It’s a complete honor to have been a part of the following competitions!
Thank-you to these amazing hosts and to YOU for voting where applicable. 🙂

Wooden gate screens

First place

Kate from Centsational Girl was the guest judge who picked me! Thanks Kate! And also to Amanda, Becki and Jennifer at CSI for hosting this fun event!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An online design competition: 9 weeks, 9 projects, 10 contestants

Winnings were rated by viewer votes.

All of the contestant submissions are HERE

A post on my experience with So You Think is written HERE.
Thanks Stephanie and to all my fellow contestants! I had an amazing time!

Week 1 – Accessories

Kitchen office

3rd place out of 10

 Week 2 – Catalogued inspired

Bingo board tray

2nd place out of 9

Week 3 – Old

Mattress spring bulletin board

1st place out of 8

Week 4 – White

White Trash Bedroom

2nd place out of 7

Week 5 – Fabric

Hanger dropcloth curtains

4th place out of 6

Week 6 –  Paint

Old crate stairs

1st place out of 5

Week 7 – Lumberyard Materials

Old gate screens

2nd place out of 4

Week 8 – Junk

Palette TV stand

3rd place out of 3

Week 9 – Tablescape

Cow sign theme with slideshow video

no win, however entry was mandatory

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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3 thoughts on “Competitions

  1. Such gorgeous projects you have going on.
    And I noticed with SYTYCD, as the weeks went on, the numbers dropped by one each week. LOL!
    So you should be extra proud for sticking through to the end of your commitment!
    These all rock.
    And I covet your stairs 😉

  2. These are so creative it makes my head spin. Every picture makes me want to replicate them. Wouldn’t it be kinda weird if you walked into someone’s home one day and it was done exactly like yours. Yikes.

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