SNS #6 highlights and show news Tuesday

Greetings! How about a little morning inspiration for all of you from SNS #6?

Adorable picket fence headboard by Jentility. It’s authentic too!!

An old window frame becomes a hairclip holder, by Poplar Porch. Sweet idea!

Isn’t this fabulous? It’s a decopaged and hand painted picture overtop an old picture by Sleepyhead Designs.

Mustard Seed Creations shows us a glimpse of an amazing Pottery Barn inspired mural. I can’t wait to see the rest!

Show Update: I’ve been busy getting last minute things tied up.

Do you know what this is?!? It’s my bedskirt! The brand new one I’ve had in my armoire for about 2 years now? I had my son help me lug the mammoth king mattress off the bed so I could gitter done! I even ironed it. 🙂 (that’s a big deal btw)

Look! The ulgy brass lock is now an ugly rusty looking flat black lock that matches the not ugly at all authentic doorknob on my door headboard! Yay! That brass thing was screaming at me. And the reason I didn’t remove the lock is because the screws were rusted in position, and I stripped the screws trying, (arg!!) so here it stays.

Now will you be angry at me for a couple of teaser photos? The above two were so boring! (although exciting for me)

Here’s the way my tree looks. I found burlap garland, beefy great stuff! And can you guess what those white things are? Go ahead. Guess. If you guessed white torn up sheets, you are right! I have more secrets to share about my tree too, next week.

Remember my sign headboard? This is how it’s looking these days. The playroom is cute! Will share more on that too.  Now the reason for these teaser photos are because I truely didn’t have time to do a full photo shoot of all the rooms.  I was busy…

… folding these. Foldfoldfoldfoldfoldfold…

I do have to say. My buddy Dan suggested I pull my tripod out and actually USE it. So I did. And I have to tell you, there was no need to sharpen the pics. I’m sold! So that’s why I really have some pics on here. I had to try it out, quick like!

Ok, off to foldfoldfoldfoldfoldfold…

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15 thoughts on “SNS #6 highlights and show news Tuesday

  1. Everything is looking so fly! I could see your little ‘biz card’ ornament :o)

    And I was gonna guess the white strip was toilet paper. But then although you are the queen of funky junk, I figured that would be um, really funky in a not-so-cute way…

  2. Hey woman! Thanks for the linky love! I appreciate it more than you know.

    And holy smokes you are busy! I can’t wait to see the full reveal. Everything you do is so my style, so I’m excited to see the fruits of your labor. Know that it is much appreciated, even before we see the results. 🙂

  3. I am so behind on checking out the cool links. Thank you for sharing some pics! I love love love the burlap garland for the tree. Gonna try to find me some! thank ya & happy folding! -Tammy

  4. I love your blog! I always come away feeling so inspired. Everything you touch just turns to gold. And thanks for the feature! It’s so fun to see someone else appreciate something I made.

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