An ode to rusty metal for 2010

It all started here.

Folks, it’s a rare day indeed when you are able to announce that you have somehow changed the world as we know it.

Many of you that frequent my small little blog know my love affair I have with all things metal and rust.

Ahh, jest if you will. Rusty metal has indeed touched my kitchen even your life, many many years before you even realized it’s grave importance.

Perhaps you have a small sampling somewhere in your home as we frugally speak. Maybe it was from the dump an ancient ruins dig  where you unearthed a free priceless artifact that you could utilize in some wacked creative, wonderful and unique way, for, say, a headboard. Brilliant!

Ahh. That was too easy and common. No. Remember the Christmas gift you received 15 years ago that you thought, “Pishawww. This shall go to the thrift. I shall not do metal! Little did you KNOW my friend, how that one small motion of time could have transformed someone else’s universe in the blink of one’s clueless eye.

Let this be a relief warning to you!

These situations are all around us. Someone had to take a stand and salvage a lost mineral most have known to stand the test of  time for centuries upon centuries.

For She is beee yooo teee ful. In true raw form, and simplistic function.





Do. It.

I am so very pleased to announce, that someone of utmost importance has discovered my metal loving ways on this teeny weeny little Canadian blog. This SHALL put Canada back on the North American map! Scooch over Washington, BC is overlapping your boundaries!

The world as we know it,

shall never be the same.

Please join me in witnessing this incredible moment in time. What better way to start the New Year 2010, than to start it off right.

I have before you, a small film to watch.

Please bear with the loading time. It is worth the wait. Loading times are created so you can stretch your 17 hour blogging legs, gearing you for another 17 hours. Take what you can. It’s New Year’s Eve. You need a beverage anyway.

And… let us begin.

Please view at

Let this be a most Happy New Year to you and yours!

All due, to this.

You are welcome. 🙂

(p.s. this post needs that video to make sense )

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8 thoughts on “An ode to rusty metal for 2010

  1. A quick note before I watch the video…
    I wanted to let you know that I mentioned you on my blog. I hope that is okay? Check it out when you get time, and let me know if that was okay to do, and if I did it properly! It was in reference to your post about blog critique.
    Forgive my questions, and unsure—edness Still trying to figure this all out.

  2. Dang I have a 64 bit computer and it won’t let me watch anything that has the flash why can’t adobe hurry up and get the 64 bit one up and running..I miss so many things because of this..Can you fix it guru of the blog world?


  3. Amy, you did everything right! Mention away, I’m very honored. 🙂

    Tammy, absolutely I can fix this situation! Send it my way so you’re left with none, giving you a reason to get a new one of course.

    Dang, I’m good. 🙂

    FJ Donna

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