Introducing… The Workshop Series!

Funky Junk Interiors and Mustard Seed Creations

are joining forces to bring you something brand new to the  DIY blog world! Get hyped up to learn, because we are going to bring you …

The Workshop Series!

~ Every Wednesday, starting January 2010 ~

What is The Workshop Series?

~ a weekly post on both our blogs dedicated to sharing our expertise, tips and tricks on rotating topics. We want to give you the courage to wire that light, pick up that piece of hopeless junk from the side of the road, confront those scary power tools, take your blog to the next level, and help you become the DIY dynamos we know you can be!

The topics will differ on the two blogs because we are passionate about and good at different things.

Why join forces?

We have different, but complimenting styles and expertise. We want to keep you inspired, excited, and guessing what’s next!

BUT, with a twist of course! What we will also do is chime in on each other’s blog post as a secondary voice for a chatty atmosphere and some fun banter! Having two voices could get rather interesing…

Imagine if you will… Ms. Rusty Metal Fanatic Funky Junk wishes to hang her latest chippy relic up with authentic vintage hooks, however Miss Class Act Mustard Seed would choose to freshen it up with a coat of white paint, a light glaze, complete with glass knobs. OY!! Two very different takes on one subject. Both can be great looks, so which way will we go with this?

What are the topics?

The topics each week will run in a series. The topic may last for a run of 2 weeks or morph into 5, depending on what we are choosing to teach at that current time and the interest in that subject. Here are just some of the topics we’ll tackle:

– tools every DIY gal needs in her tool box and how to use them

– basic decorative painting techniques

– blog photo enhancing tips

– how to prep and refurbish furniture the professional way

– blog improvement tips

– sewing how-to’s

– thinking differently with new pieces

– decorating and DIY how-to’s

and more more more! We’ll also be asking you what you’d like to learn and encourage your participation. And if we don’t know something, we’ll try and find someone who does and have them make some guest appearances with their professional advice.

So, what’s the first run of topics?

To start with, every DIYer needs a good place to work. On Funky Junk, the first series will be about setting up a workshop area right so we can get busy!

I’ll show you:

–  the  rough before I have to deal with and how I’ll organize an efficient working space even in the tightest of spaces.

– how to wind up long cords (yes there is an art to this!)

– how to store your tools/paint/etc for easy accessibility

– quick makeshift work tables to help get the job done

At the end of the series, I’ll install a linky so you can share your own garage/workshop improvements for added inspiration to the group! So start taking those before pics now and let’s pretty up those work spaces. 🙂

Me – “So Miss Mustard Seed, think you can chime in on a quick make shift idea on how to create a quicky spray painting booth once you view my area?”

MMS – “You mean you don’t have a professional spray booth set up in your house, yet? Geeze, Donna. What am I going to do with you? Actually, I paint furniture all the time and I’m waiting for the money to build a proper one, Until then, I have a cheap and effective solution to share. If you have a garage, basement, or some space in a shed, you can make this happen.”

Miss Mustard Seed will start off her series with her decorative painting techniques. She’ll show you some beginner strategies, so don’t fear this one! Give it a go. I have long wanted to pick up a set of good brushes to pretty up some of my own furniture creations so here is the perfect chance.

Who is Funky Junk Donna?

I love to create! My alltime passion is searching for rustic relics, creating new and wonderful uses for them. Enhancing furniture pieces, creating entire rooms, working with power tools, photography.. there aren’t enough hours in the day! I’m also a mom to a wonderful 10 yr old son. Two of my favorite creations are:

 White Trash Bedroom

A shabby chic bedroom setting created out of items found from the dump, the trash and thrift stores

Horse gate front entry

The coat hook was created from an authentic horse gate bound for the burn pile.

Click HERE to read my full story

Who is Miss Mustard Seed?

Miss Mustard Seed owns a decorative painting and home decor business called Mustard Seed Creations. She currently sells  her hand painted furniture and accessories (in addition to antiques) in a shop in downtown Gettysburg, PA. She also works on custom pieces and murals for clients.
I found her several months ago and was wowed by her abilities with her hand painted illustrations!

Two of my personal favorite projects of hers are:

Old vanity redo

The vanity turned desk is enhanced with a chalkboard top surrounded by gorgeous decorative hand done detail

Hand detailed dresser

Inspired by a buffet in a magazine, this dresser received the royal treatment of paint, glaze and gorgeous illustrations

Click HERE to for a profile on Miss Mustard Seed.

And click HERE to view her wonderful inspiring blog and check out her own announcement on the series.

So, get those spongy brains ready to learn, get your basements/garages ready for a lot of DIY, and get ready to strut your stuff at some show and tell linky parties! Sparks will fly, paint will be flung, and a great time will be had by all. If you aren’t a follower yet, get on board so you don’t miss a thing and a new button is on the sidebar for those that wish to join in!

So, what do you think? Is it a date?


#1. I’m on the lookout for your fav tool storage/work area inspiration links! Got something to share? I’ll give you credit if it’s used!

#2. Do you have a special expertise you could share during one of the workshops? Who better than to feature one of our own DIY experts? I’d love to hear from you!

Please email me at for either of these inquiries. Thanks!

I’m so excited you’re so excited!!! 🙂

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  1. this sounds sooo awsome! i am especially looking forward to those power tool how to’s. i don’t think they’d scare me so much if they were less noisy lol!

  2. I cant wait to see all that ya’ll are gonna show us,, i’m constantly teaching myself to use and do new things.. its even better when somebody else shows us how first..Its nice to have the hubby or man friend do things for you but it is SOOO empowering to be able to do it yourself!! Love it. Thanks so much for inspiring us all.

  3. I was just telling Miss Mustard Seed how excited I am about your series. My style is somewhere in the middle of you two, a little funky, a little mustard. While funky mustard doesn’t sound good, I’m really looking forward to your work together!

  4. OMGosh – what an incredible adventure! I cannot wait for this to start!
    I am recently separated, just bought my very own, by myself, first house for me and my girl! I love arts and crafty, and I was just googling (sp?) outdoor sheds – my garage is already over run with my power tools, paint, shelves, and no organization at all. My dad and step mom sent me a gift card for Lowe’s – I bought a miter saw and a 90 tooth blade for fine cutting!

    CANNOT WAIT – OK – I’m done now!

  5. Donna, I am sooo on board. I have my apron, hammer, paint brushes , etc., at the ready. I have a full basement )minus the rec room my husband finished) at my disposal. I can do as I please and see fit 😀
    Donna, thanks for “EVERYTHING”, Sue

  6. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! This is very exciting news indeed! You are so very creative & I just love your creations & how you put things together. Plus throwing in bit of metal here & there never hurts! I’ll be watching!!

  7. Wow Donna, this will be great. We can send our readers back and forth. They’ll learn so much they’ll be raiding the fabric and thrift stores just to make it all! I’m looking forward to seeing how many people really do make things after they learn to take the fear out. I’m hoping that everyone will amaze themselves.