Hitting post now… gulp! I’m so nervous!

UPDATE: The main voting is now over.

It’s now finalist voting time. Sorry, I just found out about this last night! And thank-you for those that got in on it. You rock. 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve changed the link to enter the Homies. I hope this one works?!?

(enter then go to ‘home design’ and sign in from there?)

Where is that speech?! Oh, here it is. Ahem…

Ok, so I’ve noticed lots of blogs are popping up with these ‘hey, I’ve been nominated’ posts! I’m thinking, ok, well, I’ll go check out to see what a Homie is so I know what I’m voting for. It helps to be informed you know.

Dumm dee dumm dumm…

here we go…



Well holey camoley… I could be a Homie… I’m in there too!

I’m a Homie Potential! 🙂

(ahem.. let me practice up here…)

“I’d like to thank the blog network for my ability to blah blah

and to my mom for my gift of wah wah

and for my son who also calls this sole parent dah dah…”

Ok, I’m serious now. Soon! Not yet. Nerves are speaking here.

And you know it’s coming right? Ok, have I ever asked for anything yet?!?

Ok. Other than hoping you’ll post in the SNS’s like every single weekend and that.

Yeah. Other than that.


Here goes…

(closing my eyes and pinching my nose while I jump in big toes first hoping my feet don’t cramp.. they cramp up if I point my toes, I could NEVER do ballet for a living, not that I’d ever have the choice because I’d rather wear jeans and paint… hey, nerves are talking here! I’m in a pageant or something! )

Would you?

Could you?

Would you help me become a Homie?

Here’s my little house link thing. I have a little house link thing of all things!

If you’d like to help me become the happiest Homie ever, please


then go to Home Design for the massive listing. I’m currently at 20ish votes so that will help you on your search for ‘my little house’. 🙂

… and make sure you browse around to view all your other favorites nominated!

Vote for your favs! Oh why not.

You know I’m the sharing type.

Hey.. I’m off to vote! 🙂 It’s voting day!

And if nothing else… what a wonderful place to find new fabulous blogs! You need to enter the .com ones manually into your google preview, but worth the work. 🙂

egads.. it’s another one of those do I really have to hit the publish thing…

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23 thoughts on “Hitting post now… gulp! I’m so nervous!

  1. I’m so sorry! I think I included the link where I’d already signed in. I guess they want you to start from the main gate and enter through the maze yourself. I was trying to shortcut things for you. 🙂

    I hope this link works! I’ve also put it in the body of the post.


    then go to HOME DESIGN

    I’m currently at 20ish votes so that will help you find ‘my little house.’ 🙂

    Oh the hoops you jump for me! You all rock.

    Funky Junk Donna

  2. I’m definitely putting in a vote for you!!! You are so devoted to this! Thank you!

    Oh, and I read all the posts last night and was pondering quite a bit about all that you said (wrote) and all the others had to say about blogs.

    Here’s the thing (for me). Creativity is such a beautiful and special individual sachet all package up and done to the best of everything that we are or that we hope to be. I could never be offended by reading some one’s creative blog. It’s their heart. Their soul. An extension of who they are. Who we are. I don’t have a “real” blog. I’m a home schoolin’ mom. Don’t have time to sit and read and place pictures or take pictures. Nonetheless, I’m a creative genius too. In my own little sachet of a way.

    I appreciate art from the heart. Is it perfect? Who’s to say that about anyone’s creation? I love the true expression whether it’s got snow flakes streaming down the page or ads running in the middle or side or reads left to right, upside down -it’s someone’s labor. Someone’s time. It is meaningful for that reason alone.

    So, this is long winded, I apologize. I love your blog just the it is and just the way you may change it in the future!

    your friend, not a real blogger, but a follower of inspiration,
    Kolein – upstate new york!

  3. The Homie website isn’t very user friendly! I couldn’t place a vote, but I’ll keep trying. They weren’t taking anymore favorites for you site. And I couldn’t figure out how to put up a vote, even though I logged in and everything. I’ll try later though! We’re rooting for you!

  4. (Pssst. I saw all the other blogs on there but not you so I HAD to add you. I meant to tell you, but I forgot with all the Christmas craziness. Love you!)


  5. Ok, I got in on this late. The voting is now closed and the finalists are officially posted. I was still able to vote this AM.

    Sorry, I just found out last night by total mistake.

    Jen.. you sneaky DIYer you. Thank-you. 🙂

    The outcome? Go check out some fabulous blogs you’ve never visited before! WOW.

    Thanks again for caring enough to actually WANT to vote for me. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  6. I couldn’t connect with the link the 1st time. I tried again and missed some deadline. Just letting you know I’ll go back for voting or whatever’s next.

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