Little Green Bean creator is not only a pro photographer, she can do a mean vintage frame too! LOVE!!

Ohhhhh do I EVER want to make one of these. Bad. Recaptured Charm does it again with a stunning teacup lamp creation.

Ok, one more (it’s hard to stop!!) then I have to go wash out a paint roller and brush (yech!) and grab some shuteye.

Room Remix creates a unique bench that’s actually comfy for an aging back. (that would be me to a T)

Thanks again to all who participated! Spread the word that you were featured because your project was just that good!

And, hope to see you on the weekend once again! Theme will be anything goes so bring on over whatever ya got cookin’! And you may be featured next. 🙂

Oh. And a special thanks to Cindy at Cottage Instincts. This is what I found tonite. Aw shucks… now I know what it feels like. 🙂 Thanks girl! Man that bedroom looks good on HER blog. Better than on my own. What’s up with that?!? Some girls have all the luck…

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18 thoughts on “Sat Nite Special #5 highlights

  1. It’s not orange…its’ rust. 😉 And the little ‘today’s fave’ will be there today too, ’cause I just haven’t stared at it long enough to completely absorb it’s gloriousness. How do you even get up in the morning? I’d lollygag there all the live long day feeling all queen-y and stuff!

  2. I was just recently introduced to you blog, and I love it! My husband and I love to make treasure from trash! We have a few wonderful goodies in our house that started out as junk and wound up looking fabulous! From this post I really love that burlap wreath. I feel that I could create something similarly crafty for my front door, and I love it!!! I will definitely be trying that one out soon!
    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  3. Thank you for featuring my crown – it was super fun. I have to agree with Kathy, this party is filled with so much variety and creativity. I didn’t get a chance to view the lazy susan project this weekend, I am heading over to check it out right now.


  4. Hi all!

    This will be the first time I didn’t notify all those that are featured. Time is running short these days in the homestead. So I hope the blogs mentioned eventually wander over and ‘find’ themselves in the spotlight. 🙂

    When I decorate, I get lost in every single aspect of it. There isn’t just one thing I love, it’s everything and all. The diversity shared here teaches me something every single weekend.

    Thank YOU for that! 🙂

    Funky Junk Donna

  5. Cindy, orange or rust, I love it with it’s new makeover! Great vision!

    Donna, your Saturday Nite Specials are so much fun. Thanks for all the time you put into getting the party out there, up and reviewed etc.

    Glad you like my pillows too! Makes me feel good, especially after seeing your bedroom with all the gorgeous changes and scrumptiousness.

  6. This was so much fun – thanks for hosting! I love seeing the variety of projects that everyone does. There is SO much creativity. Funny that you mentioned the aging back when talking about my bench (thank you so much for highlighting it btw!) because that was one thing we did consider. Our parents come from out of town to visit quite often and will be using this bench to take their shoes off and on, etc. and I didn’t want to have something they would have to “balance” on. 🙂 Have a great day!

    pk @ Room Remix

  7. You’re such a great hostess Donna! Love the highlights and I can’t wait to catch up on all of the links. The creativity is so inspiring. 😉

    Bummed I missed it this time…hope to participate again soon! Projects started everywhere and nothing quite done yet! lol

    Take care!

  8. Thanks for hosting this. And thanks so much for featuring me! This was so much fun! I’ll definately join in again.

    I feel silly pointing this out, but my link in the post doesn’t work. Thought you might like to know.

    Thanks so much again! Everything was so inspiring!

    Poplar Porch

  9. I just love your blog! I wanted to tell you thank you soooo much for featuring my kitchen redo! Thank you, thank you….I was checking your blog and was so excited to see my picture on there! Keep doing the amazing things you do! I find such inspiration in them! Thanks so much! Chandra

  10. I just yelled for my husband to come from another room, then pointing at the moniter, I screamed, I MADE THE HONOR ROLL!!!
    Thank you for featuring my rug made from grocery bags. You ladies keep me on my toes. I am constantly looking for new ways to be creative! Now my husband is starting to understand my blog obsession since our house is reaping the benefits of all that creativity! LOVE your parties! Thanks again! Karyn

  11. WOW, thank you SO much for featuring my $5.00 chair. I am truly shocked and also on cloud nine(I have a huge smile on my face). I think I’ll be putting this on my facebook

    Thank you for hosting the party too. I’m new to all of this, and I hope to have lots more projects to share!

    Rachel@Simply Rachel

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