Are you a professional procrastinator too?

We have been busy!

See this lovely array of junk highly sought after merchandise? This is my staging storage area. Which is in my basement. Which was all over the floor. I kid you not. Wait till you see the pictures! I admit I’m a little scared to show you. Promise to still be my friend if I do?!?

We were left with no choice to go for it. Boxes upon boxes have been coming from my mom’s house and with no longer room to walk, it was simply time to shuffle. 🙂

So over the weekend, my son and I gutted the basement to prepare for some shiny new storage. We are creating a staging/craft/workshop environment! Finally! More on that front later.

Wanna know what else makes me positively giddy? (unlike photos my son takes of me without notice) But this is special because I really WAS happy and you’ll soon see why. The mass mayhem has led to other long overdue projects!

My son and I single handedly refurbished one sick auto pencil sharpener. Ohhh I’ve missed this thing! EEEE! Happy! Timeframe on this one.. at least a year.


We FINALLY rehung a closet door that’s been off for… oh… I dunno. A year or 2? No idea. I lost count. My son is showing his pure exhaustion from this massive project… he’s gonna be a movie star actor one day. 🙂

Check out that undone tile work. 2-3 years. Yeah yeah… one day. 🙂

And my totally finest most awesome moment was when I got around to changing out one crappy monitor for another SLIGHTLY less crappy monitor in my shop. Previously I was viewing my vehicle graphics work under a black light effect and now I can see! This delay was… eh… maybe 6 months long?!?

More more more to come on the above topics! This is just a nattering of how I tend to delay things because.. well, I procrastinate with yukky projects I’m simply much too busy. 🙂

But I’ve also been spending a great deal of time on another event. Building post after post, for…

the upcoming 2000 Followers Event! Ever host a series of back to back giveaways and other fun such stuff? They are FUN! But the behind the scenes work involved is not for the faint of heart. It’s a good thing I type fast. 🙂

The above button is avail for any blog that wishes to help spread the word. I am not being reimbursed in any way for this event, so I’d consider the gesture as a special thank-you for our generous giveaway sponsors. The button simply grabs as a picture which you can size to anything you desire. So, thanks if you do!

So where are we at on this fine Tuesday, 11:11 am Pacific Time?

Oh goodness… I need to stop playing and go create more posts!

See you soon when the clock strikes 2000. 🙂

Are you procrastinating on any projects like I was?

Do tell! I could use a slight diversion from time to time so I’d love to hear what’s gathering dust in your neck ‘o the woods. Plus, it’ll just make me feel better!

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  1. Wanna see some pics of the snake den of dispair? That is what I refer to my basement as. Hurry up, walk up the stairs and slam the door. Ugh, it is bad. I am a professional procrastinator as well as a 4th degree dumper. I figure I will start this task next winter, if I get really really bored. I like the impromptu pic!

  2. OK, impromptu is adorable!!! And I love your son’s acting. I have two actors!!! LOL!

    Now, you’re at 1972! Which was the year I was so into Helen Reddy, Captain and Tennille and Anne Murray. I wore Earth shoes with hip huggers jeans and gauze shirts and velvet chokers around my neck. OK, what on earth does this have to do with anything?? See. I can procrastinate with the best of ya!

    Basement? Stuffed.

    Garage? We don’t have one.

    Closets? Packed to the hilt.

    Drawers? Oh, me o my, please don’t EVER look in my drawers.

    Covers it, eh?

    Love ya….still gotta go get me some pot. Pots. Sorry.

  3. I’m one of the world’s best/worst(?) procrastinators. I drive my husband and sometimes myself crazy!! I need to paint the interior of this house…we’ve been here a year and a half now. I really want to do it, BUT there’s always something more fun to do instead!!

  4. Earth shoes!! Mine were navy suede. Ugly as heck too. 🙂

    You guys are making me feel jeeeeest abit better about my ‘ways’. Sounds like a procrastinator’s link up may be the ticket for a future SNS themed party. I LIKE it!

    FJ Donna

  5. Love it! I especially loved seeing someone else’s undone tile work… makes me feel a little less alone in my half-finished-almost-finished-barely-finished-project-filled (aka whole-house remodel) world!!!

  6. I think I have moved from professional procrastinator to expert status. I have one window that has never had its trim painted – and it was installed at least 6 years ago. Some of the baseboards haven’t been redone since the hardwood went in, and that’s at least 8 years ago. I think I know how I’m spending my summer.

    But, I do have a project on the go that I’ve wanted to do for years. I guess even the experts have to cross over now and again.

    Congratulations on the upcoming 2000 followers!

  7. I am the biggest procrastinator! I have projects all over this house that have been waiting for years for me to finish .. one os the artwork above my sofa .. that is coming in a future post .. hopefully the near future!

    Glad I am not alone!


  8. Gosh…I think I feel validated! There are others like me…who…put off (prefer the word forget) to finish projects.


    maybe we should say that we “savor” the projects. Kind of like savoring a piece of dark chocolate, nibble by nibble or a yummy glass of wine…sip, sip.


    maybe a “journey”…yeah, that’s a good one. I’m in the middle of many project journeys 🙂 and I’m savoring each one!

    Creativity is akin to being a genius…so much information continuously swirling about in the mind.


  9. Oh wow! I feel so much better knowing that even someone like you occasionally procrastinates! I have some closet doors that should have been hung maybe about a year or two ago… Tiles? Oh yeah, I have some that needed to be replaced 2 – 3 years ago. There is more, but I am already hanging my head in shame so I think that is enough.

    ~ Tracy

  10. I do not think that you are a procrastinator at all….look at all you do each daay plus your blog posts and I know those take time! I have the craft room from hell, it would break my camera if I was to photograph it…I plan to start cleaning it 1 hour each da and hopefully get it done sometime in July!!!! We all have to do so much stuff and sometimes we just have to chill! Don’t be too hard on yourselfd, we are only human!

  11. Me!? Procrastinate?? Nah!! I just have a lot of things to do so I don’t get to things as quickly as some would like me too!! That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

  12. Dearest Donna and commenters, THANK YOU! This is my most favorite blog and now even more so… I just started my own blog to force me to post pictures of progress on projects. Haven’t yet. We’ve owned this nearly 200 yo (teardown ready) house for six years, and while a lots been done, a lots not. Can you say we “completed” our guest bath 5 years ago if it still has no door casing? Ditto our master which we ?did 3 yrs ago but still needs old floors refinished and casing/crown… We have a door we removed to open a hallway still sitting (blocking) that hall… We have no closets (yikes) and no basement so most of this small house is ready for a digging out! What I need to do is post a ton of my stuff on Etsy. uh yes I’ve said that for A YEAR! Yes, I feel better here now – I’m just on a “journey” – thanks Rustique Art! My quote is “Creativity is messy. I am very creative.”
    hugs to all,

  13. The thing I have been dreading most is selling my son’s clothes on craigslist. It was already extremely hard going through them and sorting them out (I just refuse to believe he isn’t a baby anymore!), but haven’t even posted his newborn clothes and he’ll be 2.5 in June!!

  14. Cute posting! Congrats on getting so much done. Your helper is amazing.
    Procastination?? Me?? I’ll get back with you next week.
    Take care!
    Ladybug Creek

  15. Donna,
    Funny, I never would have thought you were a procrastinator, the way you get so many things done. It’s good to know we are not alone, even a super talented designer such as you (yes you)has some unfinished business….
    Check out my blog post titled curbshopping isn’t cheap ( for a peek at my world of procrastinating.
    It may make you feel a LOT better!
    😉 Looking forward to your big event, and I will certainly post your button on my blog.

  16. Whats that Air Canada Maple Leaf logo thing behind your shoulder through the french doors? Inquiring minds need to know (nothing to do with the fact I am an Air Canada Flight attendant LOL) woosied (?) out on the photos…you didn’t show us anything that would make us swoon….LOL

  17. We moved into our house 3 years ago (this week actually) and I organized my linen closet…and I haven’t organized it since. It is a mess. I can’t tell what’s in there and where it is. I actaully have a pile of stuff to go in, but can’t fit it because it is such a disaster. Every day I walk by it and think to myself I should do something about it…but I don’t.

    I also have a few cupboards in the kitchen that are in the same situation. Good thing people don’t look in your linen closet or your kitchen cupboards when they come over. 🙂

  18. You said, *** We are creating a staging/craft/workshop environment! ***

    I know of a KILLER WORKSHOP SERIES hosted by Donna at FJI… oh wait, it’s you!!!

    You and I are just alike… We’re like Alice in Alice in Wonderland… WE GIVE OURSELVES VERY GOOD ADVICE, BUT WE VERY SELDOM FOLLOW IT!…

    Can’t wait to see all the before and afters of your new (coming soon) “staging/craft/workshop”

    Congrats on your upcoming FOLLOWERS STATUS…
    I’m predicting before tomorrow is out, you’ll be over 2000!
    I’m posting your button to help PUSH!

  19. omg…if your basement had a bff it would be mine! It is in various stages of “fix-up” for the past 5 years. Well actually my whole house has, but the basement is REALLY bad…

  20. #21 Sue, good eye! You must play Where’s Waldo? 🙂

    I’m a signmaker/vehicle graphics/graphic designer by trade and one of my clients fabricates electronic doors at the airport. He was to label some doors with that logo so I created it for him and had an extra. Cool decal plus extra = stick it on!

    #24 – Hey! I followed my own advice! I cleaned out my garage workshop. Once. 🙂 This is my other workshop – the indoor addition. We haven’t covered indoor material yet. And NO. It will not be a series anytime soon! I’m too ‘busy’ to make more videos. LOL

    FJ Donna

  21. oh ya, i am a “master procrastinator”, always have been since i was little and now i am rubbing off on the kids. its a bad habit to break, but i just tell myself that i work best under pressure – at least that justifys it in my little head!

    My husband’s been in iraq for a year – he will be home next week. So guess when i started all these little things that needed to be done, but werent fun? yup…last week! now i am working my booty off trying to get everything clean/back organized so he doesnt think i have been a total slob this past year!!! And when i am scrubbing all those nooks and crannies i am thinking “why am i just doing this now?!?!”

    And your son is very cute 🙂

  22. We have about 16 miles of baseboard that need to be put up! Since 1991! Just started re-doing the bathroom,since being laid off in Jan! (What the %#@* have I been doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)have one wall painted!and we have been trippin over paint cans, rollers and scrapers!Maybe today? PAAALEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!

  23. Wow! Congratulations on 2000! Didn’t you just celebrate 1000 followers a few weeks ago?
    I actually have so many things that I’m procrastinating on that I am actually trying not to think about them – it’s better that way!