New way to stack/decorate a side table (furniture line intro)

In preparation for my Christmas Show, I wanted to illustrate different types of finishes to furniture pieces viewed in room settings. I was over the moon delighted to land these two identical adorable round side tables which were the perfect before and after pieces!

Here is one of the tables, with the legs and top finished in a fresh coat of pure white. The mid section received a different treatment for a kick in personality. (tables are people too!)

Mod Podge time! I scavenged inside my piano bench for a music book with slightly age-toned pages. Fun!

I ensured each exposed edge was torn for a softer affect. Mod Podge was applied to one side of a torn area, then to the table, then stuck together, then on top of the paper as well. The area was carefully burnish  to press out excess glue. (make sure it’s very wet so you don’t rip your paper) After a bit of drying time, I trimmed the edges with an exact knife and scissors and went over the piece edges again with mod podge.

The last photo illustrates what happens if you leave excess glue underneath the paper. I was able to burnish it in time to remove the wrinkle.

I then aged the piece, giving it more dimension with glazing. The edges of the legs and table top edge  got the most. I worked with the piece as if it were a painting, taking note where light would naturally hit the object. You CAN improve on mother nature! Where there would normally be shadow, I left more glaze in those areas to create depth.

Here it sits in position beside my bed in the White Trash Bedroom. Curious on how I placed that plant underneath? Beds of today are incredibly high and older tables are short. So rather than spending big bucks on one tall table…

… I simply stacked them! I thought about finishing the lower one, but I think this tells more of a story for show purposes. Plus, crazy as it sounds, it anchors the room, and actually works with a darker lamp base on top!

The added height is awesome. Your lamp shines a bit brighter when placed higher, as well as the stacked idea allows for a display area AND productive area! You can also watch for two very low rise tables to make this idea work.

When I mentioned furniture line in a previous post, this is sort of the idea I had in mind. Finding certain looks that work on different pieces and expanding the line. This is the ‘symphony line’.  Another line is the ‘numeric’ series, so far both winter white. Or may french vanilla… still sorting some fun titles out. 🙂 Each piece would be developed on a reclaimed find, keeping the technique unique and interesting each and every time produced, to create one of a kind pieces!

I want to thank Miss Mustard Seed for her encouragement in enhancing simple furniture pieces. I’ve been watching her incredible work and knew she was a superstar early on. Although I’ll never achieve where she is in the hand painted realm, I’ll slowly develop my own flavor at what I can achieve. And will show you what I come up with along the way for your valuable feedback for me, and inspiration for you!

So, what do you think of this kind of decorating on furniture? Think there’s a market for it?

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37 thoughts on “New way to stack/decorate a side table (furniture line intro)

  1. Very nice! And you are right, tables and beds and height – messed up! I am using sheet music on piece that I am working on right now. I hope it turns out as well.

  2. Wow! really cool way to use those gorgeous little tables….I think the mod podging and glazing are sooooo cool looking. I haven’t conquered the glazing technique, but I’ve had fun trying!

    Love the idea of furniture lines…if anyone can do it, darling, YOU can 🙂

  3. I love it…..The music adds so much interest to what would be just a table…I love the way they’re stacked….did you have to anchor them together? Could it be easily knocked over? I haven’t redone a piece in a while, and this makes me itch to get started on something!

  4. Donna that is gorgeous… I love the shape of those tables and yes the music just gives it that special touch… I am loving your idea to stack them… you do come up with the neatest ideas… great job.

  5. Very cool. I did a chair covered in pages from a dictionary this past summer and then stenciled the word “READ” on the seat. It was the first thing that sold in my booth at my october show. It sold to a coffee shop that has it in there for people to sit and “READ”.

  6. Love the tables! The music sheets makes it so unique and fun. Has Chelsea over at Room to Inspire seen this yet? She has also been doing alot of creative projects with music sheets.

  7. Not everyone is like us, DIY. So yes I think there is a market for artistic talent.

    I’ve been rehabbing furniture for years. This has always been my??? Can the piece be sold for the amount of time spent on it?

    Mustuard Seed would know the answer to that since she sells her pieces.

  8. That table is to dies for. I would buy it in a second. I love your style. I forgot about the dresser with the numbers. After the holidays I want to copy that in one of my son’s bedrooms. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  9. You stole my idea before I even did it! Great minds think alike. 🙂 I have been planning to Mod Podge some vintage sheet music to a table or box. This gives me a great visual. I love how it turned out. I also love the idea of creating a “line” of furniture. All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind and totally unique, but I do go through phases and have been thinking about working on one line of complimentary furniture. Anyway, thanks for the compliment. You’ve been a big inspiration to me as well.

  10. I like them stacked – it’s easy and it’s something most people don’t think of doing (I like the black on the bottom, too.)

  11. Yes, definitely a market, as was said, not everyone has the knowledge, time, skill, patience etc. to DIY.

    Finding clientele and maybe local shops to feature your work will be a great start and then maybe word of mouth. Maybe one of your artisan friends.

    What about a French theme, or Asian depending on your market. How about a ‘mountain lodge’ feel in your part of BC?

  12. I sure hope there is a market for this because I hope to do the same thing once my kids are a little older!

    I love that you did sheet music – I have some old books of music I have been picking up at thrift stores. And I almost modge podged an old copy of Andersen’s Fairy Tales on my coffee table. Looking at your project now, I just might have to go back and do it!

    Great work!!

  13. I am so glad I found your blog while looking at Miss Mustard Seed’s winners. Congratulations!
    I am loving your blog, so I signed up to follow you. I’m going to stay awhile and look around, you have such great ideas.
    If you get a chance, please come visit me sometime, I’d love to get to know you.

  14. I love it! So I think you should do well with it. It would be cool to “personalize” furniture for people. Make copies in sepia tones of their pictures, documents, etc. and Mod Podge them on.

    The wrinkles that the Mod Podge make when wet should stretch back out upon drying. That was my experience wit it. I too burnished while wet but had issues with stretching the paper too much.

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